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Name: Heritage Key
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Heritage Key Virtual uses OpenSim to provide a unique educational experience.

We invite you to travel across time and place to unlock the wonders of the Ancient World. Everyone has a dream of visiting Ancient World Sites and having their own adventures. Explore the Ancient World -- hidden under today's modern life, via media-rich online content and online virtually. Unlock the Wonders. Heritage Key Invites you to Discover and Share. You can start your online expeditions now. Get your keyboard and mouse ready for action! Read articles and blogs. Search the directory of ancient world sites and museums. View photos. Watch videos. Make an avatar and explore our virtual exhibitions. Please also take the opportunity to share your experiences by posting comments and adding your photos to our Heritage Key Virtual Flickr Group

Existing places to visit :

King Tut Virtual :
Zoom in on King Tut's greatest treasures and explore the Valley of the Kings at the time when Carter made the world's greatest archaeological discovery ever: the Tomb of Tutankhamun. Experience life by the Nile in Ancient Egypt, gather clues to have a look at what the Egyptians envisioned the afterlife to be and dig up your own artefacts. All this is possible in King Tut Virtual.
Part of King Tut Virtual:
The Valley of the Kings - Experience the discovery of King Tut's Tomb.
The Cosmic Gallery - Zoom In on Tutankhamun's amazing treasures.
Amarna - Find out about life by the Nile under the reign of Akhenaten.
Balloon Ride - A Hot Air Balloon ride over the Valley of the Kings.
Treasures - View the wonders discovered in Tutankhamun's burial chamber up close.

Stonehenge Virtual :
Discover the history of Stonehenge in our 3D, online experience. Meet the famous Amesbury Archer, help move and raise the Sarsen Stone and attend an ancient burial ritual. Test your druid skills, decipher the secret of the stones and celebrate at the Solstice festival.
Stonehenge 2400 BC - Help move the stones into place using special carts.
Stonehenge 2300 BC - Meet the Amesbury Archer and help raise the Sarsen Stone.
Stonehenge 1500 BC - Attend an ancient Druid burial ritual and find the secret signs in the stones.
Stonehenge Modern day - Meet modern day Druids and take part in a Solstice festival.
Stonehenge Durrington Settlement 1500 BC - Test your ability to be an ancient Druid for the day at the Durrington Settlement.

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