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Suggested Goals

Bug Fixes

  • Intra & inter region teleporting
  • Complete avatar customization
  • Complete connection of script editor to allow editing a prim directly. somewhat done, though peripheral things such as script reset and new script button don't work yet


  • New physics interface design (event driven)

New Backend Protocol (OGS 2)

FIXME: What are the goals for this new protocol?

New Xml Serialization Protocol (xml3)

Restructure and Normalize code

  • We should follow 'one dir, one assembly'
  • We should follow 'dir == assembly == namespace'
  • OpenSim.Framework should not be OpenSim/Framework/General - the whole namespace needs normalization.
  • The OpenSimMain and RegionApplicationBase should be renamed (ConfigurableSimulator and SimulatorBase) and moved to a more suitable assembly.

As part of the new protocol, overhaul the "commsmanager"

  • A lot of the functions currently in there, needs moving out. Like most of the Caps handling needs to be moved to the backend servers (possible with a dedicated Caps Manager server, like LL seem to have).
  • Inventory handling should move to a module. As should Xfer uploads.

Rewrite Asset Cache/Server

Improve the management of client updates

  • Combine objects (parts) into single packets, rather than sending a separate packet for each prim as currently happens.

Finish implementing the ll functions for scripting.

Improve UDP network code (ClientStack)

FIXME: how?

Clean up the IClientAPI interface

  • sender/eventArgs model instead of signature overload
  • normalization of function names


  • Add security sinks in the "region to region" .Net remoting process.
  • Check for security holes in scripting engine.

Common Abstract Database Layer

  • All database engines should share common metadata and production interfaces
  • See TribalMedia.Framework.Data for one example
  • Evaluate NHibernate or some other mapping technology

Planet Mode

  • Wrap grid into one continous simulation of a sphere.

Parcel Media Settings

  • Persist media settings

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