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The Avatars table records information about an avatars appearance and wearables       (back to Database Documentation)

Avatars Table Structure

The structure of the Avatars table as of v0.7.5-post-fixes is as follows:

Field Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra
PrincipalID char(36) utf8_general_ci No None
Name varchar(32) utf8_general_ci No None
Value text utf8_general_ci Yes Null

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Avatars Fields

The UUID of an avatar
The name of a wearable, or attachment, property
  • Serial
  • AvatarHeight - The height of the avatar (in meters)
  • Legacy Wearables
    • BodyItem
    • SkinItem
    • HairItem
    • EyesItem
    • ShirtItem
    • PantsItem
    • ShoesItem
    • SocksItem
    • JacketItem
    • GlovesItem
    • UnderShirtItem
    • UnderPantsItem
    • SkirtItem
    • VisualParams
  • New Style Wearables
    • AvatarType
    • Wearable n:m

There can be multiple "Wearable n:m" lines in the table. The value of n indicates which body part the wearable is for. The value of m is normally 0. There will be multiple records with the same value of n, but different values of m, if there are multiple attachments to the same body part. Higher values of m represent wearables that are on top of wearables with lower values of m.

The valid values of n for new style wearables are shown below:

  • 0 for BODY
  • 1 for SKIN
  • 2 for HAIR
  • 3 for EYES
  • 4 for SHIRT
  • 5 for PANTS
  • 6 for SHOES
  • 7 for SOCKS
  • 8 for JACKET
  • 9 for GLOVES
  • 10 for UNDERSHIRT
  • 11 for UNDERPANTS
  • 12 for SKIRT
  • 13 for ALPHA
  • 14 for TATTOO
The data specific to the named avatar appearance property

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