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[10:47] Bruce.Patton Hi Tiffany
[10:47] Tiffany Sicling: hi bruce
[10:47] Bruce.Patton looks like I can't sit
[10:47] Charles Krinke: Oh sure. There are two or three things happening. One is the fixed last names on SL. Another is those who wish to remain anonymous. I suspect the HyperGrid and interop will evolve both those notions over the next year
[10:48] Tiffany Sicling: I chose to sit, but it looks like I am standing in the cushion
[10:48] Bruce.Patton yes me too
[10:48] Tiffany Sicling: lol
[10:48] Bruce.Patton Hi Fly Man
[10:48] Fly Man: Ahh, look at that
[10:48] Fly Man: There's PPL here :p
[10:48] Fly Man grins
[10:48] Tiffany Sicling: hi Fly man :)
[10:49] Bruce.Patton ah Fly Man arrives and we can sit lol
[10:49] Tiffany Sicling: I am still standing
[10:49] Tiffany Sicling: I'll try it again
[10:49] Bruce.Patton now we are both staning rofl
[10:49] Fly Man: Haha
[10:49] Fly Man: I change the seats ;)
[10:49] Tiffany Sicling: I guess I'll stand lol
[10:50] Fly Man: When I enter this part, the seats are doing what they should
[10:50] Tiffany Sicling: I got tossed up and out of the building
[10:50] Fly Man: Hmm
[10:50] Fly Man: I'm not quite ready at my own Conference place
[10:50] Adelle Fitzgerald: ellos
[10:50] Bruce.Patton It's one of those things, when I type I stand
[10:50] Fly Man: but I will try to have the meeting next at my place :)
[10:51] Fly Man: Ahh, it's getting crowded :)
[10:51] Fly Man: Hope I have enough seats ;)
[10:51] Bruce.Patton hehe
[10:51] Fly Man: Bruce, you're still a cloud to me
[10:51] Bruce.Patton Greetings Adelle and Kitto
[10:51] Tiffany Sicling: well, we can stand in the cushions or on the floor lol
[10:51] Fly Man: Hmm
[10:52] Tiffany Sicling: oh yea!! I'm sitting now
[10:52] Fly Man: K, let me grab my notes from last time
[10:53] Fly Man: then we will start :)
[10:53] Tiffany Sicling: I understand the remoting port is now obsoleted
[10:53] Bruce.Patton Greetings Charles
[10:53] Tiffany Sicling: hi Charles
[10:53] Charles Krinke: Morning, all
[10:53] Adelle Fitzgerald: hi Charles
[10:54] Kitto Flora: Hello
[10:54] Tiffany Sicling: I clicked on the arm of the couch and it finally sat me
[10:54] Charles Krinke: Is itjust me, or are we laging more tnhen mornal.
[10:55] Adelle Fitzgerald: well that depends what 'mornal' is really like, but seems ok to me :P
[10:55] Bruce.Patton Hi BlueWall
[10:55] Kitto Flora sees a TD of 1
[10:55] Tiffany Sicling: I've noticed my regions lagging more than their normal lately after last few updates
[10:55] Adelle Fitzgerald: hi BlueWall
[10:55] BlueWall Slade: Hi Adelle
[10:56] Tiffany Sicling: but the lagging doesn't last long, a min or two
[10:56] Adelle Fitzgerald: my regions seem to be fine for me, same as usual
[10:56] Kitto Flora: I found it very difficult to connect to OSgrid today
[10:56] Bruce.Patton Hi Orion
[10:56] Kitto Flora: Many hung at connecting to region
[10:57] Orion Hax: hi everyone
[10:57] Adelle Fitzgerald: hi Orion
[10:57] Tiffany Sicling: I spent about an hour tryin gto bet back on my home region today
[10:57] Tiffany Sicling: restarted it, updated it... then after a while... no problems
[10:57] Fly Man: Ahh, that's better :)
[10:58] Fly Man: Morning Charles :)
[10:58] Fly Man grabs his notes
[10:58] Fly Man: K, welcome all :)
[10:58] Charles Krinke: Hi, Fly-Man. I think now that we are all loaded, maybe performance will pick up
[10:58] Fly Man: A large upcome then last times
[10:58] Fly Man: Thank you for being here :)
[10:58] BlueWall Slade: we're loaded?
[10:59] Charles Krinke: Should this meeting partly become an agenda setting time for "Office Hour" ? on Tuesdays?
[10:59] Fly Man: Well, there were some Q's that I had heard last meeting
[11:00] Charles Krinke: Lets do it.
[11:01] Fly Man: A question I heard last time, "Will there be a new preferred version"
[11:01] Fly Man: The answer to that would be "Hopefully after the next Office Hours this Tuesday"
[11:02] Fly Man: as I heard that the 8606 was a stable one
[11:02] Fly Man: but heard from some ppl that they had trouble having it connect to Osgrid
[11:02] Fly Man: so i'm leaving the preferred version as told on the OSgrid website
[11:02] Fly Man: r8573
[11:03] Bruce.Patton right
[11:03] Charles Krinke: Nebadon was picking the stable based on the plazas to date. Perhaps the question becomes "How can we imrpove that method?".
[11:03] Bruce.Patton seems to work well with HG too
[11:03] Fly Man: Well, I was thinking we could ask ppl that run a region about the version they're running
[11:03] Fly Man: and if it works for them
[11:03] Fly Man: if we have a stability on more then 40 regions
[11:04] Fly Man: then that would become the preferred ?
[11:04] Fly Man: Another idea, and that would be a CORE insert
[11:04] BlueWall Slade: do we have a set of requirements/questions? Or would it be an opinion based thing?
[11:04] Fly Man: to have the region send his version up when registering
[11:04] Charles Krinke: Personally, Iwould like to see this become a community decision. I think the question becomes, who polls and leads that effort
[11:05] Adelle Fitzgerald: but you could have a lot of different versions running at once on the grid, maybe 20 different versions, even more
[11:05] Charles Krinke: It has been an opinion based on the plazas reliability, but it can certianly evolve.
[11:05] Tiffany Sicling: I would love to see a console command that would show connected sims and version data of them
[11:06] Fly Man: Well, Tiffany, for the 0.7.0 release
[11:06] Fly Man: if you look at the roadmap on the Mantis
[11:06] Charles Krinke: Thats a good one, Tiffany. If you make a Mantis and let me know, I will add an amplifying note for the feature request
[11:06] Fly Man: then you'll see that it's there
[11:06] Jos Joszpe: evening everybody
[11:07] Charles Krinke: +1
[11:07] Fly Man: Evening Jos :)
[11:07] Bruce.Patton Hi Jos
[11:07] Charles Krinke: Hi, Js
[11:07] Starky Rubble: hi all
[11:07] Tiffany Sicling: oftentimes someone says they can see xxxx sim and I cannot, vice versa... at least that would help determine if it's a client cache or not giving the illusion
[11:07] Fly Man: For more information:
[11:08] Tiffany Sicling: I'll make a mantis for that :)
[11:08] Tiffany Sicling: hi Jos
[11:08] Jos Joszpe: hi
[11:08] Fly Man: Tiffany, make the Mantis and link it to that one I mentioned :)
[11:08] Charles Krinke: Tiffany. I see a similar effect sometimes and assume it is "notwork" packet loss
[11:08] Tiffany Sicling: will do :)
[11:08] Tiffany Sicling: ty
[11:09] Fly Man: Okay
[11:09] Fly Man: Another point that was brought to my attention is the OSGrid website posed a threat
[11:09] Fly Man: As some "nasty" people wanted to do evil with UUID's of regions
[11:09] Fly Man: and trying to take over a region
[11:10] Fly Man: As of this Friday, this problem has been solved on the website
[11:10] Starky Rubble: clap clap
[11:10] Jos Joszpe: excuse me ... I just was told of this meatring
[11:10] Fly Man: Welcome Jos :)
[11:10] Jos Joszpe: could you pls shortly explain the goal =
[11:10] Fly Man: Jos, sure :)
[11:10] Fly Man: This is the Q&A Meeting
[11:10] Tiffany Sicling: can an 'evil' region still get UUID information from a sim if it connects touching another sim ?
[11:11] Fly Man: Yes, that's a good Q Tiffany
[11:11] Jos Joszpe: thx
[11:11] Fly Man: and I would not have the answer
[11:11] Fly Man: Jos, and the users can ask Q's here :)
[11:11] Fly Man: and hopefully we can answer some of them
[11:11] Adelle Fitzgerald: i checked on my regions, but nothing shouted it at me Tiffany
[11:11] Jos Joszpe: I did gewt it ... lol
[11:11] Jos Joszpe: I have some too ... lol
[11:11] Fly Man: if not, I always try to answer them the next meeting
[11:12] Jos Joszpe: can I just shoot =
[11:12] Tiffany Sicling: unfortunately, security is an issue because there are 'evil' minds in the world
[11:12] Jos Joszpe: = = questionmark
[11:12] Fly Man: And as Charles just mentioned
[11:12] Fly Man: Are there any things you would like to be taken in account for the next Office Hours Meeting
[11:13] Kitto Flora: I have a general question: OSgrid has options for various physics engines. Is the one of choice 'ODE', and if so, how much support is being given to the others?
[11:13] Fly Man: Kitto, all other physics engines are being worked on when there's a new revolution
[11:13] Fly Man: the ODE is the preferred one
[11:14] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSimulator Server (OS Fedora release 9 (Sulphur)
Kernel \r on an \m) ChilTasks:True PhysPrim:False
[11:14] Kitto Flora: What is 'a new revolution'?
[11:14] Fly Man: And with a new revolution I mean that ppl that want to use it send in patches for them
[11:14] Tiffany Sicling: hi Aramis
[11:14] Aramis Soren: hi all
[11:14] Fly Man: Hey Aramis :)
[11:14] Jos Joszpe: hi
[11:14] BlueWall Slade: Hi
[11:14] Charles Krinke: Kitto. I would say I see very few patches for any physics but ODE in recent months.
[11:14] Bruce.Patton hi Aramis
[11:15] Fly Man: But feel free to experiment with the other engines
[11:15] Fly Man: or even make a new one if you can
[11:15] Kitto Flora: OK, TY.. it sounds like ODE is the one to work with.
[11:15] Fly Man: But mostly less patches for the others makes ODE the preferred one :)
[11:15] Tiffany Sicling: Kitto: I use ODE and meshmerizer
[11:16] Kitto Flora: My interest is in the physics (dynamics) ( of course)
[11:16] Fly Man: Kitto, I know :)
[11:16] Fly Man: I heard about the famous Kitto Trains ;)
[11:16] Starky Rubble: ??
[11:17] Fly Man: Okay, the time has come for the Q's
[11:17] Fly Man: and hopefully some A's ;)
[11:17] Starky Rubble: heh
[11:17] Jos Joszpe: lol
[11:17] Fly Man: I'll start at the left:
[11:17] Kitto Flora: Fixing sim physics is bad enough. Trying to do it for multiple engines is ... conter productive :)
[11:17] Adelle Fitzgerald: has the 'avatar logging as ruth' issue been sorted yet? I know its much better than it was but I still ocasionally log in as ruth
[11:17] Fly Man: Bruce ?
[11:17] Fly Man: Any Q's you want to share ?
[11:18] Jos Joszpe: I do
[11:18] Bruce.Patton Nope thanks not right now
[11:18] Tiffany Sicling: ?
[11:18] Fly Man: K, Kitto ?
[11:18] Kitto Flora: I just asked it :)
[11:18] Kitto Flora: TY :)
[11:18] Fly Man: K :)
[11:18] Fly Man: If you can make patches for ODE
[11:18] Fly Man: that work for you
[11:18] Fly Man: Please do :)
[11:19] Kitto Flora: I Did already - well in the interface. The fly patch
[11:19] Tiffany Sicling: Is there any plans to include postgresql as a database of choice in a future release?
[11:19] Fly Man: Mantis them and make sure you set the Patch included one
[11:19] Fly Man: Tiffany, i'll hold your Q's until I reach you ;)
[11:19] Fly Man: But I can answer them both :p
[11:19] Tiffany Sicling: k
[11:19] Fly Man: Blue ?
[11:19] Fly Man: Any Q's from you
[11:19] Fly Man: and No, I can't buy you a Ferrari ;)
[11:19] BlueWall Slade: none today, thanks.
[11:19] BlueWall Slade: hehe
[11:20] Fly Man: Adelle ?
[11:20] BlueWall Slade: the events
[11:20] Adelle Fitzgerald: has the 'avatar logging as ruth' issue been sorted yet? I know its much better than it was but I still ocasionally log in as ruth
[11:20] Fly Man: Adelle, I've seen that Diva was working on avatar appearance
[11:20] Fly Man: so I think best is to ask her if it's all done
[11:20] Adelle Fitzgerald: kk, thanks
[11:21] Fly Man: For the ppl that have problems with their appearance
[11:21] Fly Man: We released a new part of the OSGrid website
[11:21] Fly Man: Self-Service
[11:21] Fly Man: If you click on the Change Account tab
[11:21] Fly Man: a new submenu will arise
[11:21] Fly Man: On that page there's a button where you can purge your appearance
[11:21] Aramis Soren: excellent
[11:21] Tiffany Sicling: nice
[11:21] Fly Man: so you'll show up as Ruth once again
[11:21] Adelle Fitzgerald: cool :)
[11:22] Fly Man: But be sure to use it only when needed
[11:22] Fly Man: as I heard some ppl have large inventories
[11:22] Fly Man: and don't hold their whole clothes and so in 1 place
[11:22] Fly Man: K, Aramis ?
[11:22] Aramis Soren: i noticed osgrid has about 800 less regions in last few days...?
[11:23] Aramis Soren: was like 2200 now 1400 just curious
[11:23] Fly Man: Yes
[11:23] Fly Man: That's because we've made a start with the GC
[11:23] Fly Man: Grand Cleansing
[11:23] Aramis Soren: ah! kewl
[11:23] Fly Man: As of Friday we started a Map texture system
[11:23] Fly Man: so a map texture is update every 24 hours
[11:23] Fly Man: and this also shoves out the "not working" regions
[11:24] Fly Man: thus the 800 less regions
[11:24] Charles Krinke: We are trying to encourage all region owners to keep their regions up 24/7
[11:24] Aramis Soren: cool more accurate like your who's online too
[11:24] Aramis Soren: is that going into the wi also soon?
[11:24] Fly Man: Yes, the Who's online shows the exact ppl that are online
[11:24] Fly Man: Aramis, it's in there already
[11:24] Fly Man: Everything you see in the website
[11:24] Aramis Soren: rats i need to replace the old one then lol
[11:24] Fly Man: is in the opensimwi project as well
[11:25] Fly Man: I recently joined the development team for opensimwi in December
[11:25] Fly Man: but these were the first updated patches
[11:25] Fly Man: More will follow
[11:25] Fly Man: in time ....
[11:25] Fly Man: K
[11:25] Fly Man: Tiffany :)
[11:26] Charles Krinke: some dditional sentences in the spirit of our last conversation, Fly-Man, concerning both meetings.
[11:26] Tiffany Sicling: Is there consideration for postgresql in the future as a database of choice ?
[11:26] Fly Man: Thank you Charles :)
[11:26] Fly Man: Tiffany, Yes and No
[11:26] Fly Man: Yes, Postgresql can be used as of this moment for an OpenSim grid
[11:26] Fly Man: BUT:
[11:27] Fly Man: No, there seems to be 1 problem with the NHibernateUserData that needs solving first
[11:27] Fly Man: So until that solves, my advice would be
[11:27] Fly Man: "Test enviroment"
[11:27] Fly Man: Do not use in the Production yet
[11:27] Tiffany Sicling: okay thank you :)
[11:28] Fly Man: Charles ?
[11:29] Fly Man: K, Starsky ?
[11:29] Starky Rubble: No, I'm good
[11:29] Starky Rubble: thnx
[11:29] Charles Krinke: Yes, I would concur. Move slowly with postgresql for now.
[11:30] Fly Man: and finally the man with lots of Q's
[11:30] Fly Man: Jos ?
[11:30] Jos Joszpe: yes
[11:30] Jos Joszpe: first of all thx for asll the hard work
[11:30] Charles Krinke: Tommil is making good progress, but we dont want to "fubar" existing grids.
[11:30] Jos Joszpe: secondly I´m a bit of a noob and not very in to programming
[11:30] Jos Joszpe: my son runs my server
[11:30] Jos Joszpe: I´ll try to get him inhere sometimes
[11:30] Jos Joszpe: I do have a few questions though
[11:30] Jos Joszpe: I´m running version 8612 since a day or two ...since that I seem to be unable to load my inventory on my land , unable to get stuff rezzed or to take them from land any suggestions what to do
[11:31] Fly Man: Okay, let's start with some simple Q's
[11:31] Jos Joszpe: ok
[11:31] Fly Man: What happens when you try to rezz something ?
[11:31] Fly Man: Does it just time out ?
[11:31] Jos Joszpe: first a day or so it gave a symbol
[11:32] Fly Man: a Symbol ?
[11:32] Jos Joszpe: we know that as `no parking alloweds
[11:32] Jos Joszpe: allowed
[11:32] Jos Joszpe: later it changed
[11:32] Jos Joszpe: it seemed to allow rezz
[11:32] Starky Rubble: ah the Ban
[11:32] Jos Joszpe: but no rezz happens
[11:32] Fly Man: Okay, is this your own region ?
[11:32] Jos Joszpe: yes
[11:33] Fly Man: Okay, I think this will take some more time then the meeting
[11:33] Jos Joszpe: ok no problem
[11:33] Fly Man: So I would suggest to meet after the meeting and have a look at it :)
[11:33] Jos Joszpe: ok
[11:33] Jos Joszpe: I´ll save the second q for the too
[11:33] Jos Joszpe: one more q
[11:33] Jos Joszpe: about finance
[11:34] Jos Joszpe: how is the team doing on finance=
[11:34] Jos Joszpe: can you get the costs dealt with =
[11:34] Fly Man: What finance are you talking about ?
[11:34] Jos Joszpe: well you are asking for donations
[11:34] Jos Joszpe: you do run servers and stuff
[11:34] Fly Man: Yes, I think Charles can answer this Q better then me :)
[11:34] Jos Joszpe: charles =
[11:35] Fly Man: I think Charles is afk at the moment
[11:35] Jos Joszpe: okay
[11:35] Charles Krinke: We have sufficient to run for a few months
[11:35] Jos Joszpe: lol
[11:35] Bruce.Patton mmh I have a question
[11:35] Fly Man: Ahh, there he is :)
[11:35] Jos Joszpe: yeah*
[11:36] Jos Joszpe: okay goodtto know
[11:36] Charles Krinke: We always need more money. My goal is to pay server leases one year in advance and we are 90 days ahead right now.
[11:37] Starky Rubble: It would be great to have old 'thermometer' style signs somewhere so we can be aware of the funding level
[11:37] Jos Joszpe: agreed
[11:37] Starky Rubble: or have special project drives like a raid server or whatever
[11:38] Fly Man: You mean something that Wikipedia does Yearly ?
[11:38] Starky Rubble: because it is easy day-to-day not to think anout these issues
[11:38] Charles Krinke: Yes, I concur. There will be a new web page for financial and grid admin stuff coming in a few weeks.
[11:38] Jos Joszpe: I like it!
[11:38] Starky Rubble: ummm... maybe at the Plazas
[11:38] Starky Rubble: a discrete sign
[11:38] Fly Man: Okay, Bruce, you did have a Q ?
[11:38] Starky Rubble: like blues but more informative
[11:39] Charles Krinke: I am also planning on a monthly report showing income, expenses and balance.
[11:39] Bruce.Patton What is the situation with implementation of "Groups"
[11:39] Starky Rubble: ahhhh groups...
[11:39] Fly Man: Bruce, at this moment DeepThink is working on them
[11:39] Fly Man: As you can see on the Gforge :)
[11:39] Fly Man: As soon as there's any news about that, you'll find it there
[11:39] Bruce.Patton thank you for the information
[11:40] Charles Krinke: Lots o metaphorical smoke, just a little bit of fire.
[11:40] Fly Man: Okay, then I must say that I'm amazed by the many people that came :)
[11:40] Fly Man: Did go over my expectations
[11:40] Fly Man: So thank you all for coming to the Q&A Meeting
[11:40] Fly Man: and as nebadon would say
[11:40] Jos Joszpe: I noticed we more than doubled the amount of visitors online in a month or 2
[11:40] BlueWall Slade: Thanks Fly Man
[11:41] Starky Rubble: Thnak you too
[11:41] Tiffany Sicling: Thanks Fly :)
[11:41] Fly Man: "Now is a good time to not crash Wright Plaza"
[11:41] Fly Man: Ghehe, see
[11:41] Adelle Fitzgerald: hehe thanks Fly Man
[11:41] Starky Rubble: heh
[11:41] Fly Man: it only works with nebadaon I think ;)
[11:41] Charles Krinke: <hrumph>
[11:41] Jos Joszpe: yes .... lol ... remember my question please ... lets look into it if possible
[11:41] Bruce.Patton Thanks Fly Man
[11:41] Starky Rubble: What's a Famous Kitto Train?
[11:41] Fly Man: Jos, we will in a minute
[11:41] Jos Joszpe: thx
[11:41] Jos Joszpe: brb
[11:42] Tiffany Sicling: Sounds like OS and OSG is really doing some remarkable advancements :)
[11:42] RetroDan Dezno: Thank you sir, very informative.
[11:42] Kitto Flora: I make steam trains and other transport on SL. Have around 300 of them running there.
[11:42] Starky Rubble: ohhh
[11:42] Starky Rubble: very nice
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