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Name: =IcaruS= RealmS
Login URI:
Approx # Regions 50
Approx # Users 26
Logins/day 14

3D Multimedia in the Metaverse

Become An Icarian! When you visit =IcaruS= RealmS via hypergrid, you will arrive in our main region, Athena, where you can discover the Iron Age village, Medieval Old Town and docks, and =IcaruS= Castle with chapel featuring the Bayeux Tapestry. The RealmS is a constantly developing and growing virtual world, with new regions being added and built. Do explore, get inspired - perhaps you’ll want to have a place to hang your hat in =IcaruS= RealmS, your own region in which to build, create and share with others in our Icarian community! For more information, visit:

=IcaruS= RealmS is hosted on ROBUST dedicated servers all with Quadcore 3Ghz processors, 64-bit OS, 4GB memory and RAID-HDD. We have approximately 50 regions and 26 users, averaging 14 logins per day.

Our Services

  • 2 Hypergrid islands to cover low and high 4096 regions
  • Variety of starter avatar choices (4 female, 4 male)
  • Full sim control, with full-sim. Quarter-sim and eighth-sim options also available
  • Medieval themed or separate region to create your own
  • Offline messaging
  • Search and map functions
  • Profiles
  • Groups

Pricing (Payments via PayPal subscriptions)

  • Avatar Only Membership: £3/month (approx. $4.75 USD*)
  • Membership with Eighth Sim: £4/month (approx. $6.30 USD*)
  • Membership with Quarter Sim: £7/month (approx. $11.00 USD*)
  • Membership with Full Sim: £14/month (approx. $22.00 USD*)

*Can vary due to exchange rates

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