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[10:01] Richardus Raymaker: is there a meeting today ? and who's doing it ?
[10:01] Nebadon Izumi: hey guys
[10:01] Jacek Antonelli: Hi Neb
[10:02] Richardus Raymaker: hi nebadon, almost wanted to put you on the lost in action list :)
[10:02] Nebadon Izumi: heh ya move has me pretty busy
[10:02] Jacek Antonelli: Heh, it's only 2 minutes after the hour
[10:02] Richardus Raymaker: so we can rescue you from the boxes
[10:02] Richardus Raymaker: yes
[10:02] Richardus Raymaker: i think you cant see any cube more
[10:04] Nebadon Izumi: im not sure if anyone is showing up today or not
[10:04] Nebadon Izumi: i havent had much time for IRC or in world, couple more days of moving / unpacking / cleaning for me still
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: see who shows up though
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: was there a awg meeting today?
[10:05] Dolma Dollinger: Hi just saying hello *smile*
[10:05] Nebadon Izumi: hello Dolma
[10:05] Richardus Raymaker: you still do it fast, it would take me much longer
[10:05] Richardus Raymaker: hello dolma
[10:06] Dolma Dollinger: I am afraid the dev meeting is still way over my head
[10:06] WhiteStar Magic is Online
[10:07] Nebadon Izumi: heh well its good if you have things you need to ask devs about etc..
[10:07] Nebadon Izumi: about bugs or whatever
[10:07] Region Showcase Kiosk: Received 31 regions from database.
[10:08] Dolma Dollinger: Well apart from the new Hypergrid 1.5 it looks perfect
[10:08] Nebadon Izumi: though im not sure if any devs are coming today
[10:08] Nebadon Izumi: problems with HG 1.5?
[10:08] Dolma Dollinger: Well I might need a rolback
[10:09] Dolma Dollinger: Can detete stuff in "My sSuitcase"
[10:09] Dolma Dollinger: Cant delete
[10:09] Nebadon Izumi: ah ya you cant use SL2 apparantly
[10:09] Nebadon Izumi: i heard that breaks your inventory
[10:09] Dolma Dollinger: I use Imprudence
[10:09] Nebadon Izumi: so is My Suitcase part of HG?
[10:09] Dolma Dollinger: Yes
[10:10] Nebadon Izumi: i cant say i know anything about HG
[10:10] Nebadon Izumi: not even HG1
[10:10] Nebadon Izumi: never used it
[10:10] Dolma Dollinger: I am sure they will solve it
[10:10] Nebadon Izumi: ya
[10:10] Nebadon Izumi: is there a mantis?
[10:10] Dolma Dollinger: Hmm is it a real problem?
[10:10] Nebadon Izumi: sounds like it
[10:10] Nebadon Izumi whispers: hehe i dont know i have quite literally never used HG
[10:11] Nebadon Izumi: not only have I not set it up, ive not even HG teleported
[10:11] Richardus Raymaker: still fighting with voice. figured now out linux viewrs are a bit picky with voice
[10:11] Dolma Dollinger: I understood the software is being reviewed noe
[10:11] Nebadon Izumi: cool well as long as the devs know about the problem
[10:11] Nebadon Izumi: if there is no mantis report they might not know
[10:11] Dolma Dollinger: Ok I wait some days. Can Mantis it after all
[10:12] Nebadon Izumi: k ya it will be a while anyway before a lot of people are using 0.7 and HG 1.5 anyway
[10:12] Nebadon Izumi: right now its still hardcore testers only
[10:12] Nebadon Izumi: hehe
[10:12] Dolma Dollinger: Well 0.7 solves a lot of bugs and so
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: hopefully next week i'll be back on track for more testing
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: then we can start focusing on moving to 0.7 here
[10:13] Richardus Raymaker: a while. outside osgrid yes
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: though that wont happen until after OSG3B
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: just soo much going on
[10:13] Nebadon Izumi: we dont want to risk changing anything before the parties
[10:14] Dolma Dollinger: Well better wait for the stable version
[10:14] Nebadon Izumi: ya, 0.7 still isnt officially released yet
[10:14] Richardus Raymaker: descrive "stable" :P
[10:14] Nebadon Izumi: there are other issues too
[10:14] Dolma Dollinger: I suppose it will be a huge logistic operation for OSGrid
[10:14] Nebadon Izumi: mysql connector needs to be reverted
[10:14] Justin Clark-Casey is Online
[10:14] Nebadon Izumi: otherwsie there will be wide scale issues
[10:14] Dolma Dollinger: Done in 0.7RC2
[10:15] Nebadon Izumi: hey Justin
[10:15] Dolma Dollinger: They already did that
[10:15] Nebadon Izumi: ah thats good, i know RC2 was going to be done
[10:15] Justin Clark-Casey: hi nebadon, folks
[10:15] Dolma Dollinger: Hello Justin
[10:15] Nebadon Izumi: but the master tree is not
[10:15] Richardus Raymaker: hi justin
[10:15] Nebadon Izumi: they were talkling about only doing it in RC2
[10:15] Nebadon Izumi: but i think thier will be a full revert
[10:16] Nebadon Izumi: i dont think there is an easy fix to that problem
[10:16] Nebadon Izumi: the problem is in the MySQL connector itself
[10:16] Nebadon Izumi: not something we manage or control
[10:16] Nebadon Izumi: but really i hvaent been paying enough attention last few weeks to really know what the plan is right now
[10:17] Dolma Dollinger: Justin migh know?
[10:17] Justin Clark-Casey: what's that?
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: the new mysql connector
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: whats the status
[10:17] Nebadon Izumi: has it been reverted yet?
[10:17] Justin Clark-Casey: I might not be here for long - in fact, I'm going to have to drop off in 5 mins
[10:17] Justin Clark-Casey: not in master, but has been in rc2
[10:18] Nebadon Izumi: k
[10:18] Nebadon Izumi: ya thats what i thought
[10:18] Justin Clark-Casey: there's a permanent problem with the new one?
[10:18] Nebadon Izumi: not sure, the problem is not in our code
[10:18] Richardus Raymaker: Not time to try 0.7
[10:18] Nebadon Izumi: its in the new connector itself
[10:18] Nebadon Izumi: so unless we are planning on managing that ourselves with our own fix
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: im not sure there is any other solution but to wait for MySQL team to fix it
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: which could take months
[10:19] Richardus Raymaker: i heared somewhere its a ; that need to be removed
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: since Oracle aquired MySQL
[10:19] Richardus Raymaker: aha, then it can take a while before its fixt
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: patches are not being address
[10:19] Justin Clark-Casey: ho hum
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: even prior to that Sun was not applying patches to mysql
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: there are patches that are years old
[10:19] Nebadon Izumi: they havent touched
[10:19] Justin Clark-Casey: ok, unfortunately I need to pop off - got a friend round
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: kk no Prob Justin
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: thanks for swinging by
[10:20] Justin Clark-Casey: have a good week, everyone
[10:20] Richardus Raymaker: someone wants to sue oracle because some mysql stuff the keept not there promise
[10:20] Dolma Dollinger: Nice to meet you Justin
[10:20] Richardus Raymaker: bye JCC
[10:20] Justin Clark-Casey waves
[10:20] Richardus Raymaker: And the http based inventory is on ice to ?
[10:20] Dolma Dollinger: Hmm Winzenius did
[10:20] Nebadon Izumi: this weeks meeting is kind of a loss
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: not sure Richardus
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: Inventory and Assets do not change in 0.7
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: its the same as 0.6.9
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: i think assets has 1 extra feild
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: but thats about it
[10:21] Nebadon Izumi: Xinvnentory has a lot of issues
[10:22] Richardus Raymaker: what i know is we jkepe old system yes
[10:22] Nebadon Izumi: im not sure just changing to Http would have any effect
[10:22] Justin Clark-Casey is Offline
[10:22] Nebadon Izumi: hard to say
[10:22] Nebadon Izumi: its not slated for the 0.7 release though
[10:22] Nebadon Izumi: i do know that
[10:22] Nebadon Izumi: maybe post-fixes or 0.8
[10:22] Nebadon Izumi: hard to say
[10:23] Nebadon Izumi: 0.8 should go alot faster than 0.7 did
[10:23] Nebadon Izumi: 0.7 was a really major refactor
[10:23] Richardus Raymaker: with http we dont have mysql anymore right ?
[10:23] Nebadon Izumi: no
[10:23] Nebadon Izumi: mysql is not going away
[10:23] Richardus Raymaker: hmm, to bad. that dont fix the mysql problem
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: probably ever
[10:24] paulie Flomar is Online
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: we'll always need a database
[10:24] Richardus Raymaker: im happy with mysql. only oracle is maby slow
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: you can switch to MariaDB
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: which is not controlled by Oracle
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: its the original MySQL creators
[10:24] Richardus Raymaker: but also no phpmyadmin then
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: no
[10:24] Nebadon Izumi: it works
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: its a full MySQL implementation
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: the commands are the same
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: connectors are the same
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: its MySQL source
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: just more optimized with all the patches that sun / oracle is not applying
[10:25] Richardus Raymaker: but for now lets use mysql. its not usefull to change it
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: its MYSQL
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: the commands are 1:1
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: you wouldnt know your not running mysql
[10:25] Nebadon Izumi: the daemon name is mysqld
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi: the command line tool is mysql and mysqldump
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi: it is the MySQL opensource code
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi: forked
[10:26] Richardus Raymaker: i see ,
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi:
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi: cool
[10:26] Nebadon Izumi: i have not had time to try it yet
[10:26] Richardus Raymaker: i see
[10:26] Jacek Antonelli: Hey Armin :)
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: Fly-Man- did and he said its faster than oracle mysql
[10:27] Richardus Raymaker: hi armin
[10:27] Richardus Raymaker: questionlater for you
[10:27] Dolma Dollinger: Hi Armin
[10:27] Armin Weatherwax: hi :)
[10:27] Dolma Dollinger: Nice to meet you
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: i do plan on testing MariaDB once i get my development servers hooked back up
[10:27] Nebadon Izumi: right now they are sitting here unplugged
[10:27] Richardus Raymaker: when i have time i need to play with mariadb on test server
[10:28] Nebadon Izumi: ya
[10:28] Nebadon Izumi: that would be great
[10:28] Nebadon Izumi: if you could test
[10:28] Nebadon Izumi: it needs more testing for sure
[10:28] Nebadon Izumi: you can join #maria on freenode
[10:28] Nebadon Izumi: they seem like a helpful bunch
[10:29] Dahlia Trimble is Online
[10:29] Richardus Raymaker: I need more time.. :O
[10:29] Richardus Raymaker: hi WS
[10:31] Nebadon Izumi: heh ya i could use more time too hehe
[10:32] paulie Flomar: :)
[10:32] Dahlia Trimble: hi :)
[10:32] paulie Flomar is Offline
[10:32] Richardus Raymaker: hi paulie, dahlia
[10:32] Dolma Dollinger: Hello Dahlia and Paulie
[10:33] paulie Flomar is Online
[10:33] Dahlia Trimble: where's everyone at? small crowd today
[10:33] Nebadon Izumi: ya not many showed up today
[10:33] Dolma Dollinger: Summer Holiday Season?
[10:33] Richardus Raymaker: yes.
[10:33] Nebadon Izumi: could be, also post holiday
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: maybe everyone is swamped with RL work today
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: i almost didnt come myself since im mid-moving
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: but figured since i had a bit of time i would
[10:34] paulie Flomar: :)
[10:34] Dahlia Trimble: ewwww I hate moving
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: ya
[10:34] Nebadon Izumi: i wish i was done honestly
[10:35] paulie Flomar: I had a free moment. Thought Id drop by.
[10:35] Nebadon Izumi: hey Paulie
[10:35] Richardus Raymaker: somewhere i wish it where time to move here. but not found anything new. need a bigger desk :P
[10:35] Dahlia Trimble: hiya Paulie :)
[10:35] paulie Flomar: wtfbbq
[10:35] paulie Flomar: i keep gettin thrown
[10:35] paulie Flomar: ..
[10:35] paulie Flomar: laggariffic
[10:35] Nebadon Izumi: thrown?
[10:36] Richardus Raymaker: but the moveing self and unpacking. eeuww.
[10:36] Richardus Raymaker: can be some hell
[10:36] paulie Flomar: ISnt OpenSim supposed to br perfected by now? DAng.
[10:36] Nebadon Izumi: hehe
[10:36] Dahlia Trimble: it's those lame developers
[10:36] paulie Flomar: Howdeh, Dahl. :)
[10:36] Nebadon Izumi: i just leveled your terrain out paulie
[10:36] Nebadon Izumi: there was a gigantic spike on Cameo Beach
[10:37] Nebadon Izumi: it was like 200m high spike
[10:37] paulie Flomar: Cameo is on some crappeh hardware right now. I apologize if its causin gissues fo rneighbors.
[10:37] Nebadon Izumi: no no problem at all
[10:37] Nebadon Izumi: looked like someone was experimenting with terrain editing
[10:37] Nebadon Izumi: i figured you didnt want it that way
[10:37] paulie Flomar: oh. lol. ok. thx. :)
[10:38] paulie Flomar: I cant seem to lock Cameo down. My choices never stay checked in the perm dialog.
[10:38] Nebadon Izumi: wierd
[10:38] paulie Flomar whispers: I imagine so. ^
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: i bet you have multiple parcels in the land table
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: lbsa plaza and a couple others were like that too
[10:39] Richardus Raymaker: mysql pauli ?
[10:39] Nebadon Izumi: i had to do some cleaning in the database to make it right again
[10:40] Jacek Antonelli: (Gotta run, take care all)
[10:40] Dahlia Trimble: bye :)
[10:40] Richardus Raymaker: bye jacek
[10:40] Nebadon Izumi: see you Jacek
[10:40] Armin Weatherwax: take care Jacek
[10:42] Lag hang in there!
[10:42] Dahlia Trimble: OMG a mouse!
[10:42] Nebadon Izumi: anyone else have anything thats not working right in their sims?
[10:42] Andrew Hellershanks: ack... i'm stuck
[10:43] Nebadon Izumi: ya it lagged out
[10:43] paulie Flomar: sorry. was afk for a bit. Cameo does run Mysql, yeah. Maybe some cleaning is in order. Or another look at the ini setup.
[10:43] Dahlia Trimble: big lag spurt
[10:43] Andrew Hellershanks: I tend to forget about the meetings. The IRC topic didn't say what time.
[10:43] WhiteStar Magic: concurrent logins get ya everytime
[10:43] Nebadon Izumi: its the same time every week
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: 11am PST Tuesday
[10:44] Richardus Raymaker: yesterday it sems prims disapeard while edit. at least i not found them back for now
[10:44] Andrew Hellershanks: 11am? oh, ok. I should write that down somewhere.
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: ya we'll try to get back on track next week normally i announce in IRC a bit ahead of time
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: this week i didnt
[10:44] paulie Flomar: I dont do enough on Cameo to notice many issues, atm. HOpefully in future I will have more going on there.
[10:44] Nebadon Izumi: i wasnt even sure i was going to make it here myself
[10:45] paulie Flomar: Border crossings between CAmeo and Wright do seem problematic,tho.
[10:45] paulie Flomar: fwiw
[10:45] WhiteStar Magic: what version is Cameo
[10:46] Dahlia Trimble: I noticed my clothes never rezzed when I logged into WP, had to tp to my home region first
[10:47] paulie Flomar: Cameo is latest official download from
[10:47] Andrew Hellershanks: Nebadon, its ok. I'm not always on the IRC channel at that time
[10:47] paulie Flomar: I try an dkeep Cameo updated to official releases.
[10:47] Andrew Hellershanks: Cameo?
[10:47] paulie Flomar: CAmeo beach. Mhy region, west of here.
[10:48] Richardus Raymaker: but, replaced router today to, i think the old one makes problems to
[10:48] Andrew Hellershanks: ok. THought you were talking some softaware
[10:48] paulie Flomar: Andrew: no worries. :)
[10:48] Andrew Hellershanks: That's what I get for coming in late.
[10:48] Andrew Hellershanks: hehe
[10:48] WhiteStar Magic: this plaza is using latest 6.9-post-fix
[10:48] paulie Flomar: We;re glad that anyone shows up at all for dev meetings, actually. :)
[10:49] Richardus Raymaker: does someone know why vpoice under linux dont talk with freeswitch good, and under windows viewer it works fine (both hippo)
[10:49] paulie Flomar: Whitestar, yeah, Cameo is on latest 6.9 post.
[10:49] WhiteStar Magic: couple snuck in and were gnarly there....
[10:49] Andrew Hellershanks: Richardus I'm still fighting with getting voice chat working with OpenSim 0.6.9
[10:49] paulie Flomar: RR: Ive never been able to get Freeswitch working in Linux. But I may just be simp,le.
[10:50] Nebadon Izumi: sorry reading back got a call
[10:50] Richardus Raymaker: i have it working in standalone. only my linux clients have problems to make voice connection (no button enabled) windows works fine
[10:50] Nebadon Izumi: water company
[10:50] Nebadon Izumi: hehe
[10:50] Richardus Raymaker: freeswitch runs as server under linux
[10:50] Nebadon Izumi: ya i will try to do a new release tonight
[10:50] Andrew Hellershanks: I was told that FS needs access to a db so that was possibly one problem I was having but I have another issue to deal with
[10:50] Nebadon Izumi: now i have most of the plazas updated
[10:50] paulie Flomar: Like the title, Dahlia. heh.
[10:50] Nebadon Izumi: i feel comfortable doing a new release
[10:51] Dahlia Trimble: lol
[10:51] Nebadon Izumi: after i go to the DMV to change my drivers license, i'll try to get a new release out later tonight
[10:51] Andrew Hellershanks: Nebadon, new release of ...?
[10:51] Nebadon Izumi: OpenSIM for OSGrid
[10:51] Nebadon Izumi: post-fixes
[10:51] Nebadon Izumi: our release is a bit behind the current
[10:51] paulie Flomar: Andrew, new official releases show up at
[10:51] Andrew Hellershanks: ok. What revision will you be going to?
[10:52] Andrew Hellershanks: paulie, I get my OS from git
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: whatever the master version of post-fixes is
[10:52] Andrew Hellershanks: k
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: i think this region is running it
[10:52] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSim 0.6.9 (Post_Fixes) d743a22: 2010-06-30 21:27:55 +0100 (Unix/Mono)
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: ya
[10:52] paulie Flomar: Andrew: yeah, but latest trunk wont run well on osgrid. Osgrid regions need to stay behind on official.
[10:52] paulie Flomar: afaik
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: ya
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: use 0.6.9-post-fixes branch
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: for OSgrid
[10:52] Nebadon Izumi: 0.7 wont start here
[10:53] Andrew Hellershanks: I'm on 12924 but should update. There was an issue re: some message can wind up going to the log multiple times
[10:53] paulie Flomar: we wait in hope. :)
[10:53] Dolma Dollinger: The last 0.6.9 post-fixes I ran was very good
[10:53] Nebadon Izumi: ya it wont be until after OSG3B probably sometime next month
[10:53] Nebadon Izumi: but we will probably be doing some limited testing before then
[10:53] Nebadon Izumi: right now i just cant say for sure how it will go down
[10:53] Nebadon Izumi: but its soon
[10:54] Nebadon Izumi: Dave is working on a Robust connector for SimianGrid Frontend
[10:54] Nebadon Izumi: that will replace the website
[10:54] UUID Speaker: Donzil Zenovka: fd1142c5-7c71-404a-03d4-1639a090c872
[10:54] paulie Flomar: btw, IM not sitting because my viewer seems to send my cam position to infinity when I sit.
[10:54] Dahlia Trimble: robust connector for simiangrid? arent they exclusive?
[10:54] Andrew Hellershanks: Whitestar, you mentioned in a bug report that 80% of regions in a grid weren't updating the datasnapshot?
[10:54] Nebadon Izumi: right now they are not compatible
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: SimianGrid frontend is the web interface
[10:55] Dahlia Trimble: ah ok
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: SimianGrid iteself is a complete Robust Replacement
[10:55] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSim 0.6.9 (Post_Fixes) d743a22: 2010-06-30 21:27:55 +0100 (Unix/Mono)
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: our goal is to one day move over to SimianGrid maybe
[10:55] paulie Flomar: IT is?
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: if we outgrow Robust
[10:55] paulie Flomar: did not know that
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: Robust has the issue of C# http services
[10:55] Nebadon Izumi: there may be a time when we outgrow its capabilities
[10:56] paulie Flomar: ...interresting...
[10:56] Nebadon Izumi: were just not sure
[10:56] Dahlia Trimble: does simiangrid support hypergrid?
[10:56] Nebadon Izumi: so were helping to develop Simiangrid for just that case
[10:56] Nebadon Izumi: not yet Dahlia
[10:56] Nebadon Izumi: but its far from complete
[10:56] Nebadon Izumi: it will eventually
[10:56] Nebadon Izumi: it will likely only support HG1.5 and Vwrap
[10:56] Penny Lane: What parts are currently operational?
[10:56] WhiteStar Magic: @ Andrew, sorry, I am also troubleshooting. Yes DataSnopShot is not working and has not for some time....
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi: most of the basic grid functions work
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi: in some areas its more complete than RObust
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi: like built in groups
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi: built in profiles
[10:57] Andrew Hellershanks: WS, odd. My testing so far with it shows its working (in my grid)
[10:57] WhiteStar Magic: ossearch the parser is not initiating anything and MANY MANY regions won;t even generate when they should
[10:57] Nebadon Izumi: other areas like Inventory its not as full featured yet
[10:57] Richardus Raymaker: how is the assets storage crow the last time ?
[10:57] Dahlia Trimble: I should update, I have an old simiangrid set up now
[10:57] Andrew Hellershanks: WS, is the database indicating that the time of last update is changing?
[10:57] WhiteStar Magic: this applies to 3RG and apparently here too as Neb & I spent a little time trying to figure it out
[10:58] Nebadon Izumi: ya the Robust version of ossearch is busted up good
[10:58] Nebadon Izumi: its not been worked on in months close to a year maybe more
[10:58] paulie Flomar: "busted up good." :) heh
[10:58] WhiteStar Magic: the ossearch DB for regions stays static
[10:58] WhiteStar Magic: not static for users etc
[10:58] Andrew Hellershanks: WS, other things to check is that you can pull up the data from a region using a web browser.
[10:58] Nebadon Izumi: ossearch is more 0.6.7/0.6.8
[10:59] Nebadon Izumi: it was never updated for 0.6.9 yet
[10:59] Richardus Raymaker: it seem you cant find lbsa anymore by typeing "lbsa" in map search,
[10:59] Nebadon Izumi: someone else said that
[10:59] Nebadon Izumi: but i dont have that problem
[10:59] Nebadon Izumi: which is wierd some people do some people dont
[10:59] Nebadon Izumi: i dunno whats up with that
[10:59] Dahlia Trimble: just tried it, failed for me too
[10:59] Richardus Raymaker: imprudence bug armin ?
[10:59] WhiteStar Magic: failed for me too
[10:59] Richardus Raymaker: what do you use whitestar ?
[10:59] Nebadon Izumi: wierd it works for me
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: try searching for something that works
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: then do it
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: try searching for Wright Plaza
[11:00] Dahlia Trimble: Im using impridence
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: then do Lbsa
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: type full Wright Plaza
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: once it returns then put just lbsa
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: see if that works
[11:00] Armin Weatherwax: hm, not that I know of, Richardus
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: i was searching earlier on map
[11:00] Andrew Hellershanks: you two are dealing with bigger grids than me
[11:00] Richardus Raymaker: no "lbsa" no result
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: so bizzare
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: its working for me
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: lol
[11:00] WhiteStar Magic: weird, I type in "first" and all my regions appear
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: i type just Lbsa and it zooms me to Lbsa Plaza
[11:00] WhiteStar Magic: type in "lbsa" and nada
[11:00] Nebadon Izumi: and has Lbsa Plaza in the list
[11:01] Nebadon Izumi: im using Hippo 0.6.3
[11:01] Nebadon Izumi: maybe imprudence is pickier?
[11:01] Dahlia Trimble: gotta run, bye all :)
[11:01] Nebadon Izumi: kk Dahlia, thanks for coming
[11:01] WhiteStar Magic: shoudl take > 3 chars and search on that string
[11:01] Master Dubrovna: Hippo 0.6.3 here and no lbsa on search
[11:01] Nebadon Izumi: is there an AWG meeting again soon?
[11:01] Nebadon Izumi: or was there one today even?
[11:01] Andrew Hellershanks: lbsa (all lowercase) comes up with nothing
[11:01] Nebadon Izumi: odd
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: i cant imagine why it works for me
[11:02] Andrew Hellershanks: Hippo 0.6.3 for Linux
[11:02] Armin Weatherwax: searching for wright i get wright plaza, lbsa nothing
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: but thats typical
[11:02] Dahlia Trimble is Offline
[11:02] Richardus Raymaker: with hippo i have the same problem nebadon. no result
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: its always gonna work for the guy who has to fix it
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: and no one else
[11:02] Master Dubrovna: lol
[11:02] WhiteStar Magic: LOL
[11:02] Nebadon Izumi: lol
[11:02] Andrew Hellershanks: hehe
[11:02] Richardus Raymaker: so its not imprudence
[11:03] WhiteStar Magic: Dr Dr this hurts, but I don;t feel it right now... Then 10 Mins after leaving Dr Office, hurts 10x more
[11:03] Master Dubrovna: Oh if I type lbsa plaza....then it shows
[11:03] Dolma Dollinger: Strange. After I found it once wirth the Full word I can now find it with the first word
[11:03] Andrew Hellershanks: I've got a patch I'll be submitting shortly to fix region type
[11:03] Master Dubrovna: after that I can type lbsa and it appears
[11:04] Andrew Hellershanks: Master, same thing here
[11:04] Master Dubrovna: cool
[11:04] Master Dubrovna: no idea why though
[11:04] Master Dubrovna: lol
[11:05] WhiteStar Magic: OKAY... Timezones and all, is it the 13th SOMEWHERE ?
[11:05] Richardus Raymaker: lbsa plaza -> then lbsa in search works
[11:05] Master Dubrovna: lol
[11:05] Dolma Dollinger: Hmn After finding "Lbsa Plaza" once, search works fully
[11:05] Master Dubrovna: yep
[11:05] Dolma Dollinger: Also other searches
[11:06] Wright Achievement Star: Find the other stars to complete this achievement.
[11:06] WhiteStar Magic: ys, but search in map has a min of 3 chars to search on... so you shoudl be able to just put in lbs and get anything taht starts with lbs
[11:06] Richardus Raymaker: remove that musquito from the software
[11:06] Andrew Hellershanks will take a chance and commit the snapshot regions patch to his local copy of the repo and hope it won't mess up being able to pull from git later on
[11:07] WhiteStar Magic: I wonder if it maybe that LBSA did not register properly or something
[11:07] WhiteStar Magic: if I put "fir" into Search it works and brings up regions
[11:07] Region Showcase Kiosk: Received 31 regions from database.
[11:08] WhiteStar Magic: same with "fre"
[11:08] Armin Weatherwax: searching for sand also as expected
[11:08] Richardus Raymaker: does lbsa run a special opensim version ?
[11:08] paulie Flomar: MAp Search has always been a bit wonky. I seem to recall that is wont return results for strings that match characters after the first characters in a region, Example: searching for "bsa" wont return any results about "lbsa."
[11:08] WhiteStar Magic: must be a quirk with LBSA
[11:09] paulie Flomar: there was a Mantis on it years ago. Dont know if its improved.
[11:09] paulie Flomar: I feel old. heh.
[11:09] WhiteStar Magic: same Paulie, just tested that
[11:09] UUID Speaker: Tore Vyper: 8f34bf2a-d069-95a4-3b28-568d54b9f90f
[11:09] WhiteStar Magic: BSA == no result
[11:10] Armin Weatherwax: WS i know: today is 07/06 - sum it up and voila
[11:10] paulie Flomar: yeah
[11:10] WhiteStar Magic: AHA !!!
[11:10] Andrew Hellershanks: :-D
[11:10] Andrew Hellershanks: 3:10pm -> total is 13
[11:11] Armin Weatherwax: dundunduuuuuuun
[11:12] Armin Weatherwax:
[11:12] paulie Flomar: IArmin: lol! :)
[11:13] Nebadon Izumi: hehe
[11:13] paulie Flomar:
[11:15] Dolma Dollinger: Hmm Seems this meeting ended?
[11:15] paulie Flomar: so, it seems that OSgrid is kinda "busted up" until .7, eh?
[11:15] Nebadon Izumi: well search might still be broken in 0.7
[11:15] Nebadon Izumi: until someone fixes ossearch
[11:15] Nebadon Izumi: actually opensim is not broken
[11:15] Nebadon Izumi: ossearch is a external module
[11:16] Nebadon Izumi: that no one supports anymore
[11:16] paulie Flomar: Will .7 magically fix everything and give us all free kittens?
[11:16] Richardus Raymaker: OPENSIM WORKS PRETTY GOOD
[11:16] Pete Camino is Offline
[11:16] Richardus Raymaker: oops
[11:16] paulie Flomar: lol@RR as the region crashes.
[11:16] Nebadon Izumi: basiclly we need to rewrite ossearch
[11:16] Nebadon Izumi: which shouldnt be too hard
[11:16] Nebadon Izumi: its just finding the time to do it right
[11:16] Nebadon Izumi: more difficult
[11:16] Nebadon Izumi: hehe
[11:17] WhiteStar Magic: couple of folks have mentioned doing stuff to it
[11:17] Richardus Raymaker: only 1 bag with time needed
[11:17] Nebadon Izumi: i think fly-man- said he wasnt going to fix it until 0.7 was official
[11:17] paulie Flomar: I'm not complaining, btw. :) I'm happy to have OSGrid at all.
[11:17] Nebadon Izumi: but we'll see
[11:17] Nebadon Izumi: melanie_t might be able to make some changes to it too
[11:18] Nebadon Izumi: its just gotta get this other crap out of the way 1st
[11:18] Nebadon Izumi: just too much to do it all at once
[11:19] Nebadon Izumi: ok guys i gotta get going i need to go to DMV to get a new license
[11:19] Richardus Raymaker: ok. bye nebadon.
[11:19] Dolma Dollinger: Bye Nebadon
[11:19] Nebadon Izumi: see you guys, be back on IRC in a bit
[11:19] paulie Flomar: cyas!
[11:19] WhiteStar Magic: TTFN neb

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