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Also see Release Notes

Breaking Changes

  • XEngine is no longer supported. Some scripts with peculiar syntax (or things like divisions by zero, abusive implicit casts, etc), will need fix.
  • old ODE is no longer supported. Old objects, in particular lsl vehicles, may not work under Bullet or ubODE.
  • LSL function llList2ListStrided changed to be more compatible with spec. Old one added back with name osOldList2ListStrided
  • LSL function llListFindList changed to be more compatible with spec. Some older scripts may not work as before

Known Issues


OpenSimulator requires:

  • dotnet6 runtime for your platform (also the SDK if you wish to compile)
  • On Windows you may need to install the run time files for vc++
  • On windows you may need to authorize the install of older .NetFramework 3.5
  • on linux you will need libgdiplus
    • if you have mono 6.x complete, you already have libgdiplus, otherwise you need to install it for example on debian:
    • apt-get update && apt-get install -y apt-utils libgdiplus libc6-dev

Due to database migration renumbering which occurred at release, if you are upgrading from a version of OpenSimulator prior to, then you MUST first upgrade to ** and then proceed to upgrade directly to See for more advice.

Changes and Fixes


Many thanks to all the developers (and their cats), testers and community members who contributed to this release and who help out with OpenSimulator generally. Your hard work makes this all possible.

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