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Jenkins build server

Bamboo is dead. Long live Panda.

Panda is dead. Long live Jenkins.

After 4,200 builds, Panda has been retired. The Jenkins CI server is now handling OpenSimulator builds. Presently a push to the master branch will trigger a Jenkins build. You can track its progress at , though status will be announced in the #opensim-dev and #opensim IRC channels. If NUnit tests fail it'll announce that in IRC along with a URL which you can follow to see which tests failed, etc.

Reenabling Panda

If for whatever reason Panda should need to be revived:

* # a2enmod passenger
* edit /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/ and follow the instructions in it
* # apache2ctl restart
* uncomment the line which contains the reference to post-receive-panda-driver in /var/git/opensim/.git/hooks/post-receive
* uncomment the three entries in user panda's crontab and it should come back to life within 15 minutes or so.
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