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[12:04 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Hello, everyone.
[12:04 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Hi Andrew
[12:04 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal I would try doing a SQL dump to a file and then re-importing the file to mysql
[12:04 PM PT]  Jagga Meredith: Any word on a new "official" release?  It's been a year.
[12:04 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird noticing that when exporting IAR and importing, the avatar lose all outfirst from inventory
[12:04 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird that does not work Cuga
[12:05 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Jagga, you want at least one release a year? You want too much. ;)
[12:05 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal oh? sql is different format?
[12:05 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I had to export to XML and import bac
[12:05 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird of course it is :-)
[12:05 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal eek
[12:05 PM PT]  Jeff.Kelley howdy
[12:06 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I had one interesting record where the blob was 40 MB
[12:06 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird all tools completely choked on it
[12:06 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Last time I did such a conversion I did it with Navicat, it has a tool to export in compatible format, rest you can do with sed to replace the field types and so on.
[12:06 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Hello, Jeff.
[12:06 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I used Navicat too
[12:06 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Gavin, what sort of conversion are you trying to do?
[12:07 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird conver the grid database from psotgres to mysql and thereafrer upgrade the grid to dotnet6
[12:07 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: sql is how you talk to some dbs, not how they do things internally :)
[12:07 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Postgres*
[12:07 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: ok.
[12:07 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal I guess exporting and importing OAR and IARs is another option.
[12:07 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Think you were the only one still largely using it, don't think we have someone actively maintaining it now
[12:07 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I've not tried that. I don't know how similar are the database structures or tables.
[12:07 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal with its own issues
[12:07 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird no you lose information
[12:08 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester It used to be slightly faster at one point compared to mysql
[12:08 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird iar lose all outfits and some other avatar info
[12:08 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird oar is OK once all the assets have been copied over with the same UUIDs
[12:09 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird it is still faster Vincent
[12:09 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Postgres is falling out of favor I feel, though most mailservers still use it
[12:10 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird it depends on what to use it for. For web sites it is not used much if at all
[12:10 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester With it not working right on latest mono and potentially not at all with dotnet it needs a lot of work to fix up
[12:10 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Similarly to mysql we probably need to build a custom connector
[12:11 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Remove the part it throws up on
[12:11 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Apple Silicon versions are only available for PG version 14 and 15, and I was on 11.19, as version 12 did not work because of the old libs
[12:12 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal its a crime that SQL variants aren't language compatible
[12:12 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Too new is a problematic thing to work around, start one end and you just keep finding stuff and before you know it you are replacing the entire data project
[12:12 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird it is MySQL that iis non standar with all kinds of prorietary extensions
[12:13 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: guess on apple silicion you only have very last things
[12:13 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: no once bothers porting older ones
[12:13 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester sql itself isn't a defined standard, it is simply a syntax framework
[12:13 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal I only used mysql for the last 8 years
[12:13 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird the old version will - for now - run in Rosetta translation, but
[12:14 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal soulds like mysql is the best option for apple silicon and OS, works out of the box with no issues
[12:14 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird It is Vinvent, but MySQL is the furthest away from a "standard"
[12:15 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: well about last week code changes..  just a few "cosmetics" on dotnet6 and a fix on a LSL funtion name
[12:15 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Right, at least Oracle makes an AS version
[12:15 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: well guess i told abotu that already on last meeting
[12:16 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: * mantis 9065: rename llObjectGetLink as spec llGetObjectLink
[12:16 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: no idea where i did pick up that other name :)
[12:16 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: think my glasses are running out of bateries..
[12:16 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: ;)
[12:16 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal it sounds better gramatically :)
[12:17 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester There are a few functions that don't follow their own naming scheme
[12:17 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I trip over them once in a while
[12:17 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks nods
[12:17 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal I am constantly using google to remember the lsl names....
[12:18 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: viewers do have them listed
[12:18 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: You should book mark the LSL wiki page.
[12:18 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: sadly not sorted
[12:18 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I did some more cleaning on mantis this week, bringing older issues back to the front, if any of you want to help re-test stuff just have a look, all help is appreciated
[12:18 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird bookmarking is too simple
[12:18 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: and that list is per region version here
[12:19 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Dug up some old issues that are interesting, slowly moving towards the goal of having less than 1000 open reports
[12:19 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I didn't know any viewer had a list of LSL functions one could access
[12:19 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: each region has a xml file with the lsl and ossl it supports
[12:19 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester ScriptSyntax.xml
[12:20 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal that pops up when you correctly type the function name in a script and hover thr cursor, it shows the syntax etc
[12:20 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird My viewer has a full xml file - fallback
[12:20 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal but wont help you remember the spelling :)
[12:20 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: oyu cna also browse..  jsut not that user friendly
[12:21 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: (you can.. (
[12:21 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester It probably wouldn't be hard to take that data and present it in the viewer in some form of list you can browse
[12:21 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: no idea why tpvs do not improve that
[12:21 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal can you see that from the FS menu?
[12:22 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: a lot better than those "include" and similar thing they added
[12:22 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: no
[12:22 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Writing UI code isn't exactly fun
[12:22 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: it is on the script editor
[12:22 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal cool.. never knew that
[12:22 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Have you ever tried to format anything in the viewer code Vincent? :-)
[12:22 PM PT]  Object: Script running
[12:23 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: the insert btn at lower left
[12:23 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Been in there often enough to know I want nothing to do with it, doesn't look like a fun mess to untangle
[12:23 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: sadly it is not even well sorted
[12:23 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Vincent, it isn't that bad if you can use a GUI tool to help generate the code.
[12:23 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird plus you'd have to allocate a very large scrollable OpenGL region to display it
[12:24 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: some is there
[12:24 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: just a nicer sort would help
[12:24 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: posislbe a find..
[12:25 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester A list that you can expand to see input and output parameters probably enough, most functions don't have descriptions anyways
[12:25 PM PT]  Object: Script running
[12:26 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: yeah it sould also have the hover tips it has on the editor
[12:26 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Easiest would be perhaps to use the built-in browser to display a html file maybe
[12:26 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: most code already there .. somewhere :)
[12:26 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: wel its also a sl issue
[12:27 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: so mb ask at sl jira could help :)
[12:27 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird ...which already exists on the net, so just make a menu item opening that page
[12:27 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Well the functions are split among the lsl and ossl wikis
[12:27 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester So would need two buttons
[12:28 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Yeah, that will work too. Two menu items clearly marked
[12:28 PM PT]  Jagga Meredith: sorry, gotta run RL
[12:28 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: ok, Jagga. See you next week.
[12:28 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester A Help dropdown in the script editor, with links to the wikis to open in the built-in browser, sounds easy enough
[12:28 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Famous last words
[12:28 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: usa hour wil be diferent next week?
[12:29 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I already have that in the Script editor
[12:29 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: oh. Are we coming up to that time of year already?
[12:29 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal yes
[12:29 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird plus I added descriptions for the highlights loaded from the xml file
[12:30 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo: yes, time zone change
[12:30 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Yeah we really should put descriptions into the api so the tool can parse them into the syntax file
[12:30 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal USA people will be here 1 hour early :)
[12:30 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: i made a dumb program to gen the syntax file
[12:30 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: That means that those who are not in North America will need to be hear 1 an hour earlier than usual.
[12:30 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: but we never did fill the description part for the tooltips
[12:31 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal the clocks move forward, so 11am i USA is 10AM elsewhere
[12:31 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Easy enough just copy paste from the wiki
[12:31 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird yea, so it is the Europeans who must be here 1 hour earlier :-)
[12:32 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: don't remember details  but thing my program with grabn some coments on the api interface files
[12:32 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester It does, some of the lsl stuff has descriptions in there that it parses I noticed that, just not have that on all functions yet
[12:32 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: eu or most of it will change sunady 26
[12:33 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: sunday 26
[12:33 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Clocks changing time, looking outside at snow... makes sense
[12:33 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo: March 12th here in the Us *nods* is our Daylight savings time, and it may be the last time we change, not sure
[12:34 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: politians keep talking abotu that.. and nothing..
[12:34 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Anyways I have some interesting news this week as I been rather busy with something
[12:35 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Vincent, What have you been working on?
[12:35 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Currently whenever a region creates a maptile for itself it uploads it once done
[12:35 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester This kicks off a wait in the maptile service, which when expired fires the routine to create the various zoom levels
[12:35 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester This means if regions spam the service with tiles it ends up tripping over its own feet constantly
[12:36 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Result is a complete mess of tiles that don't match through the zoom levels
[12:36 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: current core may shoot own feet..  but slowly :p
[12:36 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester That has been irking me for some time as I have very light regions that when started do exactly that, spam the service with hundreds of tiles
[12:37 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I spent the effort to change that system up. Letting regions upload their stuff on their own time and simply check every couple minutes if they have provided new tiles
[12:37 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Then I fire off the same routine on its own thread where it can merrily work away on the zoom levels
[12:37 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Using the upload or last write time to schedule only what is new
[12:38 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: and shoot other foot :p
[12:38 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Making sure to set the zoom levels to the time the worker was started to prevent it from tripping over tiles uploaded in the meantime
[12:38 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird every couple minutes seems a bit too often?
[12:39 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester It just checks every couple minutes, if no new tiles are found based on their time compared to the zoom levels it just waits another 5 minutes
[12:39 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I made the time configurable as well so it can be set longer, the more tiles it finds the longer it will wait for the next check to make sure it doesn't overload itself
[12:39 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird usually the maps is not very dynamic, so every few hours should suffice
[12:40 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Well the new system does away with a maptile upload from a region triggering a refresh so I figured might as well check a bit more often, if nothing is found then nothing is run
[12:40 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Hello, Jamie
[12:40 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I been running that setup for a couple days now and recorded these results so far:
[12:40 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: current core only uses a thread and even sleeps btw doing 2 regions
[12:41 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: far from the best, but not a priority
[12:41 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester It can generate zoom levels for over 8800 tiles in about 7 minutes
[12:41 PM PT]  Jamie.Jordan Hi all
[12:41 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Hi
[12:42 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo: Hello *grins*
[12:42 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I changed the function for that from the memory safe get set pixel ones to unsafe pointers to do the zoom levels in memory, which made it about three times faster
[12:42 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: so gavin, aside the db issues, dotnet6 also working on your macs?
[12:43 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird so it seems, yes
[12:43 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal yay!
[12:43 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I amean if I am willing to convert my entire grid, I guess that is a positive
[12:43 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: confess vincent you change some of th ecode to code made by chatgpt :p
[12:43 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I'll probably continue to test this for some time longer and see if I get any errors or strange behavior. If there is interest I'll then propose the patch on mantis
[12:43 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: osgrid plazas are on it
[12:44 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: thing also grid by now
[12:44 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: and think..
[12:44 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird imageine SL making chatgpt for SL traing it with the content on the grid
[12:44 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird training*
[12:44 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Sounds good, Vincent. ty
[12:45 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I also dug up an old patch I had made nearly a year ago that changes the maptile modules we have to both run in the region. This enables you to switch between then during runtime and generate maptiles by specifying the module you want to use
[12:45 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: maybe prb viewer is been done by chatgpt ?
[12:45 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: ;)
[12:45 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: and pbr
[12:45 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Of course I also needed to upgrade the grid to have full eep support for the viewer to test properly
[12:46 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I decoupled registrations from maptiles as well, as it appears we don't need to have a maptile to complete grid registration of a region. It can happily provide one later and re-register itself with the new tile
[12:46 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: don't think grid knows about eep.. only regions... hmm well may need to know some inventgory types
[12:46 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester This removes that heavy block on region startup when using Warp3D
[12:46 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird no, but db needs the support
[12:47 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: thats region db
[12:47 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: mostly
[12:47 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I don't run it like that :-)
[12:47 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: yes you do :p
[12:47 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I only have one db for everything regions included
[12:47 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: grid may need to know abotu inventory type.. not sure
[12:47 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird there is no db on the regions at all
[12:48 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: that is a regions db, not grid :)
[12:48 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I call it grid dg because it all goes into the same database, but different tables of course
[12:48 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: yes and access code etc is regions code
[12:49 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: and tables..
[12:49 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird sure, but the db tables needs to be up to spec and the Postgres code added for eep support was falky at best
[12:49 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Only thing I have left to do is figure out how to shove Warp3D off into its own thread so it stops blocking the console while it makes its mess
[12:49 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird so rather than fight that, I'm gonan conver the lot
[12:49 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: well dot net 6 seems a improvement over mono
[12:50 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird convert*
[12:50 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: i do not like net 7 .. seems to ebn worse on memory usage
[12:50 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: but code does run on .net 7 also
[12:50 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: if we change the etc..
[12:50 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird MS probably gets commission from memory manufacturers
[12:50 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: and ofc have it installer
[12:50 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: installed..
[12:51 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: they told they would fix that on net 8
[12:51 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: they made gc pre cache things..   so actually wasting memory for no good reason
[12:51 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: well..  code...
[12:52 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: this region now usingf 520MB will use like 800
[12:52 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: with NO GAIN
[12:53 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird 300MB of added spyware
[12:53 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: guess we wil jsut skip .net7 :)
[12:53 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird the first thing I did was to turn off telemetry from dotnet6
[12:53 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: well assuming 8 will work...
[12:54 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: we are using things they said 6 would already not suport like bitmaps
[12:54 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: so far even 7 suports them, adding the extra dlls
[12:55 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Gutting the runtime and pointing you to nuget to get basic functions back, gotta love that attitude
[12:55 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Welcome to another hell like npm
[12:55 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: and libgdi   on linux, ofc
[12:56 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: :)
[12:56 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: did i mention i hate nuget?
[12:56 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: :)
[12:56 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Just like Apple, who woudl never- ever support 64-bit Carbon EVER!
[12:56 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I'll be damned they rewrite it 64-bit and never mentioned it to anyone
[12:56 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: One other minor bit of news. I have a patch I'll be posting to mantis 6170 soon. Someone challenged me to look at that report so I did.
[12:56 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird as apps broke all over without
[12:57 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: 6170??
[12:58 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester That's the one about primitive params parsing
[12:58 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: The report is -> LSL List implementation with regards to llSetPrimitiveParams deviates from Second Life implementation
[12:58 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: still does that?
[12:58 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: It is about how a non-string item can be passed as part of the PRIM_TEXT setting for SetPrimitiveParams.
[12:59 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I dug that up a couple days ago thinking it might be more implicit casting somewhere
[12:59 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal that makes sense. pretty sure SL throws an error if there is a type mismatch
[12:59 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: My patch adds a check to verify that the string item for PRIM_TEXT is either a key or a string. If not, it throws an exception.
[1:00 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Uh neat
[1:00 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester One more ticket to add to the kill count :D
[1:01 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: It is an isolate change and should have minimal impact on scripts as it doesn't touch any casting that may be going on in the code.
[1:01 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: VIncent, thought you would like that.
[1:01 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I certainly do
[1:02 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: public LSL_Types.LSLString GetLSLStringItem(int itemIndex)
                object o = Data[itemIndex];
                if (o is LSL_Types.key ko)
                    return ko;
                if (o is LSL_Types.LSLString lso)
                    return lso;
                return new LSL_Types.LSLString(o.ToString());
[1:02 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: someone did decide to cast anything to text
[1:02 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Opensim Search and dotnet6 - any issues there?
[1:02 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: My changes don't always get accepted so I will post the proposed change then see if it gets accepted or not. If not, it may prompt someone else *cough* Ubit *cough* to fix it. :)
[1:03 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird sounds like a plan Andrew
[1:03 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: may need to fix the search module
[1:03 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Gavin check the github repo for ossearch, there is a pull request to fix it for that
[1:03 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: at least to compile into net 6
[1:03 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Gavin, I haven't looked at dotnet6 changes for the external OpenSimSearch module.
[1:04 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: basic one is the prebuild.xml framework
[1:04 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird ok, so you lose search if you convert the grid to dotnet6?
[1:04 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: well possible current prebuild does override that already
[1:05 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I submitted that pull request like two weeks ago or so, fixes the prebuild and make some minor adjustments to code
[1:05 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I don't yet know if I can build the dotnet6 based code and I don't now how one deals with a pull request other than having to download a full copy of the code with the changes so testing proposed changes will take time.
[1:05 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: you do need to compile its region module
[1:05 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Just create a new dotnet6 branch on the repo and merge the changes into that
[1:05 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: grid side is php i think
[1:05 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird what about voice?
[1:06 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: voice is already on dotnet 6
[1:06 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird great
[1:06 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal I only tried Viavoice, that is working. Are there other options now on dotnet6?
[1:06 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I might attempt to do the BIG SWITCH tomorrow....
[1:06 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: oops
[1:06 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: it only does some http nothing special
[1:06 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: RL
[1:07 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: need go rl ppl
[1:07 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird tc Ubit
[1:07 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester The ticket about vivox going away is still open, there are a few options now, but all require work to go into both OpenSim and viewer
[1:07 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: voicxe options are the same...
[1:07 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: vivox and freeswitch
[1:07 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks nods
[1:08 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: and those modules are "simple" just compile on net6
[1:08 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: ok  cya ppl, have fum
[1:08 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo waves
[1:09 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: and fun :)
[1:09 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal tc Ubit
[1:09 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Andrew, dotnet6 is a matter of checking out that branch, running prebuild and then opening the project in visual studio 2022. You can then compile as normally would with master. It's not that complex to setup, it's not much more than just another copy of the dev pipeline for master
[1:10 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Not sure how that works on linux, but you can install dotnet on that just like you would mono, add the repos to apt, install and then run prebuild dotnet-build etc
[1:10 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal On Mac and Linux I don;t need VS
[1:10 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Vincent, I don't have Visual Studio.
[1:10 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I don't think mono and dotnet6 can coexist
[1:10 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal dontl need it
[1:10 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester They can run on the same machine
[1:10 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester My build server has both
[1:11 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird build and prod...
[1:11 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I test run the builds there so yeah it does work
[1:11 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo nods at Gavin
[1:11 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird the install instructions says remove moneo, but there you go
[1:11 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird mono*
[1:11 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo: yes
[1:11 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal just command line build without VS: dotnet build --configuration Release OpenSim.sln
[1:12 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I see there is dotnet-sdk-6.0 so I can start by installing that then see if I can build the dotnet6 branch of OpenSim.
[1:12 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester You do even need parts of mono, libgdiplus specifically
[1:12 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird yes, but ican be installed separately
[1:12 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal I instaklled libgdiplus alone and it worked fine
[1:12 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird and it is only installed if you have mono complete
[1:12 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester If you install via their repos it happily coexists, one doesn't remove the other
[1:12 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Vincent, I know how to build OpenSim pre-the dotnet6 version.
[1:13 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird so did I on the Macs
[1:13 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal on Linux I installed libgdiplus along with Synaptic Package Manager
[1:13 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal alone*
[1:13 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal on Mac with brew.
[1:13 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I did MacPorts install on macOS
[1:13 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: In the past I tried to install mono without installing mono-complete but would run in to complaints when building so now I don't even bother trying to reduce the size of the mono footprint and just install complete.
[1:13 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Ubit made it so that dotnet branch builds basically the same as master, just slightly different commands, but the overall experience is the same
[1:14 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal worked fine on Ubuntu
[1:14 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird dotnet6 SDK to compile on macOS
[1:14 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal the dotnet build uses a dotnet specific command
[1:14 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird so I could get rid of VS
[1:14 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal same on Mac and Linux
[1:15 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester You install mono-complete and then you purge mono-xsp4 since you don't need a webserver with docs to run on the machine. You can grab the dotnet repos from their page and add them just like mono ones, install via apt and then you can build both just fine.
[1:15 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird which installas all kinds of android crap you don't need
[1:16 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Vincent, I don't have an xsp4 package as part of the mono-complete install
[1:16 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Ubit kept pushing me to switch so I went through all that to build a dotnet pipeline, it got a bit more painless once I figured the repos ubuntu ships with are bad and the ones from the download page should be used instead
[1:16 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester It started installing that part in the later versions only, if you run the same version that the OpenSim jenkins builds with then no it doesn't install that
[1:16 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I think that started in version 6 or so
[1:17 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal dotnet6 from the Ubuntu repo worked for me, but I don;t have mono installed
[1:17 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo: same here, Cuga
[1:18 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I'll ditch mono on Debian and just install dotnet6 and the libary
[1:18 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird don't think I will battle with Raspbian at all
[1:18 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal seems there are issues having both installed
[1:19 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I haven't noticed any, been on that setup for two months now happily building and testing both, there shouldn't be conflicts between them
[1:19 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird instructions says uninstall mono
[1:19 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo: yes
[1:19 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Microsoft says a lot of things that are complete bs
[1:19 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I have mono installed and just installed dotnet 6 SDK from the repos. The dotnet branch is building.
[1:20 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal Vincent you said that you pruned some things from mono and then it worked..
[1:20 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Um... I don't believe that it compiled OS in only 33 seconds.
[1:20 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I only removed the webserver that runs the docs
[1:20 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester xsp4
[1:20 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: only 12 warnings
[1:21 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal that tidbit might be useful to include in the build docs, in case somebody wants to keep mono
[1:21 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Mostly saying -> Could not locate the assembly "System"
[1:21 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester That's a prebuild issue
[1:21 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I was about to say
[1:22 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal I think OS builds faster than 30 secs on Apple Silicon.. I should time it
[1:22 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird did you run on the new branch?
[1:22 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Of course.
[1:22 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird ok
[1:22 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester It might be from third party addons if they still specify System in prebuild, but as warnings you can technically ignore them
[1:22 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Cuga, it is like, that did not take it long
[1:23 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal :)
[1:24 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird dotnet clean
[1:24 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird dotnet build --configuration Release OpenSim.sln
[1:24 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird 5 seconds ona n M1
[1:24 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Most of my addons I just had to fix prebuild, the code should mostly compile. Now whether it will run properly is another matter, but that's down to what is in each addon. Ubit mentioned to me that something regarding httprequest was different now, so if you have that in use it might misbehave or something
[1:25 PM PT]  Jamie.Jordan which M1
[1:25 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Not entirely sure what he was referring too
[1:25 PM PT]  Jamie.Jordan ?
[1:25 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird Apple M1 processor - the most basic one
[1:25 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Only addon I have that uses that still works fine though so yeah
[1:25 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: oh still here?
[1:25 PM PT]  Jamie.Jordan not bad
[1:25 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird respectable
[1:26 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester Gotta remember the dotnet branch has no tests, so like 30 things less to compile as well
[1:26 PM PT]  Jamie.Jordan I have a studio byt have never tried it
[1:26 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird it will notice you it is done before you issue the command
[1:27 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal there was a sci fi comedy about a guy who wrote a program that delivered pizza before someone ordered it
[1:27 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird :-)
[1:28 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: minority report was abotu arresting bf the crime happened
[1:28 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird it is called precompilation
[1:28 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo grins
[1:28 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: better than pree.. ok,. nm..
[1:28 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird the built in AI knows you gonna compile it anyway, so it just does before you make up your mind
[1:29 PM PT]  Jamie.Jordan :-)
[1:29 PM PT]  Lyr Lobo: afk a mo
[1:29 PM PT]  Jeff.Kelley shift time, goodbye everybody
[1:29 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal this is a fun watch
[1:29 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: ok, Jeff. Thanks for dropping by.
[1:30 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: It is about time to wrap up todays meeting. Any last minute items for today?
[1:30 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: about dotnet and mono...
[1:31 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: mono is ofc not needed.. but no problem if it is installed
[1:31 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird you are back
[1:31 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: ( this region machine has both )
[1:31 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I tried to start my compiled dotnet6 version of OS but it seems I missed copying a config file as it is trying to use sqlite3 and not MySQL.
[1:31 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: ahving mono also means you already have the needed libgdiplus
[1:31 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Are there any DB migrations in the dotnet6 branch?
[1:31 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird sqlite3 is the default
[1:32 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Gavin, I know but I don't use it.
[1:32 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: no, just some connectors where updated
[1:32 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird change StandaloneCommon.ini
[1:32 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird if it is a standalone that is
[1:32 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: confg files are the same
[1:32 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Ubit, ok. Good to know. I don't want it messing up my databases in a way that could prevent me from still running the master branch.
[1:32 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I copied all .ini files.
[1:33 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: i keep changing regions btw dotnet6 anbs master still
[1:33 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester I use the same db, so far nothings has blown up, the data is parsed the same way still
[1:33 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: my test regions here
[1:33 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I'd test with a db copy or a new db just to be sure
[1:34 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird unless you have good backup, which I am sure you have
[1:34 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: ofc i making more changes on dotnet branch now :)
[1:34 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: It keeps defaulting to sqlite3. I am using the same ini files I used with master branch.
[1:34 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: so eventually master will be behind on  features
[1:35 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: our default is sqlite since evere
[1:35 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: ever that i can remember, ofc .)
[1:35 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I don't understand why it is still trying to use sqlite3 when I copy my ini files from a standalone configured to use MySQL.
[1:35 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester dotnet OpenSim.dll -inidirectory=/home/username/whatever
[1:35 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester If you want to make sure it loads from the right folder
[1:36 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester OpenSim.ini you need to setup to point to the correct config include as well and make sure those are then present
[1:36 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I'll have to play around with this later. I need to get back to some other work shortly.
[1:37 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: search module did compile fine on net6 ?
[1:37 PM PT]  Cuga.Rajal I need to head out RL.. Take care :)
[1:37 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: I thought the ini file inclusions were relative not absolute. I'll have to have another look at them.
[1:37 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Ok, Cuga. Thanks for coming.
[1:37 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird TC
[1:37 PM PT]  Vincent.Sylvester They should be, you can make them absolute too if you want to be extra sure
[1:38 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: We have been going for an hour and a half. Time to wrap up todays gathering as I need to get going.
[1:38 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: in fact even the old dll may still work under dotnet6
[1:38 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Thank you all for coming. See you again next week.
[1:38 PM PT]  Jamie.Jordan have a great week
[1:38 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird I need to dash
[1:38 PM PT]  Andrew Hellershanks: Don't forget to keep any eye on the clock. 11am grid time. Whatever that is your local time.
[1:38 PM PT]  Gavin.Hird TC everyone
[1:38 PM PT]  Ubit Umarov: if it does not have features no longer supported, net6 does some net4 code
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