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Name: Littlefield Grid
Login URI:
Wiki/Forum: - Littlefield Grid Registration - Littlefield Grid Forum
Approx # Regions 351
Approx # Users 1841
Logins/day 373

Littlefield Grid is an 18+ only grid (meaning no children or child avatars) that offers rented regions as well as region connection for large community groups.

Region/Land Rentals and outside connection charges are via PayPal. Vivox Voice enabled.

Solid and productive community base with many talented creators and plenty of wonderful content.

Centralized "Hypergrid Train Station" HUB for transportation to other HG enabled Grids.

Run by a staff of IT professionals. Servers all based in US/TX. 24x7 in a monitored data center.

Clubs, RP Areas, Building Areas and Instructional areas as well as residential and community areas available.

Contains the Littlefield Mall Complex that has 11 regions full of free high quality content.

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