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Suggested priorities:

  • effective collision agent (so to be able to walk on the objects by default)
  • effective inventory management (at least minimal but be sure that things remain there and not be lost)
  • appearance (ok defaults, but at least man/woman), remembering what was worn before
  • scripting should be maintained in objects!!! (now they disappear)
  • allow in-object editing of scripts
  • when I link objects I cannot unlink them :(
  • things rezzed appear as if they were nocopy (they disappear from the inventory)
  • allow Hello Avatar new scripting. It might appear very trivial and not useful, but gives a lot of self-assurance :)

And obviously have an object format for import-export objects that can be compatible with libsecondLife testclient export-import function. (import-export of inventory?)

Thanks for your active programming....

I think that even without the grid up, a local fast quick and dirt installation would be astonishing to make people starting building some local installations.

Brief testing of current nightly build (standalone test) with latest official SL browser

  • Scripts in objects don't show themselves :( Very bad for minimal scripting (How can I remove one script from an object?)
  • llOwnerSay not implemented?
  • New Script in objects with default template?
  • Inventory is kept, but not what was worn, every time have to re-wear things.
  • Take as copy is actually Taking :(

Ummm... seems

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