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=== Via Rezme ===
=== Via Rezme ===
== Known Issues ==
* None at the moment

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Compatible Viewers

Before you can connect to OpenSim, you'll need to have downloaded one of the following clients that can connect to OpenSim.

  • Linden Client (release version is the only fully supported viewer.)
  • Hippo Viewer - a fork of the Linden Client with OpenSim specific enhancements
  • RealXtend - a fork of the Linden Client that has specialized features (is not fully supported yet.)
  • Meerkat Viewer another LL-based viewer
  • Emerald Viewer The latest viewer based on LL code but extended with some nice features

[20:08] Revolution Smythe: there is the Idealist viewer, Looking Glass viewer , 3Di viewer, etc etc .... none of which use LL code

Connecting with the Linden Viewer

Every OpenSim grid or instance will specify a loginuri, which is a uri of the form http://someserver:9000 (standalone mode) or http://someserver:8002 (grid mode). For instance, for osgrid, this is The following sections assume that you have that uri. We'll use as our example url.

A list of major public grids can be found at Grid_List. OSGrid is just one of many available.



  • make a copy of the SecondLife icon on your desktop
  • rename it to the grid you want to connect to
  • edit the properties on the icon and set the command line to ...\SecondLife.exe" -loginuri


  • Make a '' file, and put this in it:
  • /Applications/Second\\ Life -loginuri
  • set it to executable
  • run it

If you have multiple viewers and multiple grids to connect to, you can try the following AppleScript (one could do something similar with a shell script). Feel free to copy and modify for your own use.

--  This script selects a viewer and a grid for virtual worlds.
-- Variables for the two supported viewers.  More may be added here.
set lindenViewer to "\"/Applications/SecondLife/Second Life\""

set emeraldViewer to "\"/Applications/SecondLife/GreenLife Emerald Emerald Viewer\""
-- Variables for options to select the specified grid.  Since the viewers
-- are based on the 2nd life viewer, the options are the same for each
-- viewer.  Also, connecting to the Second Life grid is the default option
-- if no other options are provided.
-- Currently, four grids are supported.  More may be easily added.
set lindenOptions to ""

set localStandalone to " -loginuri http://vw.server.lan:9000 -loginpage http://vw.server.lan/opensim/index.html"

set localGrid to " -loginuri http://vw.server.lan:8000 -loginpage http://vw.server.lan/opensim/index.html"

set osGridOptions to " -loginuri -loginpage -helperuri"
-- Display dialog and select the viewer.
set dialogResult to display dialog "Choose viewer:
1) 2nd Life viewer
2) Emerald viewer:" default answer "1" with title "Select Viewer" with icon 1

set option to text returned of dialogResult

if option = "2" then
	set viewer to emeraldViewer
	set viewer to lindenViewer
end if
-- Display dialog and select the grid.
set dialogResult to display dialog "Choose server:
1) 2nd Life grid
2) local standalone
3) local grid
4) OS Grid" default answer "2" with title "Select Grid" with icon 1

set grid to text returned of dialogResult

if grid = "1" then
	set options to lindenOptions
else if grid = "2" then
	set options to localStandalone
else if grid = "3" then
	set options to localGrid
else if grid = "4" then
	set options to osGridOptions
	set options to localStandalone
end if
-- Combine the grid and viewer and execute the result.
set command to viewer & options
do shell script command

Linden Viewer options

The Linden viewer has a number of other options. Some are useful, some are not. The viewer has a help option which produces the following results:

 --autologin           log in as last saved user
 --channel arg         n/a
 --console arg         n/a
 --cooperative arg     Yield some idle time to local host.
 --crashonstartup      Crashes on startup. For QA use.
 --debugviews          n/a
 --drop arg            n/a
 --god                 Log in a god if you have god access.
 --grid arg            Specify the name of the grid, local, or an IP address 
                       to connect to.
 -h [ --help ]         display this help message
 --helperuri arg       helper web CGI prefix to use
 --ignorepixeldepth    Ignore pixel depth settings.
 --inbw arg            n/a
 --logfile arg         n/a
 --login args          3 tokens: first, last and password
 --loginpage arg       Login authentication page to use.
 --loginuri arg        login server and CGI script to use
 --multiple            Allow multple viewers.
 --no-verify-ssl-cert  n/a
 --noaudio             n/a
 --noinvlib            Do not request the inventory library.
 --nopreload           n/a
 --noprobe             n/a
 --noquicktime         n/a
 --nosound             n/a
 --novoice             Disable voice.
 --outbw arg           n/a
 --port arg            n/a
 --purge               Delete files in the cache.
 --qa                  Activated debugging menu in Advanced Settings.
 --quitafter arg       n/a
 --rotate              n/a
 --safe                Reset preferences, run in safe mode.
 --set args             specify the value of a particular
                                      configuration variable that
                                      overrides all other settings
 --setdefault args      specify the value of a particular
                                      configuration variable which can be
                                      overridden by settings.xml
 --settings arg        Specify the filename of a configuration file.
 --skin arg            ui/branding skin folder to use
 --slurl arg           Startup SLurl
 --url arg             Startup location
 --psn arg             MacOSX process serial number

The above described methods work for the SecondLife viewer, other viewers that support the GridInfo protocol won't need this.

Alternative Connection Approaches

Via a Web Browser

You can also set up a Browser Protocol Handler which will make opensim:// links in your browser do the expected thing, and launch the right OpenSim viewer.

Via Rezme


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