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Also see Release Notes

Known Issues

  • llEmail still only sends to prims on same region or regions on same opensimulator instance.
  • Users do report problems with old MySQL versions like 5.x. A recent version is recommended


OpenSimulator requires:

  • At least .NET Framework 4.6 when running under Windows.
  • At least Mono 5.x when running under Mono (Linux or Mac).
  • On Windows you need to install the run time files for vc++
  • On windows you may need to authorize the install of older .NetFramework 3.5

Due to database migration renumbering which occurred at release, if you are upgrading from a version of OpenSimulator prior to, then you MUST first upgrade to ** and then proceed to upgrade directly to See for more advice.

Changes and Fixes

  • Various small changes to reduce cpu load
  • Several changes to llEmail support. SMTP secure connections (finally), several throttles like by number of emails via SMTP or from same owner, to same prim address or to same smtp address
  • New script functions llSHA256String; llGetObjectLinkKey, llGetInventoryAcquireTime, ...
  • Inventory library capabilities needed for newer viewers.
  • support parcel flag "restrict MOAP to this parcel"


Many thanks to all the developers (and their cats), testers and community members who contributed to this release and who help out with OpenSimulator generally. Your hard work makes this all possible.

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