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Hypergrid Enabled Playground,

Inworld Currency Skybucks Rate is 200 SB = 1 USD Refund Rate 225 SB = 1 USD Please Refer to website for more info on Skybucks

Full regions 25 USD Month with 30 Thousand Prim Water/Scenic Sims 7 USD Month 1000 Prim Login URI

For the Users that are unsure of how to Add a URI we have our own viewer installer available on our website simply install and login. You can use our viewer to access other worlds as well. SkyLife Viewer is based on Singulairty. _____________________________________________________________________

How to come to SkyLifeGrid from another grid

You can visit SkyLife From any Hypergrid enabled region. Skylife is located in the 8000 to 8500 range Just cut and paste the following into your map and click search

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