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==Skin PSD's==
==Skin PSD's==
<gallery caption="Free Skin PSD files" widths="250px" heights="188px" perrow="6">
<gallery caption="Free Skin PSD files" widths="128px" heights="128px" perrow="6">
Image:Skins.jpg | [ Download Page]
Image:Skins.jpg | [ Download Page]

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Vint Falken's Free Valentine Eyes: Heart, Flowers



Full Sims

Opensim Archives - OAR Files

What Are OAR Files?

OAR stands for OpenSimulator ARchive. With them, you can make a full backup of your region(s), and restore them. Of course, you can also share them, so that other people can enjoy your work on their own servers and/or grid. For more information on how to use OAR files, please read OpenSim Archives.

OpenVCE 3D Assets OAR

The virtual worlds assets described at provided by Clever Zebra and the team at AIAI in the University of Edinburgh are available as an OAR (Opensim Archive) file at

Get the file "opensim-openvce.oar" from there (right click on the file in the above directory in your browser, and select download is the easiest way to obtain the materials).

A "full" set of the buildings with a large 400 seat amphitheatre intended to be placed on the corner of 4 sims is also available via "opensim-openvce-full.oar".

Images of the buildings in place in Opensim are at: Image 1, Image 2

KatiJack Studio OpenSim Archive Files

A free collection of original OAR files of empty terraformed islands ready to build on:

Skin PSD's

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