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Pseudospace is a free to play, public access OpenSimulator grid created to provide role players with an uncensored and immersive environment free of restrictions by which they may play, socialize, and build within. This is a mature grid which may contain adult content and situations, only those who are 18 or older may enter.

Please be advised, that we are currently under heavy construction. Feel free to look around, but mind the mess and the occasional flying prims! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email support(at)pseudospace(dot)net.


All user content such as skins, attachments, textures, etc. are provided for free using a share and share alike, create for the sake of creativity methodology. All such assets are kept within the content library on Ellis Island and are freely copyable / distributable unless the "No Transfer" option is enabled which simply means that the asset may not be copied off of the grid. Individual contributions to the grid's content library are greatly welcomed and may be done so by leaving a copyable box containing your contribution on one of the shelves located inside the Ellis Library.

The grid's money / economy features may in future be enabled, however they will never be linked to any real world funding sources. Any future currency that may be enabled will be for the purpose of allowing for the free transfer of game currency for role play purposes.

While users may not self-host as the grid's internals are kept within a private network, in future land and sim clusters may be available.

Login Info / Stats:

Website / Registration:
LoginURI:-loginuri -loginpage -helperuri
Regions:37 with more to be added in future.
Users:137 and growing.
Logins / Day:41 unique logins between June 15 and July 15, 2009
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