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This is a stub page for the experimental autobackup module that has been included with OpenSimulator since 0.7.6. This module aims to regularly save region archives for backup or archive purposes. Over time, working documentation needs to be transferred here. In the meantime, please see the Feature Proposals/AutoBackup page.


Settings can be configured either in OpenSim.ini or associated simulator-wide config files (to affect backup of all regions on the simulator) or per region in the Regions.ini files. The same settings are used in each file.

For most settings, please currently refer to the Feature Proposals/AutoBackup page.

Settings added since OpenSimulator 0.8

This governs whether OARs are automatically generated containing assets. It can be very useful to set this to true if you are backing up the asset service database by other means. Otherwise, the generated archives may take up a very large amount of space as each will require their own copy of every asset referenced by the region.

Default setting is false.

Set in OpenSim.ini under [AutoBackupModule] section, or in config-include/GridCommon,ini or StandaloneCommon.ini

; Global (in OpenSim.ini) or Per-Region (in Regions/Regions.ini under the region's name's section)
; IMPORTANT: Settings declared per-region in Regions/Regions.ini override
;settings in OpenSim.ini. Settings in OpenSim.ini, in turn, override
;hard-coded defaults.
; AutoBackup: True/False. Default: False. If True,
;activate auto backup functionality. This is the only required option for
;enabling auto-backup; the other options have sane defaults. If False, the
;auto-backup module becomes a no-op for the region, and all other
;AutoBackup* settings are ignored.
AutoBackup = true
; AutoBackupModuleEnabled: True/False. Default: False. If False, every
;function in the module is as no-op as possible: just return as soon as
;realizing that we're not enabled. Otherwise it will try to get as far as it
;can with auto backup for each region.
AutoBackupModuleEnabled = true
; AutoBackupInterval: Integer, non-negative value. Default: 720 (12
;hours). The number of minutes between each backup attempt. If a negative or
;zero value is given, it is equivalent to setting AutoBackup = False.
; 1440 = 1 day
; AutoBackupInterval = 1440
; AutoBackupBusyCheck: True/False. Default: True. If True, we will only
;take an auto-backup if a set of conditions are met. These conditions are
;heuristics to try and avoid taking a backup when the sim is busy.
; AutoBackupBusyCheck = true
; AutoBackupScript: String. Default: not specified (disabled). File path
;to an executable script or binary to run when an automatic backup is taken.
;argv[1] of the executed file/script will be the file name of the generated
;OAR. If the process can't be spawned for some reason (file not found, no
;execute permission, etc), write a warning to the console.
;AutoBackupScript = "somebatchfile.bat or some shell"
; AutoBackupNaming: string. Default: Time.  One of three strings (case
;  "Time": Current timestamp is appended to file name. An existing file
;will never be overwritten.
;  "Sequential": A number is appended to the file name. So if
;RegionName_x.oar exists, we'll save to RegionName_{x+1}.oar next. An
;existing file will never be overwritten.
;  "Overwrite": Always save to file named "RegionName.oar", even if we
;have to overwrite an existing file.
; AutoBackupNaming = Time
; AutoBackupDilationThreshold: float. Default: 0.5. Lower bound on time
;dilation required for BusyCheck heuristics to pass.  If the time dilation
;is below this value, don't take a backup right now.
;AutoBackupDilationThreshold = 0.5
; AutoBackupAgentThreshold: int. Default: 10. Upper bound on # of agents
;in region required for BusyCheck heuristics to pass.  If the number of
;agents is greater than this value, don't take a backup right now.
;AutoBackupAgentThreshold = 10
; AutoBackupKeepFilesForDays: int. Default: 0.
;   1) number of days to keep backups (0 the default value will disable
;this option).
;   2) After each backup, remove all oars in the backup directory that are
;older than the specified number of days.
;    note: if the user set the bin directory as the backup location, only
;oar files are removed. There is no way to know if an oar was created by
;auto-backup, or manually created or uploaded. It is not recommended to use
;the bin directory for your auto backups for this reason.
AutoBackupKeepFilesForDays = 30
; AutoBackupDir: String. Default: "." (the current directory). A directory
;(absolute or relative) where backups should be saved. If the path is not a
;directory, or insufficient permissions are available, a warning will be
;printed to the console and no backups will be taken.
; for cloud storage, point the files to a shared folder
; Dropbox: "/Users/YourName/DropBox/Autobackup"
; Google Drive:"/Users/Yourname/Google Drive/Autobackup"
; Microsoft SkyDrive: "/Users/Yourname/SkyDrive/Autobackup"
AutoBackupDir = "C:/AutoBackup"

Typical settings for AutoBackup:

AutoBackupModuleEnabled = true
; enabled
AutoBackup = true
; daily = 1440 minutes
AutoBackupInterval = 1440
; Always run
AutoBackupBusyCheck = false
AutoBackupThreshold = 1
; we do want assets
AutoBackupSkipAssets = false
; save 1 weeks data (7 files) per region
AutoBackupKeepFilesForDays = 7
AutoBackupNaming = Time
; save into a bin/Autobackup folder
AutoBackupDir = "../AutoBackup"
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