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Standard config in Windows

0.6.6 Release Information

This release had some bugs with default automatic configuration on the first startup of OpenSim.exe. bin/Regions/default.xml (region configuration file) is not automatically created in the main directory. Therefore, you must manually create this file. Here is an example.

  <Config sim_UUID="UUID" sim_name="NAME" sim_location_x="1000" sim_location_y="1000"
 internal_ip_address="IP_ADDRESS_OF_SERVER" internal_ip_port="9000" allow_alternate_ports="false"
 external_host_name="DNS_NAME_OF_SERVER" master_avatar_uuid="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"
 estate_covanant_uuid="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" master_avatar_first="FIRST_NAME"
 master_avatar_last="SECOND_NAME" master_avatar_pass="PASSWORD" />

You must change UUID, NAME, IP_ADDRESS_OF_SERVER, DNS_NAME_OF_SERVER, FIRST_NAME, SECOND_NAME and PASSWORD to your own values. (I noticed than IP_ADDRESS_OF_SERVER should be set to real IP not to


  • Run OpenSim0.6.6Setup.exe and install OpenSimulator in Windows
  • Run OpenSim.exe and enter default values - record them!
  • Shutdown simulator (command: shutdown)
  • Create default.xml with copy of above
  • Change values in default.xml with recoded values
  • Be sure default.xml be in main directory (same with OpenSim.ini)
  • Run again OpenSim.exe
  • Connect with viewer
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