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Script configuration in OpenSimulator occurs in three major configuration sections within OpenSim.ini

  1. Major option is the script engine used: XEngine or YEngine
  2. Permisssions
  3. LL-Functions
  4. OSSL


  • allowed_script_creators - This can be "all" or "gods". If set to "gods" then only users who have requested and received administrator status can create scripts. All other attempts to create scripts will fail.
  • allowed_script_editors - This can be "all" or "gods". If set to "gods" then only users who have requested and received administrator status can update scripts. All other attempts to update scripts, even if the user is the owner of the script, will fail.


  • AllowGodFunctions - If true, god functions can be executed by gods (e.g. If false then not even gods can execute these functions.
  • max_external_urls_per_simulator. Change the max number of URLs that scripts can request in this simulator. Default is 100. Present since commit 22f25df (16 June 2012, OpenSimulator master dev branch post
  • max_listens_per_region - Change the max number of llListens per region. Default is 1000.
  • max_listens_per_script - Change the max number of llListens per script. Default is 64.

Relevant ini files


  • Choose the default script engine (DefaultScriptEngine in [Startup] section).
  • Review and edit the [XEngine] or [YEngine] sections according to your needs. Refer to specific instruction : XEngine, YEngine


Default values should be changed with care as they may impact stability/security.

  • In the [Network] section, HttpBodyMaxLenMAX sets the maximum answer length for a llHTTPRequest.
  • ExternalHostNameForLSL is the host name used for allocating URLs (llRequestURL/llRequestSecureURL) and is set to ${Const|BaseHostname} in OpenSim.ini, which should point automatically to your external host name.
  • If you need to make requests to private IPs on your local network, edit OutboundDisallowForUserScripts. You should weight the security risk of exposing your local network to malicious requests.
  • In the [ScriptsHttpRequestModule] section are variables that throttle object's hhtp requests. Raise them if you absolutely need it. Be warned this can overload your server.

If you want to leave OpenSimDefault.ini untouched, you may declare the variable you need in OpenSim.ini, creating the relevant section if needed.


  • Default premissions for OSSL functions. Better leave untouched and edit latter file osslEnable.ini.


  • Site-wise permissions for OSSL functions. Override permission from osslDefaultEnable.ini to suit your needs. More instructions here : Category:OSSL_Functions
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