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string osGetInventoryLastOwner(string itemName_or_itemId)
Returns the id(key) of the last owner of inventory item with id "itemName_or_itemId" if that parameter is a valid key or with that name if not.
Threat Level This function does not do a threat level check
Permissions Use of this function is always allowed by default
Delay 0 seconds
    changed(integer ch)
        if (ch & CHANGED_ALLOWED_DROP)
            key id = osGetLastChangedEventKey();
            if(id != "")
                llSay(0,"got inventory dropped item "+(string)id);
                llSay(0,"name " + osGetInventoryName(id));
                llSay(0,"desc " + osGetInventoryDescription(id));
                key who = osGetInventoryLastOwner(id);
                llSay(0,"dropped by " + llKey2Name(who) +" ("+(string)who +")"); 
This function was added in Dev

Implemented February, 22 2019 in GIT# bd27573130d4a40d678c81c687591708ab4e4f34

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