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It seems to have been fixed by 0.7.1.

30 Nov 2009: I seemed to have a wierd problem with the sim being restricted by some invisible wall, its legs bent and sinking in the ground etc. I found a solution and thought of sharing the procedure. This is on a machine with Ubuntu 9.10 server edition (64 bit) installed.

Mono version:, opensim version 0.6.6... <Steps>:

  1. Update Mono.
  2. Download and install Opensim as for a 32bit machine: Build Instructions.
  3. Next, since the OpenDynamicsEngine has issues with 64bit machines, we download its source and compile it for a 64 bit environment. (see this link).

 $> svn co
 $> cd OpenDynamicsEngine
 $> chmod a+x ou/bootstrap
 $> sh       <had some hindrances at this point as 'automake' and 'libtool' weren't their latest versions>
                        $> sudo apt-get install automake1.11
                        $> sudo apt-get install libtool
 $> CFLAGS="-m64" ./configure --enable-shared
 $> make
 $> cp ./ode/src/.libs/ ../opensim/bin/
 $> vi ../opensim/bin/OpenSim.ini  (change av_capsule_standup_tensor_linux to 1700000)

The change in OpenSim.ini is required to avoid avatars from having bent legs
and/or their feet sunk in the ground.


20-May-2009 - This information may be obsolete. I've been able to build 0.6.4-release and later OpenSimulator on a 64 bit system using the standard build instructions. Try using the normal build instructions before doing anything special. If anyone knows for sure that OpenSimulator is now 64 bit compatible, this page should probably be deleted.

This is what I have managed to gather about running OpenSimulator on an Intel Core2 on a 64bit linux system. To install it you need to do:

 Download opensim
 cd opensim
 cd ..
 svn co svn:// libsl
 cd libsl/openjpeg-libsl/
 nano Makefile (add -m64 to compile flags to avoid another segfault)
 cp ../../opensim/bin/
 cd ../../opensim/bin/
 cp OpenSim.ini.example OpenSim.ini
 mono OpenSimulator.exe

Unfortunately this results in a segmentation fault. Which is somewhat remedied by building the libsl libraries by hand and copying the dll's from the freshly built libsl to the OpenSimulator bin/ folder. This makes us get one step further. Unfortunately (Again) at this point we get other problems as apparently OpenSimulator is not compatible with the new libsl. I am yet to find a solution to this.

A bug has been filed on this:

I found deleting bin/libopenjpeg-1*so 'fixed' this problem for me (breaks terrain but the sim starts) - I guess that the svn-bundled openjpeg lib is out of date for x86-64 -- mggrant.

As of early Dec, opensim has been updated to match libsl 1498 and rebuilding that version of the openjpeg library in 64 bit now works -- mggrant.

9/2/2008: Tested and Running on Amd Opteron 64 bit, Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon Desktop Edition 64 bits. Using the same method as below, except for nano Makefile and make lines. Used only make -f Makefile.

11/2/2008: I confirm this. Also there is no need to fetch the old version of libsl; the current one works fine -- Diva

15/05/2008: I seem to be having huge trouble (ie segfaults) with meshmerizer ATM. Sim runs fine (other than no real shape meshes, of course) on the zeromesher, but turn on meshmeriser and as soon as the sim is logged into, it segfaults. Tried nightly builds and a svn compile a number of times over the past few weeks (latest svn r4831). Testing on a fresh sim, the crash occurs the second a hollow is created in a box - LaeMi

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