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Release Notes


Welcome to OpenSimulator, an open-source multi-user 3D virtual environment and metaverse server platform.

This is a minor release following on from As such, it contains a single functional fix and no other changes. There are no database migrations.

As ever, OpenSimulator is a highly complex system. Various usage scenarios (standalone, grid, hypergrid, etc.) in combination with different dependencies (e.g. different versions of mono on Linux/Mac) can sometimes produce unexpected or unstable behaviour.

This release is compatible with the existing OpenSimulator 0.8 database without any migrations. There is some additional config in OpenSimDefaults.ini but if you have not changed this file (as is strong recommended) then you do not need to worry about these.

As this is a wiki page, please feel free to update it with more information about migration or other issues as and when these come to light.

You can download this release of OpenSimulator from http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Download

Known issues

  • No new issue since


OpenSimulator requires:

  • .NET Framework 4 when running under Windows.
  • At least Mono 2.8 when running under Mono (Linux or Mac). However, we recommend using at least Mono 2.10 as Mono 2.8.x has been reported as less stable in some situations when running OpenSimulator. Mono 3 has also been reported as working well with OpenSimulator.

Changes is cut from the 0.8.1 branch with a couple of bug fixes over the 0.8.1 release.

We did a previous in between that fixed a nasty bug related to primitive assets. Hopefully everyone upgraded their 0.8.1 installations.

If not, please upgrade now to, which also future-proofs your 0.8.1 installations, so that they work without any issues with newer simulators (particularly important in open/hyper grids).

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