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The assets table records all assets including textures, notecards, scripts, and avatar parts       (back to Database Documentation)

Asset Table Structure

The structure of the assets table as of v0.7.1.1 is as follows:

Field Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra
name varchar(64) utf8_general_ci No None
description varchar(64) utf8_general_ci No None
assetType tinyint(4) No None
local tinyint(1) No None
temporary tinyint(1) No None
data longblob BINARY No None
id char(36) utf8_general_ci No 000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
create_time int(11) Yes 0
access_time int(11) Yes 0
asset_flags int(11) No 0
CreatorID varchar(128) utf8_general_ci No

The structure of the assets table in some deprecated versions is as follows:

Field Type Collation Attributes Null Default Extra
Name varchar(64) NO NULL  
description varchar(64) NO NULL
Type tinyint(4) NO NULL
local tinyint(1) NO NULL
temporary tinyint(1) NO NULL
data longblob NO NULL
create_time int(11) YES 0
access_time int(11) YES 0

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Asset Fields

Name of the asset as it would appear in inventory
Asset's description field, as it appears in various client-side editing widgets
Integer which designates the asset's type
  • Valid values are (need help checking and filling these in):
    • -2 - Material (Legacy)
    • 0 - Texture in JPEG2000 J2C stream format
    • 1 - Sound
    • 2 - Calling Card
    • 3 - Landmark
    • 5 - Clothing
    • 6 - Object
    • 7 - Notecard
    • 10 - LSLText (aka a script)
    • 13 - Body Part
    • 20 - Animation
    • 21 - Gesture
    • 49 - Mesh
    • 56 - Setting
    • 57 - Material (PBR)
  • Declared in openmetaverse but never seen in database :
    • 8 - Folder
    • 11 - LSLBytecode
    • 17 - SoundWAV
    • 18 - ImageTGA
    • 19 - ImageJPEG
    • 22 - Simstate
    • 24 - Link (to another inventory item)
    • 25 - LinkFolder (to another inventory folder)
    • 26 - Marketplace folder
For Future Use
For Future Use
This is the blob which contains the actual script, notecard text, binary image (texture) or other data characterized by the "Type" column
UUID which uniquely identifies the asset within the system
Date and time the asset was created in standard UNIX format
Date and time the asset was last used in standard UNIX format
Asset flags.
Creator avatar UUID

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