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Suggested Goals

  • ODE/ Physics

I respectfully and self-servedly recommend ODE support as a core feature of 0.5.

Even though there are still legitimate questions about ODE's stability, it works well enough already to get ppl excited. Most of the work for the core team will transport to any other physics plugin, ie bullet or physx.

If there is still a strong desire to completely redesign the physics interface, let's bite the bullet and do it. A world without physics is like -- well, a world without photons!

  • New Backend Protocol (OGS 2)
  • As part of the new protocol, give Commsmanager a big overhaul.

A lot of the functions currently in there need moving out. Like most of the Caps handling needs to be moved to the backend servers (possible with a dedicated Caps Manager server, like LL seem to have).

Inventory handling etc should move to a module. As should Xfer uploads.

  • Rewrite Asset Cache/Server.
  • Improve the management of client updates

Use "interest list" for each connected client, so they only get updated about prims/objects that are in range (or need to know about).

  • Finish implementing the ll functions for scripting.
  • Improve UDP network code (ClientStack)
  • Clean up the IClientAPI interface
  • Start to think more about security ? (most likely really will wait till a later version)
Add security sinks in the region to region .Net remoting process. 
Check for security wholes in scripting engine.
  • Integrate Datastore into the core more closely
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