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About OpenSim scripting

An important ingredient in Second Life is scripting. It is the engine that drives it all. In SL LSL (Linden Scripting Language) is the language you have to use. This language has its limitations, and is executed very slowly. But nevertheless it works and it gets the job done.

OpenSim today supports LSL,OSL and C# scripts. But with limitations:

  • Not all commands and events have been implemented. See LSL/OSSL Status for details on what commands work and which don't.
  • The OpenSim script engine compiles the LSL code down to .Net code that is JIT'ed to CPU native code. In effect this means that a LSL script in OpenSim should run faster than in Second Life. Stability and security: see Script Execution Sandbox.

How to use scripts in OpenSim

Have a look at the LSL wiki to learn LSL. The current procedure to get a script working in OpenSim is:

  • Create a new script in inventory. (Inventory -> Create -> New Script)
  • Write whatever script you want there, or copy the script contents of another script in the pre-existing OpenSim library. Check LSL Status for what commands that are supported.
  • Drag the script over to the contents of an object.
  • If there is an error in the script when saving or when dropped into an object, an error alert is displayed for a short time. Click on the alert to display the Debug Window and the script error.
  • To deactivate a script, edit the script and uncheck 'Running'. This also stops error alerts when saving scripts.
  • Deleting a script from the object will not always stop its effects. Examples of this are hovertexts, or particles. The reason why they stay even after the script is deleted, is because hovertext and particles are prim properties, which can only be edited through a script. To get rid of the effects, you must first deactivate them in your script, before deleting the script. If you deleted your script before you've cleared the effects, you will have to make a script that will deactivate or clear them, and use them in that prim.

There are still some defects:

  • Line numbers in error messages may miss by 1 or 2 lines.
  • Error messages are often cryptic, and tend to be long.
  • Linux/Mac users may need to upgrade the default mono to include "mono-complete" for some scripts. See for details.

How to contribute

The ScriptEngine is being developed by many developers. New developers are always welcome. If you want to contribute, even just a tiny little bit, have a look at the OpenSim.Region.ScriptEngine page. There is a lot of developer activity on IRC (Support), feel free to drop in.

Additional Resources for Scripting (LSL)

There have been many questions regarding scripts and tools for scripting lately. Presented here are a variety of Links to Resources which will help most people with Scripting LSL.

OspenSimulator Specific Materials:

NOTE: Be sure to check the Discussion Pages which is on the tabs at the top.

Suggested Links for LSL wikis:

Note the Tutorials, Examples & Script Libraries

Off-World Local LSL Editing Tools (note they do not support osFunctions)


Now an Open Source project. New release is 17th May 2010 (Ver.2.4). A valuable tool and easy install.

LSL Plus

Open source. Regualar updates. Not quite as quick to get installed as LSLEditor, but very good tool.

Others are listed here:


  • Presentation Board - Simple Presentation Board that slides through inventory textures...

Additional Resources for Scripting (OSSL)

There have been many questions regarding scripts and tools for scripting lately. Presented here are a a few links to Resources which will help most people with OSSL scripting.

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