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[11:05]  Dahlia.Trimble is Online
[11:05]  BlueWall.Slade is Online
[11:05]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[11:05]  Connected
[11:06]  BlueWall.Slade is Online
[11:06]  Michael Cerquoni is Online
[11:06]  Jak Daniels is Online
[11:06]  BlueWall.Slade Hey everybody
[11:06]  Nebadon.Izumi hello
[11:06]  Nebadon.Izumi server froze up
[11:06]  Nebadon.Izumi i had to log into the iDrac and reboot it
[11:07]  BlueWall.Slade lol
[11:07]  Richardus.Raymaker hi
[11:07]  Nebadon.Izumi probably had not been rebooted in over a year
[11:07]  Richardus.Raymaker gi robert
[11:07]  BlueWall.Slade I hate when remote servers go on the fritz.
[11:07]  Nebadon.Izumi ya luckily was easy
[11:07]  Nebadon.Izumi nice to have a KVM built in
[11:07]  Nebadon.Izumi hehe
[11:07]  Shez.Oyen ohhhhhh, nice new chairs :)
[11:07]  BlueWall.Slade ohhh yeah, sweet
[11:08]  Nebadon.Izumi Justin can't make it today he said
[11:08]  Arielle.Popstar this seat might be a bit off
[11:09]  Robert.Adams you are all tuened around, arielle
[11:09]  Nebadon.Izumi try standing and sitting again Arielle
[11:09]  Nebadon.Izumi might have selected a different peice
[11:09]  Richardus.Raymaker aha, well its nice to have finaly smooth flying in opensim with 0.8.1. only keyframemotion is not smooth. especially compared to sl
[11:09]  Nebadon.Izumi probably wanst fully rezzed yet
[11:09]  Arielle.Popstar ahh there
[11:09]  BlueWall.Slade Arielle is twisted
[11:09]  Richardus.Raymaker hi arielle
[11:09]  Arielle.Popstar hi hi
[11:09]  Arielle.Popstar i am twisted
[11:09]  Richardus.Raymaker keyframemotion looks a bit yerky on my var
[11:09]  Arielle.Popstar according to the rumours :)
[11:09]  Robert.Adams has anyone seen the bounty for llLookAt and llMoveToTarget (speaking of smoothness)
[11:09]  Aine.Caoimhe full of unknown users...this should make it fun
[11:10]  Dahlia.Trimble is Online
[11:10]  Nebadon.Izumi really?
[11:10]  BlueWall.Slade I did see it
[11:10]  Nebadon.Izumi clear you cache and relog
[11:10]  Shez.Oyen lol.. geeks anonymous
[11:10]  Richardus.Raymaker mhy you want to use that, except it accepts coordinates. still love keyframemotion more
[11:10]  Nebadon.Izumi i see everyones name
[11:10]  Richardus.Raymaker thats doing pretty the same
[11:10]  Dahlia.Trimble hi
[11:10]  Aine.Caoimhe the only 2 names I see are Arielle and Bluewall
[11:10]  Nebadon.Izumi he
[11:10]  Nebadon.Izumi hello dahlia :)
[11:10]  BlueWall.Slade Justin said those didn't really effect vehicles - was that right?
[11:10]  Aine.Caoimhe everyone else is showing Unknown SuerUMMTGUN9
[11:10]  Robert.Adams the G+ OpenSim group has collected $2K to pay for getting the functions working properly
[11:10]  Richardus.Raymaker except keyframemotion is not moving smooth
[11:11]  Shez.Oyen I see everyones name.. maybe it's lag
[11:11]  Nebadon.Izumi nice
[11:11]  Richardus.Raymaker names ? thats something i never see because its disabled to have a nice world
[11:11]  Arielle.Popstar didnt Dahlia sort it?
[11:11]  BlueWall.Slade I saw Dahlia touched one of those a day or so ago.
[11:11]  Nebadon.Izumi ya I thought i saw that too
[11:11]  Nebadon.Izumi you going after the bounty Dahlia?
[11:11]  Arielle.Popstar she's a bounty hunter ;)
[11:11]  Dahlia.Trimble lol
[11:11]  BlueWall.Slade Hahah
[11:12]  Dahlia.Trimble well maybe :)
[11:12]  Nebadon.Izumi nice
[11:12]  Nebadon.Izumi that is great
[11:12]  Nebadon.Izumi i hope you get it :)
[11:12]  BlueWall.Slade go for it. you should get paid something
[11:12]  Dahlia.Trimble I have a few more changes related to it coming tho
[11:12]  vegaslon.plutonian yep lllookat does not play nice with llmovetotarget still
[11:13]  Dahlia.Trimble it should when I finish
[11:13]  Arielle.Popstar was it something that used to work or just never fully implem,ented?
[11:13]  BlueWall.Slade :)
[11:13]  Richardus.Raymaker note: make it very cxlear with 0.8.1 relkease that the some config files need to be updated.. or you betetr place a bed next to the pc :)
[11:13]  vegaslon.plutonian also will need to fix it so llmovetotarget works on avatars that are standing
[11:14]  Dahlia.Trimble I dont know if it ever worked, Ive never used either. I use different functions for that kind of thing
[11:14]  Nebadon.Izumi Richardus technically on every release you should reallly update your configs
[11:14]  Robert.Adams what Richardus said!! Can't use your old INI files with the new release
[11:14]  Nebadon.Izumi tahts pretty standard
[11:14]  BlueWall.Slade I think I used it in soem scripts a long time ago and it was ok
[11:14]  Nebadon.Izumi but i admit i got bit too
[11:14]  Nebadon.Izumi had to ask for help lol
[11:14]  BlueWall.Slade or either I did something to compensate for the wonky parts
[11:14]  Richardus.Raymaker i compared mine, but where not complete awake :O so the tiny change escaped my mind.
[11:15]  Nebadon.Izumi i made the mistake of carrying over grid.ini and gridhypergrid.ini
[11:15]  Nebadon.Izumi bad mistake
[11:15]  Nebadon.Izumi never do that
[11:15]  BlueWall.Slade The last I remember trying to use it, the event syste wa too slow to service it in time
[11:15]  Richardus.Raymaker yup. needed to copy to parts over from new to old to
[11:15]  Nebadon.Izumi I was asking for trouble
[11:15]  Richardus.Raymaker just want to say thats going to give lots of prob;em
[11:15]  Nebadon.Izumi I havent heard much complaining yet
[11:16]  Nebadon.Izumi only 1 or 2 other people besides myself so far
[11:16]  Richardus.Raymaker wait untilk the release :O
[11:16]  Richardus.Raymaker i test the rc1 on 2 var regions
[11:16]  Richardus.Raymaker except keyframemotion,. im pretty happy sofar.
[11:16]  Nebadon.Izumi yea, its bound to happen now and then, we just have to roll with it, make sure people know about it
[11:16]  BlueWall.Slade when did the configs change?
[11:17]  Nebadon.Izumi some stuff diva did
[11:17]  Aine.Caoimhe it's the "make sure peopel know about it" part that's important
[11:17]  Nebadon.Izumi for loading modules or something
[11:17]  BlueWall.Slade a week ago?
[11:17]  Nebadon.Izumi nah bit more than that
[11:17]  BlueWall.Slade ohhh, all that, yes
[11:17]  Richardus.Raymaker yes, thats what i mean. in the release notes just make it clear
[11:17]  Nebadon.Izumi ok well when we get close to release be sure to remind Justin
[11:17]  Richardus.Raymaker i think 2 months ago bluewall. i remember soemthing.
[11:17]  BlueWall.Slade yeah, fun, fun, fun.
[11:18]  BlueWall.Slade when she setup thngs for the mono-addins modules in OpenSim.exe
[11:18]  Nebadon.Izumi ya those darn Encitra people, always breakin stuff
[11:18]  Nebadon.Izumi lol
[11:18]  BlueWall.Slade haha - on the move
[11:19]  Nebadon.Izumi Just wait until Diva is on her Sebatical
[11:19]  Nebadon.Izumi that will be fun :)
[11:19]  BlueWall.Slade she was talking about putting the inventory all in Robust - making some caps on the server to secure it.
[11:19]  BlueWall.Slade That will be nice to have that.
[11:20]  Nebadon.Izumi yea we have a lot of plans for some really cool stuff
[11:20]  Nebadon.Izumi very excited to see where OnLook viewer goes
[11:20]  BlueWall.Slade yes
[11:20]  Richardus.Raymaker is the new robust file storage easy to use ? maby like to try that when i setup own mini grid again
[11:20]  Nebadon.Izumi it should be, I havent seen it yet, soon though
[11:21]  Richardus.Raymaker i hope you can configure the storage path or how it works
[11:21]  Nebadon.Izumi we are still transfering files
[11:21]  Nebadon.Izumi you can
[11:21]  Nebadon.Izumi its very similar to SRAS
[11:21]  Richardus.Raymaker for you :)) never used sras
[11:21]  Nebadon.Izumi it will be fully configurable
[11:21]  Dahlia.Trimble did Melania install her asset code in osgrid?
[11:21]  Richardus.Raymaker i think it can be faster on ssd then mysql
[11:21]  Nebadon.Izumi not yet
[11:22]  Arielle.Popstar (everyone see everyone else with hair? )
[11:22]  Nebadon.Izumi we are still rsyncing the data from the recovery drive
[11:22]  Nebadon.Izumi I think we are about 30-35% complete
[11:22]  Nebadon.Izumi its rsyncing from plaza09, the Lbsa server
[11:22]  BlueWall.Slade did you get past the usb driver failures?
[11:22]  Richardus.Raymaker only arielle dont have hair
[11:22]  Nebadon.Izumi to pollux, our new primary asset server
[11:22]  Dahlia.Trimble resyncing into sras?
[11:23]  Nebadon.Izumi and as its rsyncing its simultaneously cloning the data to castor, the backup server
[11:23]  Nebadon.Izumi no sras is done
[11:23]  Nebadon.Izumi the database has been converted for new asset services
[11:23]  Nebadon.Izumi fsassets
[11:23]  BlueWall.Slade just the files
[11:23]  Nebadon.Izumi ya the blobs will remain unchanged
[11:23]  Nebadon.Izumi sras and fsassets basically use the same structure
[11:23]  Dahlia.Trimble oh Ive not tried fsassets
[11:24]  Nebadon.Izumi ya its not in core yet, soon though
[11:24]  BlueWall.Slade it's not here yet.
[11:24]  Nebadon.Izumi we want to test it first
[11:24]  Nebadon.Izumi make sure its working
[11:24]  Nebadon.Izumi then it will hit core
[11:24]  Dahlia.Trimble thats melanie's thing?
[11:24]  Nebadon.Izumi yes
[11:24]  Richardus.Raymaker sras is looking for uuid in the mysql database and then loading the file , sounds faster then digging into a a hugh mysql database
[11:24]  Nebadon.Izumi sras worked wonderfully
[11:24]  Richardus.Raymaker so 0.8.1 donbt have it into core
[11:25]  BlueWall.Slade I would think that experts writing MySQL spend a great deal of time optimizing the code for speed.
[11:25]  Nebadon.Izumi for the entire time prior to the raid failure
[11:25]  BlueWall.Slade I think it would be hard to beat.
[11:25]  Nebadon.Izumi SRAS2 never had to be restarted even once
[11:26]  Nebadon.Izumi sras1 different story
[11:26]  Nebadon.Izumi lol
[11:26]  Nebadon.Izumi we had a cron task that restared it every 6 hours
[11:26]  Nebadon.Izumi lol
[11:26]  Nebadon.Izumi never use Ruby on Rails :P
[11:27]  Dahlia.Trimble I took a brief look at RoR before, it was really easy to get a simple site up but all that simplicity scared me away
[11:27]  Nebadon.Izumi things are going well though, OSgrid should be back up hopefully within the next coming weeks, i cant give any kind of firm ETA, but progress is going steady now
[11:27]  Nebadon.Izumi we got past the USB problem, basically put the drive into another server, setup an NFS share
[11:28]  Richardus.Raymaker its time the start to make good things again. not only invento more problems
[11:28]  Dahlia.Trimble usually when things are so simple like that I've found that it's easy to dig oneself into a deep hole one cannot climb out of
[11:28]  BlueWall.Slade ++
[11:29]  BlueWall.Slade sometimes that is the case.
[11:29]  BlueWall.Slade (path of least resistance)
[11:29]  Nebadon.Izumi yea, I cant really speak to it personally, but the ranting i heard from Dave Coyle, made it sound like it was pure hell
[11:29]  Dahlia.Trimble lol
[11:29]  Richardus.Raymaker neb is the region 0.81.rc1 ?
[11:29]  Nebadon.Izumi hmmm probably not let me check what its running
[11:30]  Richardus.Raymaker do you see my mesh ?
[11:30]  Nebadon.Izumi Version: OpenSim 0.8.1 Dev 58229a9
[11:30]  Richardus.Raymaker shoes and shirt
[11:30]  Nebadon.Izumi no i do not
[11:30]  Nebadon.Izumi your mid section is invisible to me
[11:30]  Richardus.Raymaker hmm.
[11:30]  Richardus.Raymaker maby because its not in the suitecase ?
[11:31]  Shez.Oyen I don't see them either Rich.. nice socks tho :)
[11:31]  Robert.Adams Dahlia: is there a physics piece to llMoveToTarget?
[11:31]  Nebadon.Izumi might be because you came in a bit early as the region was starting up Richardus
[11:31]  Nebadon.Izumi i saw messages about you trying to log in before region was ready
[11:31]  Nebadon.Izumi might just be bad luck
[11:31]  Richardus.Raymaker hmm, it is. but not active i think trying to wear suitecase
[11:31]  vegaslon.plutonian llmovetotarget has a actor setup in bulletsim
[11:32]  Richardus.Raymaker well i got message login disable and then after that it worked.
[11:32]  vegaslon.plutonian part of the problem why lllookat and llmovetotarget do not play nice, one is using physics engine and other is not
[11:32]  Richardus.Raymaker now betetr. maby wait a minute before reply ?
[11:32]  Nebadon.Izumi ah ya
[11:32]  Nebadon.Izumi now i see you
[11:32]  Robert.Adams I did work on a PID movement controller in BulletSim for llMoveToTarget
[11:33]  Arielle.Popstar ok now rira
[11:33]  Richardus.Raymaker just did rewear ort something like that
[11:34]  Robert.Adams what does llMoveToTarget do with obstacles? That would be the reason to involve the physics engine
[11:35]  Richardus.Raymaker in OS, it tsrta to spin like crtazy in the past.
[11:35]  Richardus.Raymaker in SL, uhmm i frget but i think it bounce also.
[11:35]  Nebadon.Izumi probably depends on the obstacle itself
[11:35]  Nebadon.Izumi I dont recall it being very smart
[11:35]  Richardus.Raymaker movetotarget need to be physics nebadon
[11:36]  vegaslon.plutonian yep llmovetotarget is suppost to no go through anything. one thing we do not have in opensim is any air friction on stuff so it just continue to spin when it hits stuff
[11:36]  Richardus.Raymaker thats the nly annoying part i have seen
[11:36]  vegaslon.plutonian secondlife it eventually stops spinning, or people used lllookat to not allow it to spin at all
[11:37]  vegaslon.plutonian in opensim the physics engine keeps letting it spin and lllookat can not stop it spinning
[11:37]  Arielle.Popstar i thought there was a friction parameter in opensimdefaults.ini
[11:37]  Nebadon.Izumi ya makes sense if its not wired to physics lllookat
[11:38]  Nebadon.Izumi friction is for object to object
[11:38]  Nebadon.Izumi not air
[11:38]  Robert.Adams spinning? So the thing bumps into an obstacle and gets some rotational movement and keeps rotating?
[11:38]  Richardus.Raymaker yes
[11:38]  Richardus.Raymaker like crazy
[11:38]  Nebadon.Izumi i have a follower that does the same thing
[11:38]  BlueWall.Slade I have seen that, yes.
[11:38]  Robert.Adams but in SL, there is some damper so the rotation either stops or is not added to the object?
[11:39]  vegaslon.plutonian it has some dampener so nothing physical keeps rotation forever, think they call it energy
[11:40]  Robert.Adams and llLookAt does not set rotation to zero before starting the object to look?
[11:40]  Nebadon.Izumi is Online
[11:40]  Richardus.Raymaker ebergy = 10
[11:40]  Nebadon Izumi gave you follower.
[11:40]  Entering god mode, level 144
[11:40]  vegaslon.plutonian ya it does not set angular velocity to zero
[11:40]  Robert.Adams thinks that llLookAt should take any existing rotational movement into acccount
[11:41]  Nebadon.Izumi ah poo, physical prims are turned off here
[11:41]  Nebadon.Izumi heh
[11:41]  Robert.Adams I'll have to look into SL 'energy'... see when it get applied
[11:41]  Richardus.Raymaker really cant type today :O
[11:42]  Richardus.Raymaker
[11:43]  vegaslon.plutonian that does not really talk much about how fast it is removed after a inpulse is applied to a airborne object
[11:44]  Richardus.Raymaker so fast not find anything else
[11:45]  Nebadon.Izumi is Offline
[11:45]  Dahlia.Trimble energy looks like something they came up with to prevent "orbiters"
[11:45]  Dahlia.Trimble not too successful tho ;)
[11:45]  vegaslon.plutonian nah people use use more then one prim to orbit
[11:45]  Richardus.Raymaker hehe. yes
[11:45]  Robert.Adams I remember some comment about there being no rolling friction in OpenSim (a ball will roll forever) while it stops after a while in SL.... maybe there is something similar in SL for objects rotating in the air
[11:46]  Robert.Adams might add rotational friction of some type
[11:46]  Nebadon.Izumi nice
[11:47]  Richardus.Raymaker just opensimdefaults paraemter so thge friction can be adjusted later
[11:48]  Robert.Adams BulletSim has a zillion parameters.... I don't put constants in the code :)
[11:48]  Arielle.Popstar pretty sure i have seen rolling friction in ode back when ubit was experimenting with it
[11:49]  Dahlia.Trimble seemed rolling worked a lot better in ODE back when I first started working on physics prim shapes
[11:50]  Richardus.Raymaker Dahlia did you tried keyframemotion not long ago ?
[11:50]  Dahlia.Trimble then something happened along the way and things would stop rolling
[11:50]  Richardus.Raymaker Just want to know how smooth it moves for others
[11:50]  Nebadon.Izumi I have found that in Bulletsim, rolling objects tend to stop and never move again
[11:50]  Dahlia.Trimble did I try it for what Richardus?
[11:50]  BlueWall.Slade I have used it RiRa and it's not too bad.
[11:51]  Nebadon.Izumi really any kind of physical prim
[11:51]  Richardus.Raymaker I dsont know dahlia. maby you used it
[11:51]  Richardus.Raymaker its not bad, but SL is more smooth.
[11:51]  Robert.Adams nebadon, if you have a test case, I'd like to fix that.... objects not re-activating after going idle needs to be fixed
[11:51]  Dahlia.Trimble no Ive not used it. I was once looking into implementing it but someone else beat me to it.
[11:51]  Richardus.Raymaker i maby post a video someday
[11:51]  Nebadon.Izumi yea the easiest way i have found to trigger it is prim falls
[11:52]  Nebadon.Izumi not single prim falls though like the ball dropper
[11:52]  Nebadon.Izumi like stacks of cubes or spheres
[11:52]  Nebadon.Izumi maybe like 100 to 1000 prims falling simulatneously can make it happen
[11:52]  Nebadon.Izumi not hard at all
[11:52]  Dahlia.Trimble I dont think the opensim one works the same as the SL one, the SL one I believe uses velocity and angular velocigy where the opensim one uses a bazillion updates
[11:52]  Richardus.Raymaker Neb, you know if things fall from high altutude the break... ! :P
[11:52]  Robert.Adams last I looked at keyframe, it was pure position updating and was hard coded in places -- no events
[11:52]  Dahlia.Trimble at least it did when I looked at it after whoever committed it
[11:53]  Richardus.Raymaker it now hav ethe events
[11:53]  BlueWall.Slade So it's basically like llSetPostion?
[11:53]  vegaslon.plutonian right now yep.
[11:53]  Richardus.Raymaker ask robert. i dont know. maby it is, but use less resources the llsetpos
[11:53]  Dahlia.Trimble ya that's not the way I would have done it
[11:54]  vegaslon.plutonian secondlife it can do all sorts of cool things like move avatars with it
[11:54]  Nebadon.Izumi basically like that Robert
[11:54]  Nebadon.Izumi stacks of prims, set the whole thing physical and let go
[11:54]  Nebadon.Izumi a lot of the time 50%+ of the prims never even hit the ground
[11:54]  Nebadon.Izumi they freeze mid fall
[11:54]  Robert.Adams it seemed like LL must moved a commonly scripted operation into the simulator
[11:55]  Robert.Adams nebadon, I've seen that one.... and there is also a problem with the last update (zero motion) not happening for a few prims if there are many physical objects (prims slowly floating off)
[11:55]  Dahlia.Trimble I dont remember there being a way to set velocity for a non-physical object in SL via a script
[11:55]  Dahlia.Trimble unless something was added
[11:55]  Dahlia.Trimble well KeyFrame can I believe
[11:56]  Dahlia.Trimble (indirecly)
[11:56]  BlueWall.Slade It's not physical though? The SL one?
[11:56]  Richardus.Raymaker KFM works more with frames. never seen velocity setting. maby confiused with movetotarget
[11:57]  Dahlia.Trimble no its not physical in SL I believe...
[11:57]  vegaslon.plutonian they say it is tied to their physics engine
[11:57]  Richardus.Raymaker tmovetotarget have som damping
[11:57]  Richardus.Raymaker KFM is not ohysics
[11:58]  Richardus.Raymaker thats very usefull, because the object can be phantom then
[11:58]  Dahlia.Trimble ya it supposedly doesnt do collision well, if at all
[11:58]  Robert.Adams keyframe got added when LL was doing all that work with Havok... we also got the path following stuff at that time
[11:58]  Richardus.Raymaker it can sofar i know only do colision with physics objects
[11:59]  BlueWall.Slade ++
[11:59]  vegaslon.plutonian KFM does move physical objects but it does not test collision against non physical objects nore it is effected by collisons
[11:59]  BlueWall.Slade maybe the physics engine does the calculations for movement, but keeps it not-phys?
[12:00]  Dahlia.Trimble I doubt it uses physics at all
[12:00]  Richardus.Raymaker its not physics
[12:00]  Richardus.Raymaker if its physics SL complaines about it and refuse to move it
[12:01]  Robert.Adams what does llKeyFrame do with non-physical obstacles in SL ?
[12:01]  vegaslon.plutonian it is passing a velocity to all physics objects it touches
[12:01]  BlueWall.Slade I think it passes through them
[12:01]  Dahlia.Trimble probably goes right thru them
[12:01]  Richardus.Raymaker hmm good one. i think its ignoring the object like its phantom
[12:01]  Robert.Adams so a keyframed object is effectively phantom?
[12:01]  Richardus.Raymaker yeah, sofar i know it see other normal prims as phantom
[12:02]  Richardus.Raymaker but KFM object is default not phantom, it can push avatars
[12:02]  Robert.Adams that's so broken
[12:02]  Dahlia.Trimble I dont think it's phantom, I think it relies on the viewer doing interpolation
[12:02]  Dahlia.Trimble similar to other animations
[12:02]  Dahlia.Trimble it's more like an animation system implemented across a network
[12:03]  Dahlia.Trimble rather than all locally like for avatars
[12:03]  Richardus.Raymaker i use KFM for my new train. its going betetr this time. only some problem with calcluatimng reversed rotation
[12:04]  BlueWall.Slade So a portion of the movement is actually in the viewer?
[12:04]  Robert.Adams LL totally lost their architectural design and planning in there somewhere
[12:04]  BlueWall.Slade hhaha
[12:04]  Dahlia.Trimble lol
[12:05]  vegaslon.plutonian it would be like having a moving platform in a game, it is not effected by physics but it has an effect on physics
[12:05]  Dahlia.Trimble ya animation is sorely lacking in SL
[12:05]  Robert.Adams gotta to you all in IRC
[12:05]  Dahlia.Trimble cya
[12:05]  Richardus.Raymaker bye robert
[12:05]  BlueWall.Slade see ya Robert, thanks
[12:05]  Sarah Kline: bye all
[12:06]  Dahlia.Trimble goes too.... bye all
[12:06]  Nebadon.Izumi k thanks for coming everyone
[12:06]  BlueWall.Slade bye /me is flying too
[12:06]  Nebadon.Izumi same time next week :)
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