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OSSL Script Library

Rules for posting:

  1. Your script must depend on at least one OSSL function, or on other OpenSim-specific functions.
  2. Test your script in-world, and make sure it works, so that other people can use it.
  3. No copies of scripts which already exist on this wiki, unless it exists in your own user page.
  4. Please, no short scripts, and definitely no one-liners!

How to add your script to the Library

  • First select, right-click, and copy the following code:
  • Edit the Library section, and paste the above code to the end of the list,, but just above "|}"
  • Replace "SCRIPT_NAME" with the name of your script. Make sure to change both instances.
  • Replace "YOURNAME" with your wiki username. Make sure to change both instances.
  • Replace the word DESCRIPTION with a short desription of what your script does.
  • Click the "Show preview" button to check and see if everything works as it's supposed to.
  • If something looks wrong, change whatever is not right, and click "Show preview" again.
  • If everything looks okay, click the "Save page" button.
  • In the table, look up the name of your script (it should be red) and click it. This will create a new page.
  • In the new page, Type <source lang="lsl">. This will make the wiki recognise your script as LSL, and apply the correct source highlighting.
  • Paste your script into the page.
  • Immediately below your script, type </source>. This will tell the wiki where your script ends.
  • Optionally add an introductory text, though you are encouraged to place usage instructions for your script in your script's comments.
  • Preview the page by clicking the "Show preview" button.
  • Make changes where nescessary and click the "Show preview" button again.
  • Save your page by pressing the "Save page" button, and presto!

The Library

Script Name Posted by: Description
ModSendCommand Justincc Demonstrates the use of an in-world script to communicate with a specific OpenSim module.
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