Chat log from the Q&A meeting on 2009-02-21

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[11:00] Fly Man: Sure, Saturday meetings are simple ones
[11:00] Fly Man: no mumbo jambo wizardy
[11:02] Fly Man: K, let's start
[11:02] Jay OSGrid: hehe
[11:02] Fly Man: as it looks like it will be a silent one this Saturday
[11:02] Jay OSGrid: looks like it lol
[11:03] Ranma Tamae: I am here by chance
[11:03] Jay OSGrid: i guess i have one question
[11:03] Fly Man: But as you might have seen
[11:03] Fly Man: There have been some changes recently
[11:03] Jay OSGrid: what does Gforge mean
[11:04] Ranma Tamae: been away for a bit
[11:04] Jay OSGrid: yep always nice to see changes
[11:04] Fly Man: Gforge is the module system for modules outside the Core
[11:04] Jay OSGrid: and i know there are many that can't really be seen
[11:04] Fly Man: OpenSimSearch, OpenSimProfile,OpenSimGroups, etc
[11:04] Ranma Tamae: ah ok
[11:04] Jay OSGrid: i see
[11:04] Fly Man: those are modules that you can load from outside the core
[11:04] Jay OSGrid: how are groups coming along?
[11:05] Fly Man: No clue ...
[11:05] Jay OSGrid: hehe
[11:05] Ranma Tamae: me either
[11:05] Fly Man: Deepthink is working on that
[11:05] Fly Man: and it will be released on the Gforge
[11:05] Jay OSGrid: i herd abit here and there about it
[11:05] Jay OSGrid: is IM's working grid-wide yet?
[11:05] Fly Man: Jupz
[11:05] Fly Man: If the message server can find you on a region
[11:05] Fly Man: then you will get the IM
[11:06] Jay OSGrid: cool well thats a good step
[11:06] Fly Man: Yup
[11:06] Ranma Tamae: what about joints?
[11:06] Jay OSGrid: oh yes joints
[11:06] Fly Man: Same there, Nlin has been busy with joints
[11:06] Jay OSGrid: smokable ones? lol
[11:06] Jay OSGrid: hehe
[11:06] Fly Man: and if you download the latest trunk version
[11:06] Fly Man: you will find in the OpenSim.ini.example the settings
[11:06] Jay OSGrid: yes i saw the vide on joints
[11:07] Jay OSGrid: video*
[11:07] Ranma Tamae: wonder if that helps with rhemitoid arthris
[11:07] Jay OSGrid: lol
[11:07] Fly Man: Nah, it will only enable you to play with the joints :p
[11:07] Jay OSGrid: i mite have a play with that could be fun
[11:07] Fly Man: Evening Charles :)
[11:08] Jay OSGrid: are they here to stay or just a test?
[11:08] Ranma Tamae: is that joints in objects or avatars?
[11:08] Jay OSGrid: hey charles
[11:08] Jay OSGrid: objects
[11:08] Ranma Tamae: hi Charles :)
[11:08] Charles Krinke: Morning, how goes it?
[11:08] Fly Man: Well, as you can see ... crowded
[11:08] Jay OSGrid: lol
[11:08] Fly Man: I needed a crowbar to get through all those ppl ....
[11:08] Jay OSGrid: could of used your wood..
[11:08] Jay OSGrid: lol
[11:09] Charles Krinke: Well, at least I can sit on the cushions now.
[11:09] Simulator Version v0.5 shouts: OpenSimulator Server (OS Fedora release 9 (Sulphur)Kernel \r on an \m) ChilTasks:True PhysPrim:False
[11:09] Fly Man: But I was just explaining about the latest release version
[11:09] Jay OSGrid: you can but i can't hehe
[11:09] Charles Krinke: Ah, with the version bump on the UGAIM?
[11:09] Fly Man: Last night there was a tagged version that needs the UGAIM update
[11:10] Charles Krinke: Yes, best to hold on OSGrid updates until Nebadon gets settled in his new crib.
[11:10] Fly Man: So, we're at 0.6.3 now
[11:11] Fly Man: Well, any other questions that I got this week
[11:11] Fly Man: "Does the profile already work fully now"
[11:11] Fly Man: Answer to that: "No, at this moment the read functions for things that are already in the database works"
[11:11] Charles Krinke: Yes. I'm multitasking a bit this morning, so I will be a bit passive.
[11:11] Ranma Tamae: oh misworded my question, I am thinking about joints on objects representing avatars
[11:11] Fly Man: "As soon as I get the right tools, I can go further on that"
[11:12] Fly Man: and the other Q: "When will we be having Groups in OpenSim"
[11:12] Fly Man: The development list answered that Q already;
[11:12] Ranma Tamae: ok
[11:12] Fly Man: "Deepthink is working on Groups, on the Gforge there's a project for it"
[11:12] Fly Man: "As soon as it is tested and ready, it will be released by them"
[11:13] Ranma Tamae: cool
[11:13] Fly Man: Does anyone else have any Q's ?
[11:13] Jay OSGrid: not really ^_^
[11:13] Jay OSGrid: hey tiffany
[11:14] Tiffany Sicling: hi
[11:14] Fly Man: Remember, this Tuesday at 11 AM there's the Tuesday Meeting again
[11:14] Ranma Tamae: me neither, other than region atonomy
[11:14] Tiffany Sicling: this is how I came back after an update
[11:14] Fly Man: You are all free to attend :)
[11:14] Fly Man: Tiffany, welcome :)
[11:14] Jay OSGrid: tiffany got sat down and it made charles stand up :o
[11:14] Ranma Tamae: I get to work during the week
[11:15] Ranma Tamae: Hi Tiffany :)
[11:15] Fly Man: Do you have a question we could answer for you ?
[11:15] Tiffany Sicling: hrm
[11:15] Jay OSGrid: lol
[11:16] Tiffany Sicling: seems stability we had took a backseat for a bit
[11:16] Ranma Tamae: what can I do to help open sims, my encounters with IED and missile blast makes things harder for me but want to help
[11:16] Fly Man: Yes, we have had some stability probkems ...
[11:17] Fly Man: But it seems that those are solved now with the latest release
[11:17] Tiffany Sicling: every few days, I had to restart because issues trying to get on it and visually, no prims... yet about land says they are there. prims show back up after restart
[11:17] Tiffany Sicling: restart*
[11:17] Tiffany Sicling: last I heard is nobody knows what is causing that
[11:18] Fly Man: Tiffany, did you create a Mantis about it ?
[11:18] Tiffany Sicling: not yet
[11:18] Charles Krinke: We will find that stability will wax and wane and that is part of what we have to accept to be on the leading edge of development.
[11:18] Tiffany Sicling: I'm not complaining
[11:18] Charles Krinke: Wow, lag for a while
[11:18] Jay OSGrid: ranma i just answer people if they ask for help and upload the odd bits of content to opensim so i think that is helping opensim ^_^
[11:18] Fly Man: Tiffany, if it occurs again: please make a screenshot, collect as many info from the region and log files
[11:19] Tiffany Sicling: I'll do that
[11:19] Fly Man: so the developers have more then just plain text to work with :)
[11:19] Tiffany Sicling: oh yes, before I forget
[11:19] Jay OSGrid: i got a weird error from SI before however it still uploaded the stuff
[11:19] Ranma Tamae: can do that
[11:19] Tiffany Sicling: there seems to be some reagions owned by a guy, I'm sure you know about him
[11:19] Tiffany Sicling: every time he puts his sim beside other sims, the other sims crash
[11:20] Tiffany Sicling: the freebie warehouse guy
[11:20] Fly Man: Hmm, didn't here about that ...
[11:20] Tiffany Sicling: ahhh
[11:20] Fly Man: Is his sims also on OSGrid ?
[11:20] Tiffany Sicling: last night his sim was beside seaprior
[11:20] Tiffany Sicling: yes, Bluewall says he has about 40 or so sims on a DSL
[11:21] Tiffany Sicling: I went to seaprior
[11:21] Jay OSGrid: ah i'm finaly sitting ^_^
[11:21] Ranma Tamae: ick
[11:21] Tiffany Sicling: flew to his sim, and came back
[11:21] Tiffany Sicling: seaprior died and I crashed
[11:21] Fly Man: Hmm, this could also be a region that's older then Seaprior
[11:21] Fly Man: but I think it's a point to investigate
[11:22] Charles Krinke: It can also be scripts on a region or the adjacent region.
[11:22] Tiffany Sicling: he had it beside teravus and teravus was crashing hourly
[11:22] Ranma Tamae: where is the grid core located? or rather how is it connected to the net?
[11:22] Jay OSGrid: strange
[11:22] Fly Man: Ckrinke, you know the specs ;)
[11:22] Charles Krinke: The UGAIM is in Level3 building in New York City currently, but may mvoe to in San Digeo
[11:23] Tiffany Sicling: not saying it's happening, but what if he's messing with the 8895 data and causing it on purpose?
[11:23] Charles Krinke: 100baseT full-duplex
[11:23] Ranma Tamae: cool :)
[11:23] Fly Man: Tiffany, then that wouldn't be so nice ..
[11:23] Ranma Tamae: not sure about my housing
[11:23] Tiffany Sicling: I agree.
[11:23] Charles Krinke: tend to not ascribe machievillian intenpt to this
[11:24] Tiffany Sicling: but investigating it would be my suggestion
[11:24] Tiffany Sicling: I'll get the name of the sim for you, and his name
[11:24] Charles Krinke: Sure, what we dont know yet is how to sort it out. PErhaps if the participants all perceived of it as a puzzle to be solved.
[11:24] Jay OSGrid: hey norse
[11:25] Ranma Tamae: Hi Norse :)
[11:25] Norse Writer: hi all
[11:25] Fly Man: I will post the Q&A Hour chat on the Wiki
[11:25] Fly Man: so we'd have some more background :)
[11:26] Jay OSGrid: perhaps cut out the bits about the wood, lol
[11:26] Tiffany Sicling: oh yes
[11:26] Tiffany Sicling: hehe
[11:26] Jay OSGrid: heheh
[11:26] Fly Man: Jay, why would i ;)
[11:26] Jay OSGrid: loll
[11:27] Jay OSGrid: well abit of comedy is always good ^_^
[11:27] Tiffany Sicling: any idea when another stable release will come ?
[11:27] Charles Krinke: I was hoping today, but based on what I am hearing, it needs to be delayed for another week.
[11:27] Fly Man: Tiffany, the latest release was made yesterday
[11:27] Tiffany Sicling: ok
[11:27] Fly Man: but that was just a tag to builders
[11:28] Tiffany Sicling: collision and collision_start is flaky
[11:28] Tiffany Sicling: gosh, I should make a list lol
[11:29] Tiffany Sicling: so far though, I haven't noticed any serious problems that cannot be worked around
[11:30] Fly Man: Okay, thank you all for joining the Q&A Hour
[11:31] Fly Man: For now, have fun on OSGrid
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