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OpenSimProfile makes it possible to have working profiles in OpenSimulator.

How to setup OSP

  • Make sure you have a Apache/PHP/MySQL configuration ready else Profiles won't work!!
  • You also need to make sure you have php-xmlrpc or you will need to compile it in with php.

You can grab the latest version of OpenSimProfile through git. Use the command below to checkout the code.

git clone

You can also find the OpenSimProfile code at

Note: For Windows users or those who have not used Git before, the page "Setting Up Git on Windows in Four Easy Steps" may be helpful. Use the information in steps 1 and 2. After you've installed TortoiseGit, create a directory in the location of your choosing and then right click - choose "Git Checkout..." - and enter the URL provided above to download the entire package.

[NOTE: The last sentence in the above paragraph needs to be verified by someone using TortoiseGit]

Upload site to webroot

Next thing you need to do is upload your profile.php and databaseinfo.php located /trunk/webroot/ to your public http folder so Regions can connect to it.

Create a database

First you will need to create a database. Once you have finished that you can execute the following SQL file osprofiles.sql located in /trunk/webroot/sql/ from the SVN.

Then you need to setup your database connection file located /trunk/webroot/databaseinfo.php OR your webroot where you had uploaded databaseinfo.php

$DB_HOST = "<servername>";
$DB_USER = "<username>";
$DB_PASSWORD = "<password>";
$DB_NAME = "<database>";

Setup Module

Now that we have everything else setup you just have to install the Module and reset your Regions Server.

First Copy trunk/bin/OpenSimProfile.Modules.dll and put it into your OpenSim/bin folder.

Now you go ahead and edit your OpenSim.ini on any servers that host Regions.

Inside OpenSim.ini add the following:

Module = "OpenSimProfile"
; Change it to your own HTTP server to have the Profile server work
ProfileURL = http://gridserver/profile.php


Just reboot your Regions server and you should now be able to edit and save your profiles!

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