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Public Grids

  • Standalone Sims

At the moment there are a number of standalone sims which we try to keep up 24x7, minus the upgrade times, etc. Remember - there are no guarantee at the moment on the backups of the inventories, landscape, etc. So, treat this as you would treat the beta grid at most.

To login to them, you will need to add the parameter "-loginuri" for your client as per below list. There are "generic" logins being from "Testa User" .. "Testz User", with password "test".

  * CannonBall: "-loginuri", run by Charles Krinke (ckrinke on IRC)
  * Ruth(Zion): "-loginuri", run by Dalien Talbot (dalien on IRC, or via blog -
  * CyberSpacia: "-loginuri", run by Spun Pty Ltd(
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