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[11:00] Andrew.Hellershanks Hm... Are most people doing RL things today for Valentines Day?
[11:01] Selby.Evans I would not think so -- just the teens
[11:05] George Equus: Couple of us awake then  :)
[11:06] Simulator Version v0.5 ruft: OpenSim Dev 07c3962: 2017-02-02 15:34:20 +0000 (Unix/Mono)
[11:07] James.atLLOUD no valentines plans here in the midwest US.
[11:08] Selby.Evans Kayaker is online -- he may come.
[11:08] George Equus: Not that keen on it myself, mostly a comercial invention anyway
[11:09] James.atLLOUD yes - very much so
[11:10] Andrew.Hellershanks You don't have to get involved in the commercial side of it. It can be just a day to tell people you know that you care about them.
[11:10] Andrew.Hellershanks I sent a couple of friends of mine an eCard to say I was thinking about them.
[11:11] James.atLLOUD and buy candy! lol
[11:14] James.atLLOUD Andrew, can you explain the work Melanie did on 02feb - what does a merge branch do?
[11:15] Andrew.Hellershanks I'm not an expert on git. My understanding is that it marks a point where code that was on some other branch in the repository is merge in to the master branch.
[11:17] Andrew.Hellershanks I don't know what issues were addressed by some of the specific changes that came in as part of the merge.
[11:18] James.atLLOUD OK. It is a pre-cursor to release in a way?
[11:19] Andrew.Hellershanks No. Just more code changes being applied to the master branch.
[11:20] James.atLLOUD Ok, thank you.
[11:20] Andrew.Hellershanks A common way to develop code that could introduce issues or instabilities to code while it is in development is to work on the changes using a branch separate from the main code that people usually pull.
[11:21] Andrew.Hellershanks The code changes can be made without affecting any of the code in the main branch. Once the changes are ready they can be merged in to the main (master) branch of code.
[11:22] Andrew.Hellershanks Hello, Kayaker
[11:22] Kayaker.Magic Hello! I made it.
[11:22] Selby.Evans Infinite Metaverse- advanced info. Go to You can send inquiry to
[11:22] Selby.Evans questions left over from last meeting: The Dev meeting 2/7 had some questions that you can answer:

1. When I put an object into my Suitcase in Kitely, does Kitely add it to a file that travels with me, or does Kitely simply make a note that is used to fetch the item if I rez it on another grid?

When a HGing avatar enters a sim and opens his or her inventory the sim proxies the connection between the viewer and the grid of origin. The gird of origin only provides access to inventory commands inside the My Suitcase folder

2. Regarding items on Kitely market that are not exportable by either test, will Kitely market nevertheless deliver them to another grid?

Kitely Market doesn't deliver non exportable items to other grids.

3. Is the flag that Kitely Market puts on exportable items different from the bit used by Open Simulator to mark items exportable?

Kitely doesn't use the export flag that OpenSim uses. The data it uses for tracking exportability is managed outside OpenSim.

[11:23] Andrew.Hellershanks Selby, Is Infinite Metaverse yet another grid starting up?
[11:24] Kayaker.Magic I mentioned last week that I would like to learn how this inventory/HG transfer stuff worked, so I could draw pictures and write it up. (Someone said "That sounds like documentation!")
[11:24] Selby.Evans It will have grid(s) but it is an organization
[11:26] Andrew.Hellershanks Selby, Care to elaborate on the purpose of the organization for those who may read these meeting notes after this meeting is over?
[11:27] Selby.Evans It is an organization forming to help organize developments in OpenSource virtual worlds --
[11:28] Selby.Evans Just forming, so detail planning not done yet
[11:29] Selby.Evans Will be offering a public website any day now.
[11:30] Andrew.Hellershanks Selby, ok. Thank you.
[11:31] Selby.Evans yw
[11:31] Andrew.Hellershanks I was just having a look at the page and it seems they are working on code changes to OpenSim. The main thing mentioned is using Halcyon and PhysX for physics.
[11:32] Selby.Evans That may be the first thing they have funding for
[11:32] Andrew.Hellershanks I'll have to read more later to see what are their long term goals and whether they are planning to provide code changes back to the main Open Simulator project.
[11:33] George Equus: Hi Kayaker
[11:34] Selby.Evans I think they intend to work with Open Simulator and any other projects
[11:34] Andrew.Hellershanks good
[11:35] Andrew.Hellershanks Thank you for the answers to the questions raised last week about Kitely and Kitely marketplace.
[11:35] Selby.Evans yw
[11:35] Kayaker.Magic I'm sorry I missed the Kitely meeting this weekend! I had an RL event to go to....
[11:36] Andrew.Hellershanks I will consider selling items in Kitely marketplace now that I know that the marketplace export flag is not the same as the export flag on an item that is set via a viewer.
[11:38] Selby.Evans And they don't ship to any place but Kitely unless their export flag is set
[11:41] Andrew.Hellershanks That part I understood. Now those who read these meeting notes will have a clearer understanding of the export flag as used in Kitely marketplace.
[11:42] George Equus: Thank you Selby, good info
[11:42] Selby.Evans glad to help
[11:44] Andrew Hellershanks: I was about to ask if anyone has any other topics for todays meeting but I see that two other people are in the middle of typing something.
[11:44] Selby.Evans I am also working on plans to set up an operational web-world
[11:44] Kayaker.Magic I want to have a long conversation with Diva about what happens when to whom on HG teleports and giving inventory to other avatars and rezzing inventory on regions.
[11:44] Kayaker.Magic Is IRQ the place to get in contact with her?
[11:45] George Equus considering a small info poster regarding Export from Kitely Market...
[11:45] Andrew Hellershanks: Kayaker, I was going to suggest you try to contact her via IRC.
[11:45] James atLLOUD: wondering... Does the kitely export control translate into something opensim after delivery? Or are perms set by the creator and Kitely's proprietary system is no longer at play?
[11:45] Kayaker.Magic I'll write down what I learn, draw nice pictures, publish it somewhare, see if it can fit into the OpenSim Wiki.
[11:46] Selby.Evans Web-worlds are not directly derived from opensim, but could attract new people into it.
[11:46] Andrew Hellershanks: Kayaker, You could check her website for an email address. I haven't any activity from her on the IRC channel for a while.
[11:47] Kayaker.Magic What's her WEB URL?
[11:47] Andrew Hellershanks: Kayaker, ooh, documentation? That would be very good if you can write down what you learn for others to see.
[11:47] Selby.Evans James-- I am pretty sure perms are set by creator
[11:48] Andrew Hellershanks: Have a look at ->
[11:49] Selby.Evans her is my recent article about web worlds:
[11:50] Selby.Evans it has links to the active web world that I am working with
[11:50] Andrew Hellershanks: James, the information provided by Selby is that the Export setting in Kitely marketplace is completely separate from the Export setting you see inworld on an item.
[11:51] James atLLOUD: Ok - thank you.
[11:51] Kayaker.Magic Thanks Andrew, I'll send her an email and see if I can set up an "interview"
[11:51] Andrew Hellershanks: Kayaker, ok. Good luck. OpenSim can always use more documentation.
[11:53] Andrew Hellershanks: Selby, are you calling it web-world because it is accessible via a web browser? Is it an interface to an OS based grid?
[11:54] Selby.Evans Web-worlds are accessed in a browser -- Using html5 and webGL
[11:55] Selby.Evans There is no way of direct access to OS grid
[11:56] Andrew Hellershanks: I was asking as there has been talk of web based viewers for OpenSim and wondered it that was part of the web world.
[11:56] Selby.Evans and the web-worlds are very limited -- we will not like them -- But the people still on the flat web can see what we do
[11:58] Selby.Evans web based viewers can import collada -- so we could import our simple builds to them
[11:59] Selby.Evans But all the scripting has to be redone in Javascript
[11:59] Andrew Hellershanks: ok. I tend to use Collada for builds that are not simple. :)
[12:00] Selby.Evans The builds for web worlds need to be simple -- all the objects load one at a time. and browsers have limited memory
[12:01] Andrew Hellershanks: Right.
[12:01] Selby.Evans But we can meet people and talk (in voice) with them
[12:02] Selby.Evans We can put several webworlds on the same web page -- along with videos and live streaming
[12:03] Kayaker.Magic Hmm, might be interesting to try to import a few things for a WIP in WebWorlds.
[12:03] Selby.Evans and we can walk people into getting a viewer installed on their machines.
[12:04] Selby.Evans Yes -- kayaker -- and we could stream a lot more when we got them interested
[12:05] Andrew Hellershanks: Letting others write scripts in JS will be something that needs to be allowed with some care to avoid people writing nasty JS code.
[12:06] Kayaker.Magic That is how HiFi works: JS is the language of the future virtual worlds.
[12:06] Selby.Evans The pitch is: only a sample here but we can show you some real virtual worlds.
[12:06] Andrew Hellershanks: I try and avoid using JS as much as possible. :)
[12:07] Andrew Hellershanks: Sounds like an interesting project. Hope it goes well.
[12:07] Selby.Evans Yes, Andrew -- Scripts written in JS might be easier to transfer

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