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NewtonGrid is a Christian-Friendly OpenSimulator Hypergrid Grid. It features open-participation allowing anyone to add a Region Server using OpenSimulator software to the grid, strong community support, and Open Development philosophy (meaning open-source++).

This Grid was founded out of a need to have a Christian perspective on Virtual Reality, a need to extend open source development of assets, and to extend the OpenSimulator Multiverse into the realm of religious based Grids.


  • To meet or exceed the service and capabilities provided by the Second Life provided by Linden Lab(R).
  • Persistent virtual world stable Grid server environment with redundancy.
  • Shard Assets Library
  • mesh import/acceptance
  • Christian based services.
  • To provide extended base avatar support to be inclusive of all races.
  • To provide a stable and in-kind Second Life®-like environment.
  • To link in a hypergrid manner to other organizations.

Name: NewtonGrid
Login URI:
Approx # of Regions: 9
Approx # of Users: 2
Active in past 30 days: 1



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