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OpenSimSearch makes it possible to have working Search in OpenSimulator. In the future the "New" search that works with HTML pages.

How to setup OSS

  • Make sure you have a Apache/PHP/MySQL configuration ready else Search won't work!!

You can grab the latest version of OpenSimSearch through git. Use the command below to checkout the code.

git clone

Note: For Windows users or those who have not used Git before, the page "Setting Up Git on Windows in Four Easy Steps" may be helpful. Use the information in steps 1 and 2. After you've installed TortoiseGit, create a directory in the location of your choosing and then right click - choose "Git Checkout..." - and enter the URL provided above to download the entire package.

[NOTE: The last sentence in the above paragraph needs to be verified by someone using TortoiseGit]

Using the Binary

The following parts are for the Grid owner only
  • In the trunk/bin folder you can find the latest binary release which you can include in your OpenSim. Just grab the DLL file and place it in the bin folder of OpenSimulator.
  • Copy all files in the trunk/webroot to your webserver
  • Create a new database called ossearch
  • Import the SQL file ossearch.sql into your database

mysql --user --password ossearch < ossearch.sql

  • Make sure you change the databaseinfo.php file to reflect your settings.
$DB_HOST = "<servername>";
$DB_USER = "<username>";
$DB_PASSWORD = "<password>";
$DB_NAME = "<database>";
The following parts are for the Region owners
  • In the trunk/bin folder you can find the latest binary release which you can include in your OpenSim. Just grab the DLL file and place it in the bin folder of OpenSimulator.
  • Search needs the DataSnapShot module to be activated, here's how to get it activated:
; The following set of configs pertains to search.
; Set index_sims to true to enable search engines to index your searchable data
; If false, no data will be exposed, DataSnapshot module will be off, and you can ignore the rest of 
; these search-related configs
index_sims = true
; The variable data_exposure controls what the regions expose:
; minimum: exposes only things explicitly marked for search
; all: exposes everything
data_exposure = minimum
; If search is on, change this to your grid name; will be ignored for standalones
gridname = "<yourgridname>"
; Period between data snapshots, in seconds. 20 minutes, for starters, so that you see the initial changes fast.
; Later, you may want to increase this to 3600 (1 hour) or more
default_snapshot_period = 1200
; This will be created in bin, if it doesn't exist already. It will hold the data snapshots.
snapshot_cache_directory = "DataSnapshot"
; This semicolon-separated string serves to notify specific data services about the existence 
; of this sim. Uncomment if you want to index your data with this and/or other search providers.
  • Add the following 2 lines to your OpenSim.ini file to get Search activated

Module = "OpenSimSearch"
SearchURL = http://gridserver/search/query.php

[Grid owners]
  • Startup your region server and check your MySQL database table hostregister if the regionserver registered itself. If it registers, that means the DataSnapShot Module is working and you can use Search.

In the trunk/webroot folder there's a file called parser.php. This file is the parser of the info from the DataSnapShot Module. This file needs to be run with cron or some other way. If this file isn't run, the search tables won't be filled and you won't see anything.

To set up a cron job, take a look at this page:

[Region owners]
  • Startup your region server and have the Grid owner check if your region shows up in the MySQL database table hostregister. When it does, your region now has Search enabled from the Grid

Notes for the Grid Owners

  • If you're a Grid owner, make sure that regionserver can access your Search URL else the Search on those regions will fail.
  • Whenever a sim fails, sometimes the user that has set the cron job up will fire off emails to the root user. These emails can be annoying but only give warnings about it working.
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