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The OpenSimulator presence service stores session information for online users.

TODO: Document remaining operations: login (simulators only), logout (simulators only), logoutregion (simulators only), report (simulators only), getagent (which is like getagents but confusingly requires a session id instead of a user id).




This returns session information about a given set of users for each online user. POST field is a urlencoded string like so



  • uuids[] are the UUIDs of the users to query. If there is more than one user, then each must be in a separate uuids[] param as shown above. In this case we are asking for details on two users, e4f3924a-5a7c-4e1a-bee7-aa96580f2515 and e92bcf57-00e3-44b1-9e3b-586bfdcac4c3
  • METHOD is the XMLRPC method, in this case "getagents".

If no online users were found, return is

<?xml version="1.0"?>

If online users were found, then an example return is

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <presence0 type="List">
  <presence1 type="List">

Each user online will have a presence element. Offline users will have no element.

Each presence element has its index number appended (e.g. presence1 for the second user). User ID is listed and the RegionID that the user is in.

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