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This page is under construction as various things need to be added, such as access control by estate managers on regions, telehubs, etc.

Controlling user access to a grid

User access to a grid can be controlled by adjusting their Userlevel or the minimum login Userlevel for the entire grid.

Controlling all user access

A default login level is set with the parameter

MinLoginLevel = 0

You can also change this login level on the fly with the command "login level" on a standalone or ROBUST console as appropriate. For example

login level 1

will set the minimum login level to 1. The login level can also be reset with the command

login reset

which will currently take it back to 0. None of these changes will persist on OpenSimulator restart - the login level will revert to that set in MinLoginLevel (or its default of 0).

0 is the normal login level which signifies an ordinary user and this is the level assigned by the 'create user' console command. If you wanted to only allow users with a login level greater than 0 to enter the simulator then you could execute

login level 1

Controlling a single user's access

You can also adjust the user level of a single user. For instance, to prevent just that user logging in, you could set their level to below the minimum login level (e.g. to -1). This is done with the command "set user level". For instance

set user level Joe Bloggs -1

Would set Joe Blogg's user level to -1.

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