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Name: Valhalla Virtual
Login URI:
Wiki/Forum: Built in Knowledge base and support access, wiki to come later.
Approx # Regions 9
Approx # Users 25
Logins/day 4

Valhalla Virtual has been in beta stages since December 1 2011, with a final opening date listed for March 1st 2012

Third Party Region hosting is not allowed, residents may not connect their regions to Valhalla.

We provide access, sell regions, allowing you to build your own community.

Accounts are free unless with premium membership.

There are currently no Hypergrid Connections, This is planned for after the full opening.

There are freebie areas on the plazas with objects for all.

Servers are owned by PawzGroup, and its partners. region Hosting comes with Affordable monthly maintenance fees and low set up fees

For more information create a free account and browse the information center, or contact customer service for more details.

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