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OpenSimulator core developers are those individuals who have direct access to the OpenSimulator source code repository. They are responsible for deciding what goes in the project and for inviting new developers to the core group. A much larger community of developers, testers, and users makes the OpenSimulator code come to life in all sorts of colorful and enhanced ways. Without this extended community, this project wouldn't exist.


As well as following the general project expectations, core developers are expected to be present on IRC when they add code to the repository, so that any immediate issues can be highlighted and resolved.

A private IRC and mailing list exist for the core group. However, these should only be used for communication about core group membership, security issues and other similar topics. All technical and other project conversation should take place on the normal OpenSimulator mailing lists and IRC channels.


Membership in the core developers group is by invitation, where all existing active core developers must either be in support or neutral. Any core developer can veto the addition of a new member, though they then must be prepared to give convincing reasons for that veto. The chief criteria for invitation are:

  1. Demonstrated skill in resolving bugs or adding useful code to the main code base which is consistent with the existing code.
  2. Demonstrated competence in several OpenSimulator features.
  3. Listening taking action in response to constructive criticism of code patches.
  4. Fixing any regressions that their work introduces in a timely manner.
  5. Being available regularly by IRC and e-mail to directly answer questions about code and for on-going co-operation with other core developers.
  6. Working well with others.

Once somebody becomes a core developer, they gain equal rights to everybody else on the project. This includes the ability to introduce new code as they see fit and the right to veto proposed new members.

Core developers who go for 6 or more months without contributing code are changed to a status called "chasing the white rabbit". This status is in all respects similar to the active status, except that these developers don't participate in the decisions. As soon as these developers start committing code again, they are moved back to active status. At their request, these white rabbit chasers are moved to a permanently disengaged status, losing their access to the repository server.


The development process is facilitated by resources such code repositories, bug databases, mailing lists, IRC channels, and this Wiki. For more details, see OpenSimulator Infrastructure.

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