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Web interfaces

  • OpenSim Web Interface (Redux) - This is a PHP Web Interface for OpenSim (Open Simulator Project), it allows grid citizens to create User Accounts to access the grid. Grid Owners can also manage all users for the grid. Very light CMS system included. - Should be useable on live grid.
  • WiXTD - PHP OpenSimulator-interface, combined with python xmlrpc-daemon for service-control. The project is abondoned, and replaced by HWIOS.
  • FlexCp A fast, simple, secure, and easily-extendable php5 web control panel for OpenSim grids. Use ADODB, QuickForms2, and Savant3 to make development and modifications simple (improves response to security concerns).
  • D4os is a set of Drupal modules to control a grid. (actually in alpha stage using OpenSim 0.6.8)
  • GridMix This project is not already available
  • WebGrid is a PHP-based Web Interface for the grid servers built on code from OpenSimWI and the DeepGrid backend. Webgrid is based on the CodeIgniter PHP MVC framework.

Web Services

  • SimianGridSimian started out as an experiment in virtual world simulation software before growing into an umbrella of projects related to virtual world hosting and simulation. SimianGrid is a set of PHP web services that provide the backend for a grid.

Optional modules

  • XmlRpcGroups is a set of xmlrpc methods to manage groups in opensim. See this page for how to configure it.
  • ossearch is a set of xmlrpc methods to manage search, events and classifieds. See this page for how to configure it.
  • osprofile is a set of xmlrpc methods to manage persistent profile.
  • webassets is a script to render assets pictures to display on a website.


Web interfaces

Web Services

  • OSServices is a set of xmlrpc methods to control the servers.

Optional modules

  • OsMaps is a tilemap service, capable of rendering and displaying a world map through openlayers on a web page.

Proposals for Advanced Web Interface

Follow-on versions of the API should have advanced user management functions like:

  • Require Login on/off
  • Grant User Rights (build, fly, run script, teleport, etc.)
  • Create Group / Remove
  • Add User to Group / Remove

Basic API

I suggest we create a new API, that's clean and structured. It should be nothing more than a php class-library that can perform the most basic database functions. Functions to think about are:

  • Show Userinfo
  • Create User
  • Remove User
  • Show Regions
  • Max Region-revision cache (blobsize get too big otherwise)
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