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Note: This is a work in progress. Need to add more information about service commands, etc..

It is possible to add or change clothing and body parts (cabp) and add/remove attachments to offline avatars via ROBUST service calls.

One use is to add cabp and attachments to a new user account, possibly from a standard default avatar or bespoke.

There are essentially three steps

  1. Add the assets for the clothing and body parts. Commonly, these are metadata files (e.g. information about an avatars shape parameters, serialized object metadata), textures and other assets. This step only needs to be carried out if the assets are not already present in the OpenSimulator system. If they are, multiple avatars can use the same assets as assets are immutable.
  2. Add the inventory items.
  3. Add inventory item links and avatar attachment/cabp records so that inventory items are seen as worn or attached.

Currently, there is example code for all of these operations at

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