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Release Notes


Welcome to OpenSimulator, an open-source multi-user 3D virtual environment and metaverse server platform.

This is a minor release following on from 0.8. As such, it contains a selection of bug fixes from development code.

As ever, OpenSimulator is a highly complex system. Various usage scenarios (standalone, grid, hypergrid, etc.) in combination with different dependencies (e.g. different versions of mono on Linux/Mac) can sometimes produce unexpected or unstable behaviour.

This release is compatible with the existing OpenSimulator 0.8 database without any migrations. There is some additional config in OpenSimDefaults.ini but if you have not changed this file (as is strong recommended) then you do not need to worry about these.

As this is a wiki page, please feel free to update it with more information about migration or other issues as and when these come to light.

You can download this release of OpenSimulator from http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Download

Known issues

  • Arbitrary key:value storage for regions has not yet been implemented for SQLite or MSSQL. This is necessary for temporary attachments settings to be persisted. This functionality is considered experimental.
  • Regression in RLV functionality where objects given via the llGiveInventoryFolder() function with a folder name with the format #RLV/~gift are still placed in the #RLV folder but now with the name still as "#RLV/~gift" rather than just "~gift". This is being addressed in http://opensimulator.org/mantis/view.php?id=6311. Any help from viewer developers on this would be much appreciated.
  • No form of prim equivalence is implemented for meshes.
  • Loading scripts from the library section of inventory does not work properly.
  • The non-default Warp3D maptile generator currently leaks memory very badly. We recommend that you only use this once at the beginning of each simulator session.


OpenSimulator requires:

  • .NET Framework 4 when running under Windows.
  • At least Mono 2.8 when running under Mono (Linux or Mac). However, we recommend using at least Mono 2.10 as Mono 2.8.x has been reported as less stable in some situations when running OpenSimulator. Mono 3 has also been reported as working well with OpenSimulator.

Backwards Compatibility Notices

  • With respect to OpenSimulator 0.8, this release does not contain database migrations. There is some additional config in OpenSimDefaults.ini but if you have not changed this file (as is strong recommended) then you do not need to worry about these. However, as always please backup your database before migrating from any earlier OpenSimulator versions.


General Server

  • No significant changes in this release.

General Simulator

  • The Close() method is now called again on shared region modules when the simulator is being shutdown. This has been a long time regression.
  • Removed unnecessary RestClient debug logging.
  • Fixed bug in "show modules" command that meant that shared modules were listed as non-shared (and vice-versa!).


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • Added experimental "show grid size" grid service console command. This will show the size of all registered regions on the grid. This will still count regions that are not active but did not deregister properly (e.g. because the simulator crashed and region config was changed before it was restarted).
  • Added check to make sure that varregions do not overlap. This is activated by setting [GridService] SuppressVarRegionOverlapCheckOnRegistration = true in OpenSim.ini. Not yet active by default though it will be in the next main release.


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • Uploading a mesh object with textures now also creates a user inventory item for each uploaded texture.


  • Fixed an issue with avatar attachments disappearing or appearing twice on Hypergrid teleports.
  • Avatar XBakes (experimental facility) are now stored only in the simulator's local asset cache, not in the main asset server.

Entity Transfer

  • Fixed sim capacity checks to determine whether a user can directly enter their chosen region on login.
  • Fixed problems when using the Allowed/Denied viewers facility and the viewer's name was shorter than the test strings.
  • Fixed a child agent management issue when teleporting between neighbouring varregions.
  • Fixed problems with an avatar very rapidly crossing back and forth between regions by disallowing the second cross until the first has completed.


  • Fixed issue where low level avatar flying in BulletSim could cause the avatar to flop onto the ground. Such flight now acts more like the OpenSimulator ODE physics plugin and Linden Lab's grid.
  • Fixed exception when creating or destroying large large linksets in BulletSim, including creation on startup (Mantis 7191).
  • Fixed occasional issues with collision processing when running BulletSim on a separate thread.
  • Added avatar terminal velocity to BulletSim. Now acts as seen in ODE and on the Linden grid.
  • Fixed an issue with the ODE physics plugin where an avatar could not jump and then move forward when facing south or west.


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • Fixed exception generated by premature closing of connection in the DataSnapshot facility if active.


  • Fixed bug when teleporting within a varregion via the main map.

Instant Messaging

  • Group name included in group IMs since this is used by some viewers (but not others).


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • No significant changes in this release.


  • Fixed issue where an LSL script containing jumps would cause wrong script error line/column position reports.
  • Improved script error line/column reporting in general.


  • Added --all switch to "debug packet" console command that changes packet logging for both current and future connections.


  • Fixed regression with "stats record start|stop" console command. In OpenSimulator 0.8, a bug meant that this would not work. Workaround there was to repeat the last argument twice (e.g. stats record start start").


  • No significant changes in this release.


Many thanks to all the developers, testers and community members who contributed to this release and who help out with OpenSimulator generally. Your hard work makes this all possible.

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