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This is the logout process as initiated by a user quitting the viewer.



  • Many viewers will log out whether they receive logout confirmation from the simulator or not. On the Linden viewer 3.3.4, for example, quit will always happen after 6 seconds.
  • Logging back in whilst logout processing is still occuring will cause login to be delayed but it should succeed.


key description
GU griduser service
P presence service
R region occuped by the user's avatar
RCh neighbour of avatar region
RFr region containing friend
V viewer


Communication occurs between:

  • Viewer and region (V <-> R)
  • Region and grid user service (R -> GU)
  • Region and presence service (R -> P)
  • Region and neighbours (R -> RCh)
  • Neighbours and viewer (RCh -> V)
  • Region and other regions containing user's online friends (R -> RFr)


The steps involving listeners are not exhausive. Only the most significant operations are listed.

  • V->R, on user quit, viewer sends a LogoutRequest UDP packet to the region.
  • R->V, simulator immediate replies with a LogoutReply UDP packet.
  • R, begins to tear down structures specific to the LL connection
  • R, triggers IClientAPI.OnConnectionClosed event internally, causing listeners to
    • R->GU, tell the grid user service that the user has logged out.
    • R->P, tell the presence service that the user has logged out.
  • R, Tell the scene to start cleaning up its data structures (this is the bulk of the cleanup work).
    • R->RCh, tell any neighbours to close their child agents for this viewer.
      • RCh-V, these neighbours will in turn tell the viewer that the regions are closing (not actually necessary).
  • R, triggers EventManager.OnClientClosed event internally, causing listeners to
    • R->P, asks the presence service for which of the user's friends are online.
    • R->RFr, tell regions containing online friends that the user has gone offline.
  • R, triggers EventManager.OnRemovePresence event internally (this duplicates OnClientClosed and may be removed in the future).
  • R, derezzes the avatar's attachments, hence shutting down and saving any attachment script state.
  • R, tells other avatars still in the scene that the user has gone via the KillObject UDP packet.
  • R, removes the scene presence and client structures and removes the avatar's physics object.
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