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Approx # Regions80
Approx # Users100

PMGrid is available as a free-of-charge "nursery" grid. We want to encourage the use and spread of OpenSimulator by allowing new grids to be developed at little or no cost before they are ready for public use.

The way we work is to assign regions (anything from 1 to 16 so far) to development projects. When the projects are mature or too large for PMgrid they can be migrated to more robust or commercial grids.

So if you have an idea for an OpenSimulator project but want to investigate its feasibility before committing to commercial agreements drop us an e-mail stating requirements and we will see what we can do. Please note that because this service is offered on a no fee basis certain limitations are inevitable for example:
No Service Level Guarantees are available
Network and system performance are not guaranteed
The number of sims available is limited
Depending on current commitments there may be a delay in a suitable environment becoming available
The number of concurrent users may need to be limited to maintain adequate performance and reliability

Contact details can be found on the web site (

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