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Name: Rezzable Visions
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Twitter: @rezzable

Rezzable Visions :

Tap into the raw energy of the virtual world. Buckle-in and be ready to participate in the metaverse where the only limits are your imagination (and bandwidth). Rezzable invites you to a private virtual world where you can wander the landscape of the amazing, immersive landscape and even try to build part of it. Rezzable Visions series offers a different artist starting at Jan 2010 the spotlight for a new art installation. We are working with the very best and most creative people around the world and across the metaverse to realize their creative ideas on the Rezzable Grid. It will be both a showcase for the new art that can be made in this exciting new online environment as well as place to test and push our OpenSimulator grid technology. We invite artist to submit their ideas for interactive, visually stunning, engaging, moving, never-been-attempted art creations . At the moment the running exhibition is by Madcow a well know creator from Second Life. Along with Art Sims we have some other exciting sims that you can wander around and play games and quests with your friends such as the Steamfish sim where you follow an educational quest.

Existing places to visit :

Crimson Shadow, Carnival of Doom, Tunnel of Light, Greenies, Greenies Lawn, Mad Cow, Black Swan, Rezzable Lake, Rezzable Welcome, Steamfish, Rezzable Vision

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