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Release Notes


Welcome to OpenSimulator, an open-source multi-user 3D virtual environment and metaverse server platform.

This is a security release following on from As such, it contains a single functional fix.

As ever, OpenSimulator is a highly complex system. Various usage scenarios (standalone, grid, hypergrid, etc.) in combination with different dependencies (e.g. different versions of mono on Linux/Mac) can sometimes produce unexpected or unstable behaviour.

This release is compatible with the existing OpenSimulator 0.7.5 database without any migrations. There is some additional config in OpenSimDefaults.ini but if you have not changed this file (as is strong recommended) then you do not need to worry about these.

As this is a wiki page, please feel free to update it with more information about migration or other issues as and when these come to light.

You can download this release of OpenSimulator from http://opensimulator.org/wiki/Download

Known issues

  • Arbitrary key:value storage for regions has not yet been implemented for SQLite or MSSQL. This is necessary for temporary attachments settings to be persisted. This functionality is considered experimental.
  • Regression in RLV functionality where objects given via the llGiveInventoryFolder() function with a folder name with the format #RLV/~gift are still placed in the #RLV folder but now with the name still as "#RLV/~gift" rather than just "~gift". This is being addressed in http://opensimulator.org/mantis/view.php?id=6311. Any help from viewer developers on this would be much appreciated, otherwise this regression may remain in the final 0.7.5 release.
  • In a stock Linden Lab viewer 2/3, various tabs and buttons will point back to the Linden Lab website. In particular, the profile data will try to fetch from the Linden Lab website. It's not known currently how/whether this can be changed in the stock viewer.
  • No form of prim equivalence is implemented for meshes.
  • Loading scripts from the simulator library does not work properly.
  • Multiple attachments on a single attachment point not supported.
  • Bulletsim physics engine support is in an intermediate state in this release and may not work at all under Linux. This will not affect users since the Open Dynamics Engine (ODE) remains the default physics engine in-use on OpenSimulator.
  • Mono.Addins DLLs have been updated for this release from version 0.5 to version 0.6 in order to support the experimental plugin repository functionality for the ROBUST services host (not yet the simulator itself). Since these are strongly named assemblies, external DLLs added to OpenSimulator that are built against previous OpenSimulator versions may generate exceptions on load such as
20:45:29 - [DATASNAPSHOT]: Creating directory DataSnapshot
log4net:ERROR DefaultRepositorySelector: Unhandled exception in GetInfoForAssemb
System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly 'Mono.Addins, Versi
on=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0738eb9f132ed756' or one of its depe
ndencies. The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly
  reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)
File name: 'Mono.Addins, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0738eb

The solution here is to get new assemblies which are built against the 0.6 Mono.Addins DLLs in OpenSimulator 0.7.5, or on Windows, make sure the DLLs are built with Specific Version = false for the Mono.Addins references. Alternatively, one may be able to make the DLL use the 0.6 Mono.Addins DLLs instead with a bindingRedirect.


OpenSimulator requires:

  • .NET Framework 3.5 when running under Windows.
  • At least Mono 2.4.3 when running under Mono (Linux or Mac). Mono 2.6.x and Mono 2.10.x onwards work well. Mono 2.8.x versions are reported as less stable in some situations. OpenSimulator should also run under Mono 3.0.3 and later although, as with Mono 2.10 and earlier, there are still issues when running under the optional new sgen garbage collector.

Backwards Compatibility Notices

  • With respect to OpenSimulator 0.7.5, this release does not contain database migrations. There is some additional config in OpenSimDefaults.ini but if you have not changed this file (as is strong recommended) then you do not need to worry about these. However, as always please backup your database before migrating from any earlier OpenSimulator versions.



  • Fix so that llRemoteLoadScriptPin() cannot load scripts into other prims where the pin is unset (equal to 0). Destination prims have an unset pin by default. This bug has been introduced ever since the function was implemented in commit 3697e08 (Fri Jun 27 02:22:33 2008) and so affects all OpenSimultaor versions since before 0.4.


Many thanks to all the developers, testers and community members who contributed to this release and who help out with OpenSimulator generally. Your hard work makes this all possible. In particular, thanks to Tranquility Dexter of InWorldzSpellscape for finding this problem and contributing a fix.

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