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Feature Proposals

If you want to propose a feature, you should do so on the opensim-dev mailing list. If there is interest or if you plan to write the code yourself, you can create a page here. Please do not propose features in the Mantis bug tracker. Please do not propose features if you don't have a clear idea of how they would work on a technical level. Please do not propose features expecting other people to do the implementation work without convincing them first - this will not happen.

Feature proposals must be created in conjunction with a post to the opensim-dev mailing list - if they are just created here then it's possible they will not get seen by other developers.

If you're adding a proposal here, please do it with a page name of Feature_Proposals/<name of service>. For example Feature_Proposals/AutoBackup.


  • Feature Proposal Template - Please use this Feature Proposal template to create your proposal page.
  • Feature Proposal Example - While the format is slightly out of date, it may also be helpful to consult this example proposal for ideas on what to include in your proposal.



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