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Note: The JabberBridge code is no longer available from the OpenSimulator source repo but can possibly be found by asking developers on the #opensim-dev IRC channel. This page is kept for historical purposes.

The JabberBridge is part of the Parallel Selves Message Bridge Project. [Currently only works properly in standalone mode]. For more on the project, see The Parallel Selves Message Bridge (blog post).

[To use it, you need a account set up on a Jabber compatible server. That will act as the master bridging account]

Using 'anonymous' as the username and leaving the password blank.

  • Once you have compiled that, copy PSMessageBridge.dll and jabber-net.dll to your opensim bin folder.
  • Edit your opensim.ini file so that under the [Messaging] section it has a entry:
MessageTransferModule = JabberTransferModule
  • Then add a new section at the bottom of your opensim.ini file like:
enable = true
privateAccounts = true
account = <Jabber Account Username>
server = <Jabber Server Url>
password = <Jabber account password>

Replacing the Jabber Account and server details for the real ones.

Then you are ready to start using it. When a user logs in, they will get a IM from the "Jabber Console", which acts as the control console for all Jabber related commands. So don't close that IM session.

The first mode, is everyone uses the Jabber master bridge account, that was set in the ini file. This allows users to start two way chat sessions with any Jabber user. But as all the messages are routed through the master account, the person you are trying to talk to, will maybe not realise who you are and could block you. This also could be open for abuse, with people sending annoying messages to people using that account.

To open a chat session, using the Master account. Just type in the Jabber Console IM session: 'New session: <jabberName@JabberServerURL>' So for example 'New session: OpenSimTester@Jabber.org'.

The second mode of usage, is where everyone can use their own private account. To start using this, in the Jabber Console IM session, type 'Open Account: <JabberUserName> <JabberServerUrl> <password>' (A space between each of those elements).

Then you can start chat sessions in the same way as above. Also your Jabber friends will be able to see your online and start chat sessions with you.

Once you have finished using the Bridge, remember to close your account/ sign off. By typing in the Jabber Console session: 'Close account:'

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