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[11:11] Arielle Popstar: so whats on the opensim agenda today?
[11:12] Andrew.Hellershanks Arielle, since when do we ever have an agenda? :)
[11:13] Arielle Popstar: we dont but sometimes there are individuals who do :p
[11:13] Leighton.Marjoram I wanted to ask about permission testing the 0.9 (heard on mals show that they need testing) I can hold a permissions party or something.
[11:13] Bill.Blight On the agenda for the day, create an agenda for creating agendas ..
[11:13] Andrew.Hellershanks I haven't been doing much related to OS this past week. I have fixed a few more issues with the OpenSimSearch and OpenSimProfile modules. That's been about it.
[11:14] Arielle Popstar: i was chatting to Ubit about permissions and he said that it is waiting on Mel because it is an area she prefers to deal with herself
[11:14] Andrew.Hellershanks Most of those issues where minor errors arising from switching the PHP code from mysql calls to PDO.
[11:15] Bill.Blight Ahh yes the joys of php7 conversion
[11:15] Leighton.Marjoram Ok Arielle
[11:16] Andrew.Hellershanks The perms testing still needs to be done. If bugs are found then Mel would be the one to apply the fixes.
[11:16] Isis.Ophelia raises hand for a tech novice question if I may?
[11:16] Andrew.Hellershanks Isis, go ahead
[11:16] Isis.Ophelia ty
[11:16] Marcus.Llewellyn I think anyone that wants to permissions testing can do so. One of the goals is to match the way they work in SL, so using LL's testing scripts are a good way to go. Just look for permissions ones at:
[11:16] Isis.Ophelia how possible is that one day it can be possible to have differen terrains in VARs?
[11:16] Marcus.Llewellyn If you see any discrepancies, just file a mantis.
[11:16] Andrew.Hellershanks Bill, yes. I have switched for phpxmlrpc based groups to core groups because I haven't completed the conversion of it to PHP7 and either mysqli or PDO calls
[11:16] Isis.Ophelia meaning for example a 2x2 and having each 256x256 with a different terrain
[11:17] Leighton.Marjoram thanks Marcus will check that out
[11:18] Selby.Evans Andrew, is there an OS or Dev calendar?
[11:18] Andrew.Hellershanks Isis, I haven't played much with terrains in vars. I don't know if the terrain upload/download is still restricted to sizes of 256x256 or not.
[11:19] Andrew.Hellershanks Isis, there are ways around any limitations on terrain. Nebadon has used sculpties for the terrain.
[11:19] Bill.Blight Isis you mean different terrain textures or different terrain heightmaps?
[11:19] Isis.Ophelia yes but not for RAW
[11:19] Marcus.Llewellyn Selby, if you mean something like a roadmap, there is not.
[11:19] Bill.Blight I upload huge var heightmaps with no issue with , just by allowing bigger packet size on the mysql ..
[11:19] Isis.Ophelia there are limitations in raws meaning the raw has to have the size of the var
[11:20] Bill.Blight I use .tif or .tga most of the time for my height maps, most of the time
[11:20] Selby.Evans I mean something like a Google calendar
[11:20] Isis.Ophelia but not possible to have different textures
[11:20] Bill.Blight Isis there is a variety of formats you can use from the console
[11:20] Arielle Popstar: i thought there was
[11:20] Isis.Ophelia sorry I dont mean the terrain I meant the texture
[11:20] Arielle Popstar: can load oars to specific areas, why not terrain
[11:20] Isis.Ophelia sorry I meant to texture different instead of the whole VAR
[11:20] Bill.Blight no textures apply to the whole region
[11:20] Andrew.Hellershanks Selby, if you are asking about a calendar that shows what is on the todo list and when it may be done, etc., then no there is no calendar.
[11:20] Bill.Blight regardless of the size of the region
[11:21] Isis.Ophelia I know Bill
[11:21] Isis.Ophelia that is why I am asking
[11:21] Marcus.Llewellyn Not that I'm aware of, Selby. This meeting is about the only regular event, and it's been at the same time for ages.
[11:21] Isis.Ophelia how possible is that it can be possible some day?
[11:21] Selby.Evans ok thanks Andrew -- Shawn was asking
[11:22] Andrew.Hellershanks osgrid has an events calendar on their website. I'm not sure if that is what someone was asking about earlier in terms of a calendar.
[11:22] Selby.Evans Thanks, Marcus
[11:22] Andrew.Hellershanks Selby, ok, np.
[11:22] Isis.Ophelia a 2x2 var 1/4 winter..... 1/4 beach etc *dreaming about it
[11:22] Bill.Blight Isis, I think that would have to be a joint effort with core devs and viewer devs, since the viewer would have to know how to load the different terrain textures on the same region
[11:22] Andrew.Hellershanks Back to perms testing for a moment, the issue is coordinating the testing efforts to minimize duplication.
[11:23] Isis.Ophelia ok thanks Bill
[11:23] paela argus: we use calendar only for events on osgrid but i can add the meeting core dev on it
[11:23] Leighton.Marjoram thats kind of why I asked
[11:23] Ubit Umarov: viewers assume a single terrain, and do bake it with the same set of textures
[11:23] Isis.Ophelia yes
[11:23] Arielle Popstar: if Misterblue comes in, he would be the one to ask as he is the one who brought in Vars
[11:23] Bill.Blight I have done what you are saying though Isis, with mesh terrain ..
[11:24] Ubit Umarov: that was a little advanges Megas did had, bc viewers did see 256m pseudo regions
[11:24] Arielle Popstar: yes
[11:24] Isis.Ophelia yes
[11:24] Andrew.Hellershanks There is some randomness to the terrain. Two viewers looking at the same region will see the ground slightly differently.
[11:24] Selby.Evans Maybe would be good to add the core dev meeting
[11:25] Isis.Ophelia Shawn can do add this meeting, its always same day and time
[11:25] Bill.Blight That may be the only advantage that Megas had over vars, IMHO .. :P
[11:25] Arielle Popstar: need a flexible mesh blanket that can be lain over the terrain :)
[11:25] Andrew.Hellershanks Isis, it is (mostly) until we deal with the two times of the year when the clocks change.
[11:25] Arielle Popstar: i liked megas
[11:25] Arielle Popstar: had them for years
[11:25] Andrew.Hellershanks Isis, still same grid time but different local time.
[11:25] Ubit Umarov: i killed megas :p
[11:26] Bill.Blight I had a love hate relationship with megas ..
[11:26] Isis.Ophelia ah is no problem the Google calendar adjusts the local times
[11:26] Arielle Popstar: i know
[11:26] Arielle Popstar: i forgave you :p
[11:26] Ubit Umarov: well did the actual kill.. not my decision alone .)
[11:26] Isis.Ophelia that is why most of us use the google calendars
[11:26] Bill.Blight Vars are much easier on the server
[11:26] paela argus: you can force google calendar on the unique time
[11:26] Arielle Popstar: not that much of a diff in my testing Bill
[11:27] Arielle Popstar: but they insisted megas were more of a hack then vars
[11:27] Bill.Blight Has not be my experience, but we all have different setups ..
[11:27] Arielle Popstar: very true
[11:27] Arielle Popstar: no matter, life goes on
[11:27] Andrew.Hellershanks Speaking of setups, is there anyone here using mono to run git master Robust? If so, which mono are you using?
[11:28] Bill.Blight yes
[11:28] Bill.Blight me
[11:28] Arielle Popstar: i am but dont know which mono
[11:28] Leighton.Marjoram I am
[11:28] Bill.Blight 3.2.8 on my robust
[11:28] Leighton.Marjoram just checking
[11:29] Andrew.Hellershanks I'm using git master Robust with mono 3.2.8 and running in to serious memory issues.
[11:29] Leighton.Marjoram 4.0.1
[11:29] paela argus: osgrid use mono mono 4.0.1
[11:29] Bill.Blight 4.2.1 on my region servers
[11:29] Bill.Blight Have you changed your nursery size?
[11:29] Andrew.Hellershanks 4.0? I think that was one of the safe things.
[11:30] Marcus.Llewellyn I'm pretty sure my robust instance is still back on mono 3.x... would have to check...
[11:30] Andrew.Hellershanks yes, I have nursery size of 64m.
[11:30] Marcus.Llewellyn Yup, 3.2.8
[11:30] Bill.Blight hmm
[11:30] Bill.Blight I have yet to have any memory overruns on my robust
[11:30] Bill.Blight I nice my robust to -13
[11:31] Marcus.Llewellyn And yes, I've seen what sure looks like a memory leak from the outside.
[11:31] Andrew.Hellershanks Robust will use up all the memory on the machine if I don't restart it almost daily.
[11:31] Arielle Popstar: how do i look for mono version from screen?
[11:31] Marcus.Llewellyn mono --version
[11:31] Bill.Blight Server has been running since Tuesday, 04/18/2017 15:47:34
[11:31] paela argus: or mono -V
[11:31] Bill.Blight not real long, rebooted to update
[11:31] Leighton.Marjoram I restart every 3-4 days
[11:32] Bill.Blight last week
[11:32] Bill.Blight oops
[11:32] Arielle Popstar: my last run was for 10 days
[11:32] Bill.Blight that was the wrong one
[11:32] Andrew.Hellershanks Marcus, ok. I haven't determined what is causing the problem. Ubit mentioned "force gc" so I will try that the next time it gets up in memory usage.
[11:32] Bill.Blight just updated my robust a day or so ago
[11:32] Marcus.Llewellyn Lemme do that now and see what happens.
[11:32] paela argus: osgrid restart all service 2 or 3 times per day for sure ( duplicated services )
[11:32] Andrew.Hellershanks I'd be lucky to go a couple days without restarting Robust
[11:32] Ubit Umarov: i mentioned it to test.. ( not even sure robust has it )
[11:33] Andrew.Hellershanks Ubit, it was a good thought.
[11:33] Marcus.Llewellyn Robust does have it.
[11:33] Ubit Umarov: ok
[11:33] Bill.Blight my last longest run was 17 days .. I don't see a mem leak
[11:33] Marcus.Llewellyn But so far, I'm not seeing a drop in memory.
[11:33] Andrew.Hellershanks I'm not even sure what it has in the way of Flotsam configuration.
[11:33] Andrew.Hellershanks if it uses that at all.
[11:33] Arielle Popstar: Mono JIT compiler version 4.2.1 (Debian
[11:33] Andrew.Hellershanks Marcus, Hm... no drop in memory use with force gc?
[11:34] Marcus.Llewellyn Does anyone still get a hung simulator when they do a shutdown under Mono 4.x?
[11:34] Arielle Popstar: not so far *knocks on wood*
[11:34] paela argus: after 4.5.. yes problem
[11:34] Leighton.Marjoram Not for a while
[11:34] Ubit Umarov: one needs to do it several times with a sec or so interval
[11:34] Marcus.Llewellyn But <4.5 is good?
[11:34] Bill.Blight I will get a hang, rarely , but it does still happen ..
[11:35] paela argus: with mono 4.5 opensim simulator never down
[11:35] Ubit Umarov: but is more a debug thing
[11:35] Ubit Umarov: and force gc even does not release everything unused in memory :(
[11:35] Andrew.Hellershanks I just verified for myself that Robust has force gc. It also has show stats which I will use to check memory use before and after force gc next time.
[11:36] Andrew.Hellershanks Marcus, didn't that hung simulator depend on which mono 4 was in use?
[11:36] Marcus.Llewellyn Okay, I just used force gc in robust four times. Memory usage actually went up. lol
[11:36] Ubit Umarov: lol
[11:37] Andrew.Hellershanks Marcus, I certainly don't want that. I've already been having Robust use up over 20G of RAM
[11:38] Andrew.Hellershanks :)
[11:38] paela argus: 20 gb ram :o
[11:38] Marcus.Llewellyn I have a teensy tiny grid, so I run my robust instance on an old machine with 2 gigs of memory. Robust is currently at about a gig, which seems way too much.
[11:38] Ubit Umarov: leave only 16G on box, that way it will not use 20 :p
[11:38] Bill.Blight LOL ubit
[11:39] Bill.Blight mine hovers right around 5ish gig
[11:39] paela argus: osgrid with a lot of services duplicated uses only 10 gb ram
[11:39] Bill.Blight after force gc it went down 300k lol
[11:40] Andrew.Hellershanks I'm doing multiple 'show stats' in Robust and each time it shows an increase in both Heap and Process memory.
[11:40] Arielle Popstar: there was a question earlier about whether it would ever be possible to have different terrain textures on Vars
[11:40] Andrew.Hellershanks Bill, btw, IIRC, mono 4.2 was a version to be avoided due to problems with it.
[11:41] Misterblue Waves: the problem with terrain textures is they are done in the viewer... you can set the four base textures but the splatted texture is built by the viewer
[11:41] Bill.Blight yes , but I have had no issues with this particular version ..
[11:41] paela argus: dev can work integrate scope id for robust ? ( its great if you want run more 1 server physical and login service inventory server etc ( similator of Sl config )
[11:42] Arielle Popstar: so it would need viewer modification?
[11:42] paela argus: no
[11:42] Andrew.Hellershanks Misterblue, I pointed out how two people looking at same land can see something slightly different
[11:42] Misterblue Waves: Arielle: yes
[11:43] Misterblue Waves: Andrew: that is true... the four images are joined depending on altitude and random numbers
[11:43] Bill.Blight It would need viewer modification, because the viewers pull a single baked texture for the terrain, not to mention the terrain texture tool in the viewer would have to be told about such a change
[11:43] Andrew.Hellershanks If the random numbers were to use the region uptime (for example), that would minimize, if not eliminate, that issue.
[11:44] Bill.Blight (single as in for the whole area, but in the four layers, + the heightmap)
[11:45] Arielle Popstar: can the terrain texture repeats be modified?
[11:45] Bill.Blight ^^
[11:45] Bill.Blight Now that would be cool
[11:45] Isis.Ophelia yes
[11:46] Andrew Hellershanks: In the time we have been talking about Robust memory usage Robust has gone from ProcessMemory usage of 3640.23 MB to 4030.684 MB
[11:46] Arielle Popstar: we talking too much?
[11:46] Bill.Blight Unused RAM is wasted RAM ... LOL :P
[11:46] Andrew Hellershanks: 360Meg in minutes
[11:46] Andrew Hellershanks: Bill, :)
[11:47] Andrew Hellershanks: Or that other axiom about programs grow to fill the available space.
[11:48] Andrew Hellershanks: I'll have to test Robust with different versions of mono.
[11:48] Marcus.Llewellyn von Neumann code ;)
[11:48] Bill.Blight Personally I never worry until the server gets over 75 - 80% ram usage ... Does not really seem to impact performance till then, and it never gets there ..
[11:48] Andrew Hellershanks: I have 2.10, 3.2, 4.2, 4.6, and 4.8 versions I can try
[11:49] Bill.Blight Now I did notice in my servers with less ram and swap space, the virt mem, seemed to fill up and never be freed .. ON my servers with a LOT of ram, I just turn off swap ..
[11:49] Andrew Hellershanks: Bill, I worry when it pushes memory usage to over 30G out of 32G installed memory.
[11:49] Bill.Blight umm yeah , that is an issuee
[11:49] Gavin.Hird Tiny feature request: Don't store the shutdown command on command line recall in Robust. If you overrun and hit return, it goes down!
[11:50] Bill.Blight HAHAH
[11:50] Bill.Blight flüstert: YES THAT
[11:50] Bill.Blight YES THAT
[11:50] Marcus.Llewellyn "Doctor, my elbow hurts when I do this!" "Well then don't do that."
[11:50] Bill.Blight been there done that too many times
[11:50] Andrew Hellershanks: Gaving, interesting but not a worry for me. Robust autorestarts.
[11:50] Gavin.Hird even so, it is freakingly annoying :-))
[11:51] Andrew Hellershanks: Gavin, what is it that overruns?
[11:51] Ubit Umarov: gc will not release mem if it "thinks" it is not needed
[11:51] Bill.Blight my robust autorestarts too .. but it is a pain when it happens on regions ...
[11:51] Bill.Blight LOL
[11:52] Gavin.Hird arrow key up - you think you have the right line, and NO - you have shutdown
[11:52] Andrew Hellershanks: oh. I haven't up-arrowed in the console of Robust or instances to notice that issue
[11:54] Arielle Popstar: wish you hadnt told this linux noob how to do that
[11:54] Arielle Popstar: kept trying Tab
[11:54] Andrew Hellershanks: hm... I'll have to build mono 4.0 to have an almost complete set of 4.x
[11:54] Bill.Blight set your max console history to 0 , problem solved ..
[11:55] Andrew Hellershanks: Nice simple solution to the problem. :)
[11:55] Arielle Popstar: oh i cant do that now that i know but i am sure there will be mistakes
[11:55] Gavin.Hird that defeats the purpose of having console history
[11:55] Bill.Blight LOL
[11:55] Bill.Blight sarcasm does not type well ..
[11:55] Leighton.Marjoram lol
[11:55] Gavin.Hird it is never a good idea to store destructive commands on recall
[11:55] Arielle Popstar: need a good smilie for that
[11:55] Andrew Hellershanks: Gavin, true. In my case I don't use it so I wouldn't miss it.
[11:56] Bill.Blight shutdown is nothing, try having a previous load oar command there after making a bunch of changes
[11:56] Arielle Popstar: lolz
[11:56] Leighton.Marjoram ouch @ Bill
[11:56] Gavin.Hird :-)
[11:56] Bill.Blight or load terrain
[11:56] Bill.Blight been there done that
[11:57] Bill.Blight maybe confirmations on destructive commands might be a solution
[11:58] Gavin.Hird but that gets annoying at times
[11:58] Bill.Blight well confirmations but with a switch to bypass them, when used via command script or injected command
[11:59] Ubit Umarov: hmm gavin it was you who said on a blog that opensim does not suport Bento ?
[11:59] Gavin.Hird KISS - simply don't store destructive command on recall
[11:59] Gavin.Hird I did
[11:59] Ubit Umarov: what suport is missing ?
[12:00] Gavin.Hird I have not had time to figure it out yet
[12:00] Marcus.Llewellyn I've been unclear on whether we support bento or not for a while now.
[12:00] Gavin.Hird the last time I tried my uploaded mesh was very twwisted when rigged
[12:00] Leighton.Marjoram Yes please to Bento support
[12:00] Andrew Hellershanks: AFAIK, we don't support bento.
[12:00] Ubit Umarov: i do see several bento features work
[12:00] Andrew Hellershanks: ok, not fully support it.
[12:00] Gavin.Hird they all need to work
[12:01] Ubit Umarov: well what is missing?
[12:01] Bill.Blight the extended skeleton points are what is missing I think right?
[12:01] Gavin.Hird anyway, time allowing, I'll integrate the bento code into the KokuaOS viewer over the next month
[12:01] Gavin.Hird will know more then
[12:01] Bill.Blight I love me some Kokua
[12:01] Ubit Umarov: sheera have your bento avatar?
[12:01] Andrew Hellershanks: I seem to remember that one of the sample Bento avatars from SL didn't upload properly to OS.
[12:01] Leighton.Marjoram <jumping up and down clapping my hands>
[12:02] Ubit Umarov: its not on OS its also on SL lol
[12:02] Gavin.Hird they did not upload properly, no
[12:02] Marcus.Llewellyn I think Firestorm is the only viewer with opensim support that also has bento in it right now.
[12:02] Ubit Umarov: FS fails to upload the angel anywhere
[12:02] Leighton.Marjoram I use Firestorm with my Bento avatar in SL
[12:02] Isis.Ophelia Alchemy too
[12:02] Gavin.Hird Kokua for SL have Bento
[12:03] Gavin.Hird not the opensim version
[12:03] Ubit Umarov: think on a meeting sheera showed a bento avatar
[12:03] Bill.Blight Is it the fact that the skeleton, for the rigging, is missing connect point solutions in the opensim code?
[12:03] Isis.Ophelia hmm
[12:03] Bill.Blight for the extended skeleton
[12:03] Ubit Umarov: and i showed wings :)
[12:03] Marcus.Llewellyn Does bento have new attachment points? I'll bet it does.
[12:04] Ubit Umarov: so MB you should test before telling opensim suports or not some feature Gavin ?
[12:04] Gavin.Hird it's got a lot
[12:04] Andrew Hellershanks: Marcus, yes it does
[12:04] Bill.Blight it has more, bones, but not sure about connection points
[12:04] Gavin.Hird and all cannot be loaded at the same time
[12:04] Gavin.Hird it has also some 130 bones
[12:04] Gavin.Hird vs 52 in the current version
[12:04] Marcus.Llewellyn That's including bones used for physics and deformation?
[12:04] Ubit Umarov: Bento is 99% viewer side only
[12:04] Ubit Umarov: i don't know about the 1% so far
[12:05] Andrew Hellershanks: I don't remember who was showing off the dragon avatar. The problem with that is making sure you have a viewer that supports Bento or you see strange things.
[12:05] Gavin.Hird Mostly viewer side, but LL had I don't know how many server deploys before getting it working
[12:05] Ubit Umarov: very strange things :)
[12:05] Bill.Blight but if the viewer does not have a bone to talk to, to be mapped in world, things blow up. The world still has to be aware of those bones .. right?
[12:05] Gavin.Hird so, there is a server side to it to be sorted too
[12:06] Ubit Umarov: i don't know about ll server issues gavin
[12:06] Arielle Popstar: maybe avastar has some documentation on it?
[12:06] Gavin.Hird the 130 bones or so can be animated, where a large number animates the face
[12:06] Marcus.Llewellyn Is this perhaps more of a libomv thing than an OpenSim thing?
[12:06] Bill.Blight for instance the hand currently has one maybe two bones but has many more in bento
[12:07] Gavin.Hird most of the facial animations that currently is done with morph targets, can be done with animated bones
[12:07] Ubit Umarov: i dont have or like bento avas.. so can't test
[12:07] Gavin.Hird same for the hands of course
[12:07] Isis.Ophelia I know that digiworldz said bento is possible now but only with a viewer that supports it, so there is a server part
[12:07] Marcus.Llewellyn The old rig has mNeck, mHead, and mSkull.
[12:07] Ubit Umarov: but what i see about bento is viewer side
[12:07] Andrew Hellershanks: I don't have Bento avatars but I did see a page where I could download them from an SL page. I don't remember where that page was located.
[12:07] Gavin.Hird Try FS and see how it works
[12:07] Ubit Umarov: btw we do suport the new attach points, i think
[12:08] Sheera.Khan Ubit, I can send you the avatar my sister from our testgrid has...
[12:08] Andrew Hellershanks: IIRC, Singularity doesn't support Bento. Firestorm does.
[12:08] Leighton.Marjoram
[12:08] Bill.Blight I think the attach points are only part of it, without bones to move, a mesh rigging , does not know how to move , right?
[12:08] Gavin.Hird I bet the complications that are server side has to do with facial animations
[12:08] Ubit Umarov: see my tail? lol
[12:08] Gavin.Hird no
[12:08] Andrew Hellershanks: I see a red box at the end of your left hand
[12:08] Gavin.Hird I see a box
[12:08] Leighton.Marjoram the square prim
[12:08] Ubit Umarov: u need fs 5.0
[12:09] Bill.Blight I see a box attached where a tail should be
[12:09] Isis.Ophelia I am in Singu. this one is blind
[12:09] Gavin.Hird probalby attached to pelvis
[12:09] Bill.Blight so yeah it is in the right spot
[12:09] Andrew Hellershanks: That's the type of thing that happens with Bento avatars if you don't have a Bento enabled viewer
[12:09] Misterblue Waves: I have FS5..0 and I see a red box also
[12:09] Ubit Umarov: ppl without fs see it on odd place
[12:09] Andrew Hellershanks: IIRC, the version of Firestorm I have is Bento enabled but i'm currently running Sing.
[12:09] Misterblue Waves: FS ... do I need to turn something one?
[12:09] Misterblue Waves: on
[12:09] Bill.Blight It is you Ubit, people are accustomed to ODD ... LOL
[12:10] Ubit Umarov: see my wings?
[12:10] Leighton.Marjoram yep
[12:10] Isis.Ophelia in SL with singu I saw looooong arms and hands and faces only floating eyes lol
[12:10] Bill.Blight I see them attached correctly
[12:10] Gavin.Hird I see two planks
[12:10] Andrew Hellershanks: no. Two things by your feet
[12:10] Marcus.Llewellyn Looks correct here.
[12:10] Ubit Umarov: have imagination.. this are wings :p
[12:10] Bill.Blight same here, right spots
[12:10] Gavin.Hird hehe
[12:10] Andrew Hellershanks: What viewer are you on Marcus?
[12:10] Isis.Ophelia he is wearing 3 boxes one is red
[12:10] Arielle Popstar: i see wooden wings
[12:11] Bill.Blight I don't think attachment points are the issues, I think bones are, but I may be way off base
[12:11] Arielle Popstar: with orange box below
[12:11] Leighton.Marjoram are they using Bento bone/attachment points
[12:11] Ubit Umarov: opensim does not know about bones.. its viewer only
[12:11] Gavin.Hird attachment point are also an issue as there are 3 x more of them
[12:11] Gavin.Hird but the rigging is the main issue
[12:11] Arielle Popstar: FS
[12:11] Isis.Ophelia any of you is on FS now? you should see him or?
[12:11] Arielle Popstar: i see wooden wings
[12:11] Bill.Blight Yeah I see him fine
[12:12] Isis.Ophelia ah ok
[12:12] Ubit Umarov: that is the issue with bento
[12:12] Bill.Blight should have taken a pic for those not able to see
[12:12] Leighton.Marjoram I can see them and this is the viewer (Firestorm I use with my SL Bento avatar
[12:12] Ubit Umarov: viewers that are nice to opensim do not suport it
[12:12] Arielle Popstar: what was it supposed to look like then?
[12:12] Ubit Umarov: so ppl see odd things ( and ugly )
[12:13] Andrew Hellershanks: yup
[12:13] Arielle Popstar: put them back on and i will take a pic
[12:13] Ubit Umarov: SL can force viewers updates and ban older.. we can't
[12:13] Isis.Ophelia please
[12:13] Ubit Umarov: sheera have your bento avatar ?
[12:14] Andrew Hellershanks: isis, please what?
[12:14] Isis.Ophelia Ubit to wear his wings again
[12:14] Isis.Ophelia so Arielle can make picture
[12:14] Sheera.Khan Ubit, yes I have the avatar but on my sissies account
[12:15] Sheera.Khan and our testgrid is down bc of what looks like a compiling issue with latest sources :-(
[12:15] Andrew Hellershanks: Sheera, what sort of compilation issue?
[12:15] Isis.Ophelia haha I see them but I dont see they on the right position
[12:15] Sheera.Khan I'll send it to you asap
[12:16] Isis.Ophelia they are boxes thought they are real wings hehe
[12:16] Andrew Hellershanks: That box shows what I see
[12:16] Ubit Umarov: can u see ?
[12:16] Arielle Popstar: could use some texturing
[12:16] Isis.Ophelia oh Andrew you see it right
[12:16] Arielle Popstar: but i dont see whats different about them then wings i already have
[12:16] Sheera.Khan our testgrid automatically gets the daily sources, compiles them and restarts the grid
[12:16] Andrew Hellershanks: I see the wings down by the feet
[12:16] Gavin.Hird I see them rotated 90 deg in 2 directions, so they stick out of his side
[12:17] Isis.Ophelia ah ok that board picture comes from Ubit
[12:17] Andrew Hellershanks: Sheera, ok. Good thing its just a test grid.
[12:17] Isis.Ophelia I see them hanging sidewards from his chest
[12:17] Sheera.Khan the compiler has choked on the sources for some days and the one responsible for the grid is very busy right now :-(
[12:17] Arielle Popstar: i see it the way they are in the pic
[12:17] Andrew Hellershanks: I can't think why there would be any compile issues.
[12:17] Andrew Hellershanks: Sheera, you building under Linux or Windows?
[12:18] Sheera.Khan I don't have any access to the machine so I can't tell what the problem is :-/
[12:18] paela argus: normally with bento you can create a entire avatar mesh with only 1 mesh winks work tail work with physical animation etc
[12:18] Ubit Umarov: yes.. new attach points on older viewers give odd locations
[12:18] Sheera.Khan it's Linux for sure though
[12:18] Ubit Umarov: can i remove the prim and let andrew see you? :)
[12:18] Arielle Popstar: but get odd locations between singularity and FS too
[12:19] Andrew Hellershanks: Sheera, ok
[12:19] Isis.Ophelia lol Ubit
[12:19] Arielle Popstar: FS has more attachment points even in pre bento
[12:19] Andrew Hellershanks: OS has a more flexible way of storing data about attachments than it used to have so it can easily handle additional points.
[12:20] Andrew Hellershanks: Sheera, I just pulled and built latest git master.
[12:20] Arielle Popstar: i am getting all laggy again
[12:21] Andrew Hellershanks: Arielle, don't say that. Ubit will have us looking for a new meeting location again.
[12:21] Ubit Umarov: you just liked to have pretty wings and tail as me arielle :)
[12:21] Sheera.Khan I just sent a request for the logs but I don't know when I'll get them...
[12:21] Arielle Popstar: him and i were here earlier and i had same issue
[12:21] Arielle Popstar: hehe
[12:22] Arielle Popstar: oh the orange box was a tail
[12:22] Andrew Hellershanks: oh, I do remember that I had been working on updating the email sending portion of Open Sim but it needs more testing.
[12:22] Arielle Popstar: didnt realize
[12:22] Andrew Hellershanks: I think it works. It may be an issue of certificates.
[12:22] Ubit Umarov: :)
[12:23] Andrew Hellershanks: oh. Someone has been playing with the currency in this grid. I have money. :)
[12:23] Sheera.Khan yayyy, -1 OS$^^
[12:24] Andrew Hellershanks wonders how he can cash it out to RL money. :)
[12:24] Isis.Ophelia I am broken -1
[12:24] Sheera.Khan I'm in debt here already^^
[12:24] Andrew Hellershanks: I've got $15,000
[12:24] Arielle Popstar: i see 15K too
[12:24] Isis.Ophelia wow Andrew
[12:24] paela argus: yup i have test
[12:24] Andrew Hellershanks: interesting. I've not seen a negative currency balance before.
[12:24] paela argus: but next day is removed
[12:24] Andrew Hellershanks: Easy come, easy go. :P
[12:25] Isis.Ophelia lol
[12:25] Sheera.Khan ahhh, I had to click on the display, now I've got 15k too
[12:25] Arielle Popstar: pay the cashier before you leave Isis :)
[12:25] Isis.Ophelia will do... tip for Andrew haha
[12:25] Andrew Hellershanks: Time to end todays meeting. I need to get going.
[12:25] Isis.Ophelia a minus balance is not much
[12:25] Isis.Ophelia thanks, was a good meeting
[12:25] Andrew Hellershanks: Isis, I'm still thinking of setting up a Patreon account so people can support my work on OpenSource projects.
[12:26] Sheera.Khan I tried to pay an amount to Andrew but it didn't work out :-(
[12:26] Andrew Hellershanks: Glad you found it interesting, Isis.
[12:26] Isis.Ophelia go ahead :) I will support as much as possible
[12:26] Arielle Popstar: a paypal account to e-mail works

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