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The GridInfo protocol was suggested by mana janus to facilitate autoconfiguration of clients. With the GridInfo protocol a smart client only needs to have the URI of the user server or the standalone server and can then obtain parameters such as the welcome page, the helper URI (for the economy subsystem), the name of the grid and other information automatically.

Retrieving the GridInfo is just a simple HTTP GET call to /get_grid_info on either the standalone server's URL or on the grid's user server:

% GET | xml_pp
  <gridname>the lost continent of hippo</gridname>

which was "generated" by the following [GridInfo] section:

; login uri
login =
; login page
welcome =
; helper uri
economy =
; web page of grid
about =
; account creation
register =
; help
help =
; password help
password =
; long grid name
gridname = "the lost continent of hippo"
; short grid name
gridnick = "hippogrid"

Have a look at OpenSim.ini.example for all GridInfo options --- note, that you can add additional keys there, they are automatically included in the response.

NOTE: The configuration location of GridInfo has changed. 

  • In versions 0.6.9 and below, it is found in OpenSim.ini
  • In version 0.7.0, GridInfo is missing.  Please update to or newer
  • In version and newer, it is located in StandaloneCommon.ini. For HyperGrids, it is located in Robust.ini
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