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Alpha Towne

Alpha Towne is a 3D Virtual World Community serving top quality service to both the corporate and recreational users.
Our Founders and Staff are available anytime to help address any issues you may have.

Make Alpha Towne Your Hometown Virtual World!

Now You can be part of the Alpha Towne experience! Registration is fast and easy. Select your avatar and start exploring today!
Name:Alpha Towne
Login URI:
Online SinceAug 01, 2010
Approx # Regions258
Approx # Users1121
Admin and Staff8
Opensim Version0.7.1 Grid Mode
Server TypesDedicated Servers - Xeon Quad Core / 16 gig ram for regions
Second Life LocationMONEY/128/128/35/
HyperGrid 1.5 EnabledYes
Hypergrid 1.5:
Lightshare CompatibleYes
Automated AvatarsYes - Male and Female Choices
Automated LandYes - Instant Deployment of new land upon payment
Land ToolboxYes - Instant Restart, Rename, Move, Backup and other functions via the website.
Default land TerrainsYes - Automated terrain changer on the website.
Default RegionsYes - Several FREE choices of Homes, Business etc Delivered instantly in world.
Free SandboxYes - Name = Sandbox
CurrencyYes - G$ 300-1 usd buy and sell rate
Shopping WebsiteYes - Avatar Marketplace
GroupsYes - All new avatars are added into the resident groups automaticly
Offline IMYes
MainlandYes - 100 regions max with 44 open water regions around it.
IslandsYes - Placed anywhere on the grid, islands can use pre made terrain and builds. Automated via the website.

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