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Bureaucrats are OpenSimulator users, sometimes administrators, preferably not with the technical ability to perform the following actions:

  • Add the administrator, bureaucrat, account creator, pending changes reviewer, or bot status to an account.
  • Remove the administrator, interface administrator, account creator, IP Block Exemption, pending changes reviewer, or bot user group from an account.

Bureaucrats have been authorized by the community to remove administrator permissions in certain situations(see below) Bureaucrats do not have the technical ability to remove bureaucrat rights from users or to grant or remove certain levels of access such as oversight or checkuser rights. These actions are performed by sysops.

On the OpenSimulator Wiki, there are currently 18 bureaucrats.


Current bureaucrats

See: Special:ListUsers/bureaucrat


These are instructions and procedures concerning bureaucratic actions and processes.

Removal of permissions

Bureaucrats may remove the "administrator" user right from an account in some situations.

  • If self-requested by the administrator
  • By official request of more than 2 core developers
  • If the administrator is deemed inactive
  • If the account belongs to an editor who has been verified as deceased (in which case, all user rights should be removed).

Bureaucrats should include a permanent link to the request or relevant policy when removing permissions. If necessary, the affected user should be immediately notified and given a reason for the removal along with advice on seeking the reinstatement of the permissions.

Should the extended confirmed group have been removed from the account since becoming an administrator, it should be restored when removing administrator permissions.

Deceased OpenSimulator Wiki Contributors

If an editor is verified as having died, all permissions on the account should be removed. Unless the account is suspected of being compromised, it should not be blocked.


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